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[Anhui Province] Female Practitioner Li Mei Was Persecuted To Death

In June of 2000, Li Mei was arrested and put into Feidong Detention Center for persisting in her cultivation. She was later transferred to the Female Labor Camp of Hefei City. During her detention, her persecutors fiercely tortured her. The torture caused severe damage to her internal organs and left her in a state of coma. She died in Hospital 105 in Hefei City.

In the notice to Li Mei's family members, police fabricated a story that she had committed suicide by jumping from a building at 6 AM on Feb 01, 2001. Li Mei's family members were notified to visit her body on the afternoon of Feb 01, yet they were not allowed to bring any camera with them. Her family members found that the body was still warm, but her ears, mouth and nostrils were all plugged with cotton. The coroner read the certificate of death without saying anything about the cause of her death. It was obvious that the guilty parties were afraid to let out the truth. To cover up the evidence of torture, the officials present (including a Vice Governor of Anhui Province) insisted that the body must be cremated. At the time of cremation a virtual army of police heavily guarded the crematory and no one was allowed to get in. Officials of all levels of government pressured Li Mei's family members, prohibiting them from disclosing "secrets" to anyone else. Under direction of Jiang Zemin's policy "If we beat them to death, we will say they committed suicide". Hence, the label "suicide" would probably be put on this person's tragic death.

For the rest of practitioners detained in Female Labor Camp of Hefei City, the situation is still abominable.

[North-East China] The flier "Truth about the 'self immolation' in Tiananmen Square" can be seen everywhere in a city of North-East China.

[Hunan Province] "We have orders from above"?!

Here is a story that happened in a "Transforming Study Session" in Hunan Province: Dafa practitioner Li Lian (alias) was released after she went on hunger strike for more than 10 days. However, using the excuse of a "Transforming Study Session", authorities from the police station and the community center forcefully took her away only two days after she had been released. Although very weak, Li Lian continued her hunger strike. Without any mercy, the persecutors continued to torture her, saying "We have orders from above". After hearing about this, Li Lian's husband lost control of his grief and indignation. He went to the "Study Session" and scathingly denounced Jiang Zemin. His reaction shocked the police and officials in the community center, since he was always against his wife's practice before.

"After you have done this, do you think you can face your parents, your spouses, your brothers and your sisters? Do you have any conscience left? Clearly knowing that they are good people, you still persecute them like this! We cannot even have a peaceful spring festival... Now I will support her in her practice!" Ashamed of themselves, the police and community officials lowered their heads and let the husband take his wife home.

[Beijing] More Than 1,000 Practitioners Arrested Daily During the Spring Festival

According to news sources in Beijing, more than 1,000 practitioners were arrested each day during the spring festival. Since the police were checking ID's for everyone entering Tiananmen Square, not many practitioners got in. In China, there is a disturbing trend appearing everywhere: Dafa practitioners are being forced to write pledges against Falun Gong, not to practice and appeal, etc. If practitioners refuse to write such pledges; they are sent to detention centers. If the practitioners still refuse to write pledges while in the detention centers, they are then sent to labor camps.

[Shandong Province] Practitioners Arrested And Brutally Beaten For Distributing Materials Telling People The Truth

At dusk on Jan 13, 2001, we were arrested in Jinan City while passing out materials in an army barracks area. There were 8 of us: 3 men and 5 women. Soldiers were ordered to illegally search us and take away our bags. A security officer beat up Zhou Lei (a male practitioner) and split his head open, blood running down to the ground. We were then taken to Shiganqian Police Station where Zhou Lei protested by bumping his head against the wall. He fainted, after which he was taken away and his whereabouts remain unknown. Police officers Cheng and Zhang took the lead in threatening, menacing and abusing practitioners. They also beat us up, handcuffed us, and did not allow us to use the restroom. In the evening of the same day they sent the 5 female practitioners to Liuchangshan Detention Center. Authorities there not only detained them illegally, but also threatened to send them to labor camps and prisons. At night, their persecutors handcuffed practitioners' hands to ice-cold steel bedframes. With their hands numb and swollen in pain and also because of the extreme cold, practitioners could not get any sleep. In protesting against the illegal treatment, these practitioners went on hunger strike.

While some practitioners were being tortured, other practitioners in several cells shouted out loud: "Stop beating people! Stop this cruel treatment! Policeman Zhang and several others then beat up the protesting practitioners. They also cuffed their hands and feet to their beds. On the 4th or 5th day of the hunger strike, their persecutors started to force food into practitioners' stomachs. Trying to force thick tubes through practitioners' noses with their rough hands, practitioners were bleeding from the nose and face. Li Xiaoping's teeth were knocked out for protesting.

To the time of this writing, these practitioners have been on hunger strike for more than 20 days. Not much more than skin and bones remain and their mouths are all ulcerated. They speak of dizziness and they are unable to move their bowels normally. Hu's nasal cavity was injured so badly that they had to put her on a blood transfusion instead of the nasal feed. Although the detention center reported the situation to their supervisors, things remained the same for practitioners. We call for the support of kindhearted people from all walks of life.

[Dalian City, Liaoning Province] Dafa practitioner Chen Jingyi from Hong Kong is now detained in Yaojia Detention Center

Chen Jingyi is asking her friends in Hong Kong to help her.

[Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province] Practitioners Tortured Using Same Device Usually Reserved For Convicts Awaiting Execution

Practitioner Zou Fajin (60) and Xiong Quanmei (50) were detained in the No. 2 Detention Center of Nanchang City because they spoke out " Falun Dafa is good!" On Jan 12, 2001, Ding Liping and other several others restrained them with a special kind of bondage device: their right hands were linked to left feet, and left hands to the right feet. The connecting chains were only 4 to 5 inches long. While chained up in this fashion, one cannot eat, use the toliet, sleep, or even move. The persecutors said that this kind of bondage was usually used for convicts awaiting execution.

Zou Meihua (65) is a retired employee of Jiangxi tractor factory. Through practicing Falun Dafa, she recovered from high blood pressure, stroke, and hemophilia. Around 9 PM on Dec 23, 2000, policeman Liu Yongfa and others broke into her home and searched for Dafa materials. When they found Falun Gong fliers, they arrested Zou Meihua. On Jan 19, 2001, she was transferred from Qingyunpu Detention Center to Jiangtuo Police Station. On Jan 20, after extorting 3,000 Yuan (Chinese dollar, the average salary in urban areas is around 500 Yuan/month) from Zou's family members, the perpetrators finally released her.

[Yantai City, Shandong Province] Large Scale Manhunt Planned Practitioners Forced To Leave Homes

According to police sources, around Feb 09, 2001, police in Yantai City will conduct a mass arrest of practitioners and search their homes. Upon hearing this, many practitioners left their homes and seek safe haven elsewhere. Workplaces force Dafa practitioners to write pledges not to practice and appeal, etc. Practitioners that refuse to write the pledges are fired. In order to protect their own positions, many managers of workplaces cannot help but to do what they are told to do by the authorities, saying that the Party is unreasonable, but they have no choice.

[Heilongjiang Province] Examples of the Absurd Farce of Justice in China Today

  1. A reporter named Tian Fawen wrote an article about Dafa practitioners escaping from a labor camp. The article was published in the Sanjiang Evening News in Jiamusi City. Charged with "leaking national secrets", the reporter was fired by leaders of the city government. For allowing the article to be published, both chief editors of Sanjiang Evening News received considerable punishment. The government leaders also notified other media workers of this matter and told them to "follow the directives closely and stick to the Party line". In other words, news can be fabricated, as long as a central leader needs it.
  2. To let more people know the truth about Falun Dafa, practitioners stepped forward one after another and delivered truth-telling materials to every family. They also posted notices on walls all around the city. Inside the police department, officials offered policemen a reward of 500 Yuan to those that catch the practitioners delivering materials and posting fliers.

[Jiansanjiang, Heilongjiang Province] Total Mayhem: Trouble for Travelers

Jiansanjiang Farm in Heilongjiang Province put up roadblocks on major roads and checked every vehicle passing through. They made bus passengers get off and line up at all checkpoints where they were asked one by one if they were Falun Gong practitioners. They also forced passengers to say slanderous things about Falun Gong that no practitioner would say. Those that refused to curse Falun Gong were arrested on the spot. Passengers commented: "How terrible!"

Authorities from the Police Station of Qixing Farm in Jiansanjiang went to practitioners' homes and forced the practitioners to sign pledges promising not to go to Beijing to appeal, gathering with other practitioners and to not pass out materials about Falun Gong. They also made practitioners' family members (from 1 to 5 people) vouch for the pledges and collected "deposits" of 5,000 to 10,000 Yuan. Furthermore, these perpetrators sent practitioners to labor camps and searched their homes without going through legal procedures. Of course, no one is allowed to appeal.

Policemen from Jiansanjiang Police Station interrogate and examine everyone walking on the street after 9 PM and arrest people at will. After midnight they arrest every person on the street without asking any questions. Their purpose is to prevent Falun Gong practitioners from distributing materials that tell people the truth.

[Nanning City, Guangxi Province] Practitioner Zeng Hui Was Illegally Detained

Dafa practitioner Zeng Hui was fired after the Chinese government banned Falun Gong. Since he could not find a job in Nanning City, he went to Shenzhen City (Guangdong Province) for a job. Right before Spring Festival, policemen from Yongwulu Police Station in Nanning City drove to Shenzhen and forcefully took him back. Using the excuse of attending a "Transforming Study Session", these persecutors detained him illegally in the police station.

[Tangshan City, Hebei province] Police Use Fake "Confessions" To Deceive Practitioners

Recently, Tangshan Police Department fabricated " Confessions" of a previous assistant and use them to deceive practitioners, so we hope that practitioners in Tangshan be careful.

[Wujin City, Jiangsu Province] Police Persecute Dafa Practitioners

On the evening of Jan 23, 2001, policemen from Qianhuang Police Station (Wujin City, Jiangsu Province) arrested 8 Dafa practitioners from their homes. Without any legal procedures, they continue their detention of these practitioners to this day. The police did this to prevent the practitioners from appealing in Beijing during the Spring Festival.

Practitioner Zhu's father in law died while Zhu was in jail. The practitioners asked to be allowed to go home and attend the funeral. The officer said, "You can go home, but you have to curse your Teacher first, and then go to Changzhou City to ask for approval." How ridiculous!

It was said that 6 of the practitioners were transferred to Changzhou City, where they were detained and forced to attend a"Transforming Study Session". Around the Spring Festival, police intensified their persecution of Dafa practitioners. Three practitioners in Anjiazhen were sent to labor camps. Two were sentenced to 2 years and one to 3 years.

[Wuhan City, Hubei Province] Conditions at the Wuhan Labor Camp Is Exposed

In The First Female Labor Camp of Wuhan, those in charge seem to have lost all of their conscience and brutally tortured Dafa practitioners at will. Practitioners that persist in their practice are chained up in a special way: A long, heavy board with a hole in the middle is held to their backs. Cuffs and shackles lock practitioners' hands and feet to the board. Stripped of all their clothes, the practitioners are covered up with thin blankets. The hole in the middle of the board is for defecating. Practitioners are held this way until they can no longer bear it and agree to stop practicing in the detention center. However, many practitioners' determination to cultivate was unshakable. Their persecutors then thought of a new method: If any practitioner continues in their practice, the guards take the money of every inmate so that no one can buy even toilet paper for at least two weeks. They try to manipulate the anger of other inmates to accomplish their cruel intentions.

[Hebei Province] A Policeman's Advice: " Don't Listen To Their Nonsense"

One evening last October, one of my younger sisters was on duty at the outpatient department of a hospital in a city of Hebei Province. It was around 7 PM and on the TV of the clinic CCTV was playing a program that slanders Falun Gong. A man came in to buy some medicine. Seeing the program on TV, he told my sister: "Don't listen to their nonsense. I am actually a policeman in the police station. We arrest many Falun Gong practitioners these days and put them together with the real prisoners. A couple of days ago, while I was on duty, a prisoner was sent in. He was terribly drunk, looking very sick and cold. No prisoners paid attention to him, but a Falun Gong practitioner took off his own clothes and covered the drunken man's body. At this time, the drunk threw up all over the ground. Falun Gong practitioners cleaned up the mess with their hands. All of the real criminals were emotionless. With one look, one can see that Falun Gong practitioners are different: they are all good people, kind-hearted people.

[Shenzhen University, Guangdong Province] Professor Luo Yuehui Was arrested

Luo Yuehui used to be a professor of Shenzhen University. On the evening of Jan 11, 2001, 6 policemen from Futain Town followed him to his home and forcefully searched his home. They took away 2 computers, 1 laser printer, 3 hard drives, some banking cards, IP cards, CDs and books. Luo was arrested and is still under detention.

Wu Lin was arrested while visiting Luo Yuehui on the evening of Jan 11. He is now detained in Baoan Detention Center.

Li Yuanqiang was arrested in Beijing right before the New Year for validating Dafa. He is detained in Baoan Detention Center.

Gao Xin was arrested in January for carrying Dafa materials while visiting a friend. He is also detained in Baoan Detention Center at the moment.

In the middle of January, Huang Qiurong was arrested while passing out Dafa materials in Guangzhou City. She is now detained in Haizhu Town Detention Center. Wang Xiaohuan and He Zhilan were arrested in November while they were distributing materials that tell people the truth. They are currently being held in Longgang Detention Center.

[Yantai City, Shandong province] Persecution Ordered from Higher Up

"During the Spring Festival, if Dafa practitioners in the unit or areas were found appealing in Beijing, the person responsible will be seriously punished" ----- this was the direction from "above". In order to keep their jobs, all the police stations, community centers and working units in Yantai City have gone crazy and hunted everywhere for Dafa practitioners that they considered "dangerous".

Around 10 AM on Dec 30 of lunar calendar year, Xun Qichang (vice secretary of Yantai Petroleum Company), Xiao Zhiming (Security officer), Teng Aili, Yu Benjun, and some policemen from Xingfu Town Police Station came to the home of practitioner Hao Yunlai (alias). They wanted to arrest the practitioner. However, Hao Yunlai refused to open the door. The situation remained the same until 2 PM. To escape from the arrest, Hao Yunlai used a rope to climb down from the window of the fourth floor. He fell on the ground and lost consciousness. After he was carried back to his home, he could not move his left leg anymore. Seeing this, Hao's wife sternly denounced the inhuman deeds of those responsible. Neighbors and people around commented, "Nowadays, people can be arrested even in their own homes; there is no peace and tranquility anymore!"

Security office of Yantai Petroleum Company: 86-535-6817355

Petroleum storage: 86-535-6532135

Last December Zhang Shumei was arrested while telling the truth to people. She was detained for a month. One week after her release, some policemen came to her home again. They tricked her into coming to the police station and arrested her again. She was then sentenced to 2 years in labor camp. At the moment, Zhang Shumei is detained in Yantai Detention Center. According to reliable sources, 4 practitioners were sentenced to terms in labor camps, including 3 men and 1 woman.

[Chenzhou City] List of Dafa Practitioners Sent to Labor Camps in Jan 2001

1. Wang Guizhen, Female, 55, Chenzhou A/C Equipment Plant, 1.5 years;

2. Li Xuhua, Female, 32, Chenzhou Post Office, 1.5 years;

3. Gu Mingqin, Female, 34, Chenzhou Railroad Hospital, 1.5 years;

4. Li Xiaojun, Female, 35, Chenzhou Railroad Hospital, 1.5 years.

All are being held in Baimalong Labor Camp in Zhuzhou City.

[Panjin City] More Than 90 Female Practitioners Were Sent to Labor Camp

They were sentenced from 1 to 3 years in labor camp. Among them are practitioners from Liaohe oil field: Liu Fenghua, Wang Yumei, Li Shujuan, etc.