[Minhui Net] (Since September 1, 2000, this girl's Zhu Yuanshen (main consciousness) has gone to play in heaven every night.) As soon as I fell asleep, I flowed away. At first, it was dark around me, but then it got lighter. I went to a place where Master Li met me. I followed him to heaven. First, I would listen to his lecture for two hours every day. Master Li sat on a very big lotus flower throne. After he finished the talk, everyone started to practice -- the meditation first and then the exercises. After the practice, everyone started to play. But Master Li still sat there and started to do the hand gestures. After the playing was over, Master Li told me, "It's time to go back." Every time, I did not want to go back, but Master Li did not agree. One time I begged him, "Master Li, I don't want to go back. Please let me play longer." Master Li said, "Then you can play for five more shichen (translator's note: Chinese time unit, one shichen equals two hours) and do not come back tomorrow." I said, "No, then I'll go back and come back tomorrow." You see that I did not sleep for very long, but the time there was faster. Every day, I went there for five shichen, which is 10 hours. Master Li had a table in heaven that listed everyone's name in this world. At about a fifth of the way from the bottom of it, there was a horizontal line. Under this line were listed the bad people who were going to be eliminated. Above the line were Dafa practitioners and kind people who have not attained Dafa. Master Li looked at the table every day. One day I said to Master Li, "Master Li, please end this sooner! Even I am not willing to wait." Master Li said, "No! There are still some practitioners who have not caught up!" I said, "Master Li, don't wait for them. Please end this!" Master Li said, "No! No one can be left out." I took a pen and tried to write those practitioners' names higher up. But no matter how hard I tried, I could not write a word. Master Li said, "You can stop writing. It is up to them to catch up." That table changed every day. Some people moved up and others moved lower all the time. Whenever Master Li looked at the table, his expression became serious. One day, I saw a cage with many demons inside. There was one demon outside the cage. I asked Master Li, "Who is this?" Master Li said it was Jiang Zemin. I said, "Master Li, this is not Jiang Zemin. Jiang Zemin does not look like this in the human world." I drew a picture of Jiang Zemin and showed to Master Li. Master Li said, "Hmm, your drawing is truly like him. He is like that in the human world. But he is like this in another dimension." I asked Master Li why he did not also lock him in the cage. Master Li said, "He would had been dead in human world if he had been locked in the cage. The test in the human world is not over yet." Master Li's body was very big in heaven. Standing at the level of his feet, I could not see his face. In heaven, my age was like that of a middle-school student. I saw myself as high as a 30-story building. If I were to walk on the earth, I might step on people under my feet. But Master Li's body was even bigger. Once I wanted to ask him a question. I started to climb from his foot up his body as if I was climbing on Mt. Jolmo Lungma, because his body was so big. Master Li picked me up and put me in his hand. His palm held very comfortable water and was big like a swimming pool. Then he put me into his ear. His ear was as big as a cave. His earlobe was very big. I said, "Master Li, your earlobe is really big and very pretty. I also want to be big." I dragged my earlobe hard: "I also want to be big, I also want to be big." Master Li said, " You are really a trouble maker." Then he made my earlobe a little bigger. Once, when Master Li sent me back to the human world, I ran fast and Master Li walked slowly after me. But when I turned back to look for him, he was actually in front of me. I shouted: "Master Li, how did you walk slowly yet get in front of me?" Master Li said, "See, you lost." I said: "Master Li, how about two out of three games wins?" Master Li said, "Fine." But the same thing happened twice more. No matter how fast I ran and even though started in the front, Master Li soon walked past me. I said, "Master Li, please wait for me, I lost." And then Master Li stopped and waited for me.