In October 1999 I went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa, and was sent back to the detention center in my hometown. I was held there for 26 days, before being transferred to the Heizuizi Female Labor Camp in the city of Changchun. One of the "newcomer" teams of practitioners at the camp practiced Falun Gong so the guards encouraged the other inmates to beat the practitioners. In the dead of winter they also poured water on the ground and forced practitioners, clad only their underwear to sit there for several hours and to run on the icy ground. Practitioners were not allowed to sleep. They were beaten if they even closed their eyes. They were beaten with a flagpole until it broke into pieces. Other inmates (non-practitioners) used a bamboo board to beat practitioners about the head. In December when I was transferred to another section, several guards beat one practitioner with a bamboo board that was approximately 2.5 inches wide and 1 foot long, until her entire face was deformed and bloody. The practitioners continued to practice so the guards secured them to a "death bed" [Note: form of restraint that is reserved for criminals who are sentenced to death]. Arms and legs are spread apart and cuffed to the bed. They had to eat, drink, and relieve themselves secured to the bed for days on end. Yang Shumei was tortured by three guards using electric batons from 2:00 pm until the end of the workday. They burnt the inside of her mouth so badly she couldn't eat for days afterwards. We could also smell her burning flesh. Zhang Yuhui was sent to a "special cell" for 20 days after being electrically shocked. She was handcuffed to a fixed place for the entire time even during sleeping hours. Then she was transferred to a small warehouse and secured to a bed for 10 days, where she was not permitted to get up to go to the bathroom. Han Cuiyan and Weng Yuje refused to write repentance statements after being shocked so they were bound and forced to sit on the bathroom floor or in a urinal for a day and a night without sleep. Then they were secured to one bed for several days without rest and finally became mentally disordered from the torture. Huang Jingru went on a hunger strike for over 10 days and was beaten, shocked, and force-fed many times. Even though practitioners were tortured until they were unrecognizable they remained steadfast toward Dafa and their cultivation. We appeal to international human rights organizations to come to China to investigate, verify, obtain evidence and stop the persecution. Dafa practitioners from China April 10, 2001