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Accidental Harvest

A practitioner who can only speak German got together with some other English and French-speaking practitioners to visit a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). Before leaving she thought, "Since I cannot speak English and French, I will just use my energy field to affect them." When they arrived, they found the person in charge was not at home. Only his wife was in. The woman said with embarrassment that, since she was German, she could understand neither English nor French. Thereupon the German-speaking practitioner introduced herself. The woman asked her for the telephone number of the contact person in Germany, saying that she wanted to learn Falun Gong. She said she would certainly convey the practitioners' message to her husband.

One Righteous Mind Can Subdue One Hundred Evils

At first, some practitioners were hesitant about coming to Geneva. They thought that since they were not good at communicating with people, they would not be of much use. But through experience sharing the practitioners realized that one righteous mind can subdue one hundred evils. Even if a practitioner just walks down the street with a yellow T-shirt on, the evil spirits in other dimensions will be frightened out of their wits. Sure enough, upon seeing the yellow T-shirts, some of Jiang Zemin's accomplices quickly disappeared. Furthermore, some delegates wearing the symbols of their delegation didn't even dare to acknowledge they were Chinese, much less take the materials the practitioners handed them. They rushed away with red faces and lowered heads. Jiang Zemin has made these representatives of China ashamed to even admit they are Chinese.

People With Pre-Destined Relationship By The Lake

Two practitioners did the exercises by Lake Geneva. The practitioner distributing literature met a German-speaking tourist and her spouse. They asked many questions, which the practitioner answered to their satisfaction. The practitioner wanted to ask for their signatures, but he immediately found he had the mentality of an ordinary person. Leave it alone, he thought. This is not Germany. They would not be willing to sign. Unexpectedly, the woman asked him whether he was collecting signatures. Upon hearing this, the practitioner immediately brought out the signature sheets for the tourists to sign. In his heart he felt ashamed of having the mentality of an ordinary person.

They Are Like My Parents And Brothers

One practitioner was very worried about how to ask her boss for leave to go to Geneva. Later she realized the importance of going to Geneva at this time. So she said, "If one of my family members or my relatives or my good friends died, it would be very easy for you to approve my application for leave. So many Falun Gong practitioners in China have been persecuted to death. They are like my parents and brothers. I must go out to explain the truth to people and stop this brutality from continuing." Upon hearing this, her boss approved her application for leave right away.

A Man Looking for Something that Could Make A Profound Impression On Him

In the early morning a practitioner was walking by the lake, pushing her baby carriage. She asked an Asian man if he would be interested in taking some materials about Falun Gong. The gentleman immediately showed enormous interest and asked some very profound questions. He introduced himself, saying he came from Malaysia to attend an Inventor's Exposition. He would soon be leaving Geneva. He said he wanted to use this short period of time to walk along the lake to see if there was anything that could make a profound impression on him. Before he left, he said with his thumbs up, "Your way is the righteous way; you will surely succeed."

Compiled by practitioners in Germany

April 11th, 2001