[Minghui Net] On February 28, CCTV's "Focal Point" aired an interview with several self-immolators under the pretense of "revealing the inside story about the incident of xx [slanderous words omitted] self-immolation in Tiananmen Square." While answering questions, they once again revealed major points of suspicion.

Mysterious point 1:

It was stated in a lengthy Xinhua report on January 30, entitled "The complete story of the incident of "xx [slanderous words omitted] self-immolation in Tiananmen Square." The summary of that lengthy Xinhua report claims: "On the morning of January 23, with the help of a 'Falun Gong' diehard [no independent verification exists that this was infact a true practitioner], they bought a case of Sprite, poured off the Sprite, and filled the bottles with gasoline. After that, they took razor blades and cigarette lighters, came to Tiananmen Square by taxi and prepared to carry out their self-immolation plan. Due to the Spring Festival Gathering Party being held in the People's Assembly Hall on that morning, the square was being used for parking and had been temporarily closed. They had to conceal themselves by loitering around the square. When the square was opened in the afternoon, the carefully planned, malicious incident began..." On the previous day, January 29, CCTV's "Focal Point" had also reported it as above.

This indicates that they arrived at Tiananmen in the morning, but were not able to enter the square.

A month later, however, on February 28, CCTV's "Focal Point" reported it in this way:

Announcer: After everything had been prepared, they reached an agreement that they would act together in Tiananmen Square at 10:30 am on January 23. However, when they came to the point of filling bags with gasoline, at 8:00 am on January 23, Liu Xiuqin told them that the plastic bags were leaking gasoline. They had to think of another way.

Liu Yunfang: "I was too nervous to come up with another method. Later on, Wang Jindong said, 'Don't worry, just listen to me. I'll go buy some more bags and then we can fill them again.' It was almost 12:00, but Wang Jindong still had not returned."

"A female practitioner became impatient and said, 'We cannot do this any longer. If we continue to wait for him, who knows when he is ever coming back? Everything will be delayed. We were supposed to act at about 10:00, but now it is already noon. At this rate, it will be getting dark soon. How about plastic bottles? Let's try the Sprite plastic bottles and see if they will work.'"

Announcer: "They had bought a case of Sprite, and had also found two additional empty Sprite bottles. They used a kettle to fill the 14 bottles with gasoline, two for each person. Just then, Wang Jindong came back. They agreed on acting together at 14:30 in Tiananmen Square..."

The February 28 report of "Focal Point" indicated that they were not in Tiananmen Square in the morning at all. After buying Sprite, filling the bottles with gasoline and calling for a taxi, even without any delay, they could have arrived there at least by 13:00.

There exists significant discrepancies in the above two reports. It was stated in the earlier report that they had already arrived there in the morning, providing evidence that "Due to the Spring Festival Get-together Party being held in the People's Assembly Hall on that morning, the square was being used for parking and had been temporarily closed." Therefore, "they had to conceal themselves by loitering around the square." It proves that they had already arrived there. This obvious evidence could not have been fabricated, and the self-immolators would not have forgotten about it, since they had, after all, been loitering around the square.

Both CCTV's "Focal Point" on February 28, and the Xinhua report on March 1, indicated that the testimony of witnesses, material evidence, inference and time could prove that they hadn't been in Tiananmen Square at all that morning. Normally, the Public Security Bureau will investigate the details of such a serious case first, before allowing it to be reported in the media. Moreover, such words as "proved through investigation by the public security departments" were mentioned several times in this report. They clearly investigated their train number to Beijing, time, lodging place, and even that they had eaten instant noodles. Even the razor blazes they used were shown on TV. Therefore, it is impossible that they would have made a mistake on such a crucial point as their time of arrival upon the scene of the crime. The answer can be only that this incident was a plot that the government created and directed themselves. Xinhua News Agency and CCTV released the news in accordance with the "plan before the incident." Due to the failure of coordination between the "directors" and the "actors," however, the "actors" leaked the information, thus shedding their camouflage, and exposing their premeditated plot.

Mysterious point 2:

The whole self-immolation incident lasted about 7 minutes, and it took about 3 minutes from when the fire was first set to the time it was extinguished. According to the scenes in "Focal Point", there were only two IVECO police patrol cars on the square from the beginning to the end of the incident. As it was mentioned in the lengthy Xinhua report, "More and more police dashed over to the flames, and more and more white fog was sprayed from fire extinguishers to suppress the raging fire."

It was stated in Beijing Evening's report on February 16, entitled, "For the peace in Tiananmen -- report on dealing with Falun Gong fascists" as follows: "Right after the car stopped, three people, including Little Kong, jumped out of the car and extinguished the fire surrounding Chen Guo. Beside each self-immolator, there were three or four police officers extinguishing the fire." In this case, it can be calculated that there must have been about 20 fire extinguishers altogether to extinguish fire on five self-immolators. If extinguishing carpets were also counted, then there would have been about 30 pieces of extinguishing equipment. However, the recent reports repeatedly emphasized that there were always extinguishers on police patrol cars, just in case people might start to wonder, and to simply cover up their misdeeds. So there must have been an average of 10 pieces of fire extinguishing equipment on each of the two IVECO police patrol cars at Tiananmen. People have to wonder, "Is that possible? Are they fire brigades or police patrol cars?" Furthermore, thousands of practitioners who have been arrested at Tiananmen can testify that the cars were never equipped with fire extinguishers. It indicates that they had prepared the extinguishers before the incident.

Mysterious point 3:

It also exposed suspicious points about the arrest of Liu Yunfang. It was stated in Beijing Evening's report on February 16, entitled, "For the peace in Tiananmen -- report on dealing with Falun Gong xx [slanderous words omitted]." as follows: "After putting out the fires, Little Kong put the extinguishers back into the car, and then stood on the square, looking around to see whether there might have been any other suspicious people. He happened to see Liu Yunfang in the northwest corner of the Hero Memorial, holding a Sprite bottle, screwing the lid off and pouring liquid over himself. Little Kong guessed that it must be gasoline. Soon afterwards, Little Kong and another policeman rushed over and took the Sprite bottle away. They smelled it, and determined that it was indeed gasoline. At that time, Liu Yunfang was fairly scared, and dared not resist or say anything at all."

It was reported on CCTV's "Focal Point" on January 29, "Simultaneously, a man and a woman in the east and west of the square were desperately pouring gasoline over themselves. Fortunately, patrol police promptly took their cigarette lighters away..."

It was mentioned in the Xinhua report of February 28, "Liu Yunfang, who considered himself to be a 'Falun Dafa veteran practitioner,' and who directly organized the self-immolation incident on Tiananmen Square, was not as 'attached' as other Falun Gong xx [slanderous words omitted] such as Hao Huijun, Chen Guo, etc. In accordance with their prearranged agreement, they set fire to themselves to achieve 'consummation' on Tiananmen Square, timed to coincide with the Spring Festival. But Liu didn't even pour a drop of gasoline on his body."

In Beijing Public Security Bureau Detention Center, when a reporter asked him about this, Liu Yunfang scoffed at the question and tried to defend the inconsistencies of his actions and statements, and saying, "I did not set myself on fire because the 'master' wanted me to stay. He wanted me to live so that I could speak."

This is another self-contradiction. If he didn't pour even a drop of gasoline on his body, then why did the police arrest him? If he really did pour gasoline over himself, but the report indicated that he had not done so, it would indicate they have been telling lies during the whole incident in an attempt to cover up their plot. Through their cover-up attempts, however, they have exactly exposed their own secret plot.

A Dafa practitioner from Mainland China