[Minghui net] The NGO (non-governmental organization) International Human Rights Committee Calls Upon EU Delegation: UN Human Right Commission Should Cite Specific Violations

Frankfurt/Geneva: On March 19, 2001, the UN Human Rights Commission discussed the human rights situation in China. In the discussion, the International Human Rights Committee called upon European Union nations to support the U.S. resolution, which condemns China for its continuous brutal repression of freedom of expression and faith.

After a prolonged delay, on February 28, 2001, the People's Congress in China finally signed a series of UN resolutions made in 1966 concerning the economy, society, culture, and legal systems, but refused to sign similar resolutions concerning citizens' and political rights, which include freedom of expression and faith.

Mr. Karl Hafen, Chairman of the International Human Rights Committee, called upon the governments of all EU nations to adopt a more confident and resolute method towards China. Mr. Hafen said, "Along with China's opening up to the world, there are more severe violations of human rights. The situation is intolerable, yet European nations haven't paid enough attention to it. Europe should not worry about trade. China actually needs western trade much more than the western countries. There is a false estimation of the economic significance of the Chinese market and trade opportunities: The goods China currently imports from Europe are twenty times less than what European countries can export to China."

Regarding the continuing violation of human rights in China, Mr. Hafen pointed to the construction of numerous labor camps, the expulsion of Uigurs and Tibetans, the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, the brutal torture of inmates, the illegal arrests, and the repression of the Catholic and other Christian faiths.

International Human Rights Committee: Facts of Human Rights Violations Ignored by Western Double Standard

Mr. Hafen reminded: "The death penalty in China is not used only on criminals, but also on dissidents. Every year, over 6,000 people are executed."

Mr. Hafen said, "Each year, China manages to avoid a resolution of condemnation from the UN Human Rights Commission. It is not only that the critics of China had anticipated an incorrect outcome, but it also reflects the awful double standard in the West on morality and politics. The world should keep a wary eye on China. In the minds of the Chinese leaders, there is no such thing as democracy and law. The Chinese people want to host the Olympic Games in Beijing, but they do not want a government leader who coerces them."

Translated on April 4, 2001, by German Practitioners