During the summer break of 2000, I had an hour-long dream in which I saw many spectacles in Heaven. First, a colorful ribbon emerged, and then Master Li appeared. His body was so huge that one of his hands was larger than the world. He was looking at a square room with people from all over the world. Wind, rain, fog, and snow all followed his orders. I also saw many heavenly beings wearing long skirts in white, yellowish pink, and pink colors, but they did not wear any shoes. They were flying and flying! There were a lot of beautiful pavilions in red, white, and pink. There was also a huge golden palace. The palace had a total of three levels: the first level was for Arhats, the second one was for Bodhisattvas, and the third one was for Buddhas. Master Li was on the roof of the palace. When Master Li preached the Fa from the roof, everyone below could hear him. There were also some young serving girls there with their hair styled in an ancient fashion. They held round trays on which there were some teapots and bowls; the bigger ones were made of gold, while the small ones were made of silver.

The palace had a big gate, like the door of a big hall. Looking down from the gate there were many layers of heavens, probably more than 30. There were layers upon layers downward. Each layer was higher than the one below, and also longer and bigger than the ones below. There was a big palace on each level of heaven and in each one dwelt a big Buddha. It was marvelous. Those big Buddhas were very tall and they were always sitting there with crossed legs. Besides the Buddhas, there were many Arhats sitting around. Master Li was in the highest Palace, which was on top of all the layers. Further up was the Cosmos. Master Li was preaching on the top, and everyone in the heavens below was listening quietly. People in the lowest layer could hear him too. Even though some of them did not pay too much attention while playing below the Master, they still could hear him. There were people in every layer. They did not dare to go up because they were not able to, so they sat with their legs crossed, listening. I was looking at them, and moving up with them directly. Nobody saw me, however. I wondered why there wasn't anybody seeing me. If others looked in my direction, they couldn't see me. It seemed that I was hidden, as nobody saw me or talked to me.

I saw a few words in that big Buddha's Palace that read "Supreme Buddha", which means the highest Buddha. The words were not normal. They were different from the words in textbooks. They were of gold and silver, arranged in space. They were not the same as those regular red, blue, or green colors. Those who could go to heaven all listened to Master Li. I saw a big room with many people practicing Falun Gong, including many foreigners. Some of them were practicing moving exercises, while some were doing the sitting meditation. Quite a lot of practitioners asked the Master, "Master, could you take us to the Palace?" Master Li answered, "Practitioners should not pursue that." They then practiced in a big room. There was one of Master Li's law bodies on the side of every disciple. The law bodies formed a circle around those disciples, and the disciples walked in the circle, and, thus, Master Li was protecting them. But the disciples couldn't see Master Li's law bodies. If someone wanted to touch the disciples, he could only touch Master Li's law bodies, but not the disciples, because Master Li blocked him.

When I saw Master Li here, I felt that he was the same as us. But if you could see Master Li in heaven, you would not be able to see the whole picture; your two eyes would not be enough, because Master Li was so huge. Master Li was watching over his disciples in the room as if they were in a small cube, they were as small as tiny ants. Moreover, if the disciples wanted to ask Master Li to do something, Master Li did not even move his hands; instead he could accomplish it with technique. For example, if the disciples had some difficulties, they did not even have to tell the Master, for he would already be aware of them. He would sit there quietly with conjoined hands. Then, after a sitting meditation, all the disciples' difficulties were resolved. Sometimes, nothing needed to be done, so Master Li just sat there and the problem would be solved. Usually, however, the disciples had no problems because they were in heaven.

April 5, 2001