On the evening of January 12, 2001, police officers from Jinan City in Shandong Province appeared at six Dafa practitioners' temporary residence and arrested them. The officers came from the Political Security Unit of Jinan City Public Security Bureau and Liulishan Police Station. Four of the arrested practitioners are college students: Xu Fayue, a student at Shandong Mineralogy College, admitted in 1997; Qi Jinhui, a student at Shandong Industry University, admitted in 1996; Wang Hui, a student at Shandong Medical College, admitted in 1998; Li Xinlei, a student at Shandong Industry University, admitted in 1996. The other two practitioners are employees: Wang Shikui, a worker of the Railroad Bureau and Zhang Jing from Zhangqiu City. Without following due process of law or producing a search warrant, the police forcibly and illegally took them away. On the way to the police station, those thugs tied up practitioner Xu Fayue with both hands behind her back. Because she refused to cooperate with the police personnel's illegal requests, three or four policemen beat her savagely.

At Liulishan Police Station, Xu Fayue's ordeal increased further. She was handcuffed with both hands behind her back and forced to sit with bare feet on the ice-cold cement floor. As soon as the "leaders" of the district public security bureau arrived, the police covered her eyes with a towel and savagely kicked her in the head, causing both sides of her eyes, her forehead and mouth to bleed so badly that the blood soaked through the towel. After her interrogation proved fruitless, the police put a heavy steel helmet on her and tied her onto a chair with ropes and handcuffs. Her left hand was tied to the back of the chair in such a painful way that she could not sit up nor could she bend down. The police left her in an unheated room where the temperature was below minus 10 0C [below 14 0F]. Two policemen were watching over her, to make sure she could not close her eyes to rest. Xu Fayue had to endure this terrible situation all through the night, until the next morning, when she was vomiting painfully and severely. They finally loosened the ropes on her left hand. All this time, an older policeman in his fifties kept cursing Xu Fayue with dirty and foul language. Seeing Xu Fayue respond to his curses with smiles, he became very angry, ruthlessly kicked her and shouted, "I'll kill you and choke you to death!"

On the afternoon of January 13, these six practitioners were sent to Liuchangshan Detention Center. They went on a hunger strike to protest their illegal detention. Five days later, Xu Fayue was tied to a bed to be force-fed. She almost suffocated when being force-fed and was near death. She was handcuffed to the bed with both of her hands and legs being stretched out as far as possible and was covered with a thin blanket. Her hands and feet were purposely not covered, an additional torture in the cold winter. Since she was tied to the bed that way, and was not allowed to use the restroom, her clothing and the mattress were all soaked with her urine, which would make her even colder. She suffered severely since the temperature of the room was below minus 10 0C [below 14 0F]. Her hands and feet were exposed to the icy wind blowing through the open door. Her hands and feet completely lost their circulation. After having been abused and tortured this way for five days, her hands swelled up hugely and turned dark purple. Her feet completely lost all feeling and did not have any warmth. The first, third and fifth toes of her right foot turned black. Being afraid of taking responsibility, the guards and doctors of the detention center sent her to the Police Hospital, which is also known as Labor Bureau Hospital. The doctors in the hospital diagnosed that her left foot and right hand had suffered second degree frostbite. Her right foot had suffered third degree frostbite, with the first, third and fifth toes completely dead and smelling terrible. Gangrene had set in. After 10 days of the hunger strike, her blood pressure and electrocardiogram readings showed symptoms looking similar to those of a patient in the latest stages of cancer. They forcibly injected drug such as "Dulengding" into Xu Fayue. After nearly one month of "treatment," she finally had most of her big toe, all of the third toe and part of the fifth toe of her right foot amputated, causing her to be handicapped for the rest of her life. Xu Fayue still could not walk normally three months later.

May 6, 2001