[Minghui Net] I'm the mother of Li Xiangdong (an employee of Huashu Video Instruments Company in Chongqing City). My son began cultivating Falun Gong in 1996, and he has since been arrested 3 times because of his practice. In 1999, he exercised his constitutional right to appeal to the government in Beijing, and was subsequently arrested and sentenced to a one-year term in Xishangping labor camp. His sentence was to run from November 8, 1999 to November 8, 2000. Though this term had long elapsed, he was still held prisoner there.

All the practitioners (including my son) who were sent to Xishangping were brutalized throughout the duration of their sentence (over 1 year for most practitioners). They never had enough food. Sometimes they were allowed to eat one or two meals per day, and sometimes they were allowed no food at all.

What's worse, they were constantly tortured in every imaginable way. The policemen often beat them with sticks and stun batons, or ordered the prisoners to beat them. Prisoners who disobeyed these orders would have their sentences lengthened. During the coldest days of winter, the practitioners were handcuffed to the gate throughout the night. In the Strictly Managed Group (a group overseen by flagrantly vicious police), the practitioners were even hung on the door during the hottest days of summer, and were given no food or water. They were also prohibited from meeting with their families.

On July 17 of last year, I was allowed to meet my son after I begged for help from many friends and relatives. At 1:40 pm, I saw my son Xiangdong. He had been hung on the gate, and no area of his body was intact. His appearance was completely distorted from the torture he had received. He had weighed around 140 pounds before entering the labor camp, and now he weighed only about 90. He hadn't been given any water or food for most of that day. It was not until we protested to the chief officer of the labor camp that he ordered a prisoner to bring my son 2 Lian [about 3 oz.] of rice soaked in water.

On Feb. 12, I again asked to meet with my son, and the police sent me back to the Xishangping Labor Camp. The officials there told me that my son wasn't there, and that he had been sent to the local hospital's emergency room on January 31. When I finally met my son, we both cried hard together while holding each other.

My son's whole body was thoroughly swollen and his lower limbs were atrophied and had become numb and useless. All these were the result of the cruel torment he received at the labor camp. Because he was forced to sleep on the wet ground and wasn't allowed to take shower, his skin became ulcered, and was covered with pus and blood. What's worse, his genitals (which had lost circulation) were very close to rotting!

According to the police, there were more than ten Falun Dafa practitioners who were tortured to this extent. Heavens! In my most beloved country that keeps declaring

that its current human rights situation is the best in its history, such gruesome crimes are being committed, and the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners is conducted by Jiang's government! God forbid!

Such evil people are destined to suffer their own in the end. All kind hearted people! Please help to save my son!

Jiang Zemin! It is you who ordered the persecution of these compassionate practitioners who won't hit back when being hit and won't curse back when being cursed. You! Give me back my son! What's wrong with being a good person?!

Mother of Li Xiangdong