[Minghui Net] In Geneva I had the opportunity to meet several German practitioners. It really moved me to see how pure their hearts were towards Dafa.

Practitioners A and B are both westerners and good friends. They attended the Dafa (great law of the universe) conference and activities in Geneva two weeks ago. Upon hearing that Geneva needed more practitioners, they decided to return to Geneva again. A works for a company. When he asked his boss for more time off his boss told him, "You just had a week's worth of vacation so you can't take anymore, we're too busy right now and short on staff." He thought that since he was a European practitioner he was much closer to Geneva, therefore he should be the one to go. He left for Geneva the same day that asked for permission from his boss, and will stay there until the voting of the Human Rights Commission is concluded. When asked what he will do after he goes back to work, he said, "I don't know. However, the Chinese practitioners go to Tiananmen Square to appeal, Geneva is our Tiananmen." Practitioner B is a student. Because of going to Geneva, she missed too many classes and will have to repeat the courses again next year.

Practitioner C is also a westerner and is self-employed. Due to attending the conference and other Dafa activities, he has many things to deal with and to catch up on. When considering whether to go to Geneva or not, he constantly struggled with the following thought in his mind: If he did not spend a long period of time working for his business, it would encounter big problems. He wanted to stay behind to work, and felt that he could contact the local media to promptly report Geneva's activities. However, upon realizing that he can speak French and could be very useful in Geneva, he finally decided to go. He understood that we can not use human notions to deal with this issue, we must remove our human shells. Geneva is a battlefield where the righteous is attacked by the evil.

Practitioner D is Chinese. Her husband doesn't practice Falun Dafa and often prevents her from participating in Dafa activities. She also overcame all sorts of difficulties and brought her one-year-old son with her to Geneva. She said, "Everyone has difficulties to overcome; it is up to oneself to decide what to put first, should it be the Fa or something else? If it is clear in one's own heart, then one will certainly know what to do."

Practitioner E is the mother of two children; the youngest being only two years old. She thought that as a Dafa practitioner, going to safeguard the Fa is her responsibility. She was determined, and left the children with her husband and came to Geneva. Moreover, this practitioner cannot speak a foreign language. But she said that her going to Geneva was one more righteous energy field, which can benefit the surroundings. This is not something that any language can prevent. One more individual will add more strength to the whole, which can suppress the vicious deeds Jiang Zemin and his regime are scattering overseas.

I asked several practitioners about their experiences, so I heard many stories about them. There are still many other practitioners who came to Geneva, the stories are numerous.

A Practitioner from America

April 9, 2001

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