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Ms. Wang was a retired Assistant Dean of the Daliang School of Adult Health in Wafang City, Liaoning Province.

We are not sure when Ms. Wang started to practice Falun Gong. Her belief in Falun Dafa was made very strong through her diligent practice and study of the Fa. She memorized many chapters from <<Zhuan Falun>>. Since the beginning of the crackdown in July of 1999, she never wrote any statement forswearing her practice of Falun Gong regardless of the circumstances, nor did she say anything that might be detrimental to Dafa. No matter who tried to "transform" her, her sole response was to promote the Fa to him/her. She could turn any kind or level of "transformation meeting" into a "Fa promotion meeting". Her conduct was acclaimed by Dafa practitioners in Wafang City. Not too long ago, Ms. Wang was arrested and, although she had been completely healthy, she succumbed to the torture and died after six days of detention.

Practitioners from China

April 15, 2001