Around 11 am on January 1, 2001, I went to validate Dafa at Tiananmen Square. When I had just entered the Square, a female police officer stopped me and asked me to show my ID. Because I didn't have any ID, they would not let me go. When I knew I could not leave, I tried to unfurl a Falun Dafa banner. Two men then grabbed me. I began to say out loud: "Falun Dafa is good." Two policemen dragged and tried to push me into the car, but I would not be forced so easily. A policeman kicked me from behind; the other at the car hit my head and hands with his baton. I held onto the door frame and handle. Seeing this, they then hit me harder on my head and hands. They finally forced me into the car. A plainclothes policeman at the car hit me and severely kicked me. I asked him: "Are you a villain?" This person responded without feeling shame: "I am a villain; I am a villain." He then kept hitting me without stopping. Later, they put me into a big bus. I opened the banner on the bus. They sent me to a remote area outside Beijing. It was very dark, the center was a corridor and down the two sides were steel bars. Around 10 pm they came to take me for interrogation. The other practitioners and I held onto each other so they weren't able to take anyone alone. They left for 20 minutes and after they returned we resisted for about 15 minutes. Finally, they had to take more than 10 people together. The next morning around 9:30 am, we were forcibly sent to the Xuanwu District police station. There were many practitioners already squatting on the ground in front of the police station. They also asked me to squat down but I didn't follow their orders. Seeing that I didn't follow their orders, a female police officer kicked me to force me down. I thought that since I am not a criminal, I should not obey their order. Four or five policemen then dragged me into a room for interrogation. When we approached the door of the pretrial office, I yelled loudly: "Falun Dafa is good." Four or five of them then pushed me in, another 5 or 6 policemen then rushed toward me and one of them grabbed my hands and twisted them behind my back, the rest all hit me and kicked me. That female police officer (I was told that she is the chief of the station) kicked me especially hard and yelled: "Only you yell so loud! Just yell louder!" I was hit to the ground. They kicked my head, stepped on my chest, and kicked my back. The kicking and beating was falling on me like an intensive rain. Eventually I couldn't move or speak. They saw that I couldn't move; one man then used an electric baton to shock me between my eyebrows. I sat up slowly. He held the electric baton and said: " Oh, You haven't died yet!" They continuously used the electric baton to shock me on my face, mouth, and ears. However, I didn't feel any pain. The person who shocked me saw that I had no pain and thought that the baton was not working. He went out and changed to a new one. I thought in my heart: "You still want to shock me! Responsibility will not be escaped for one's wrongful deeds. You will need to payback when the time comes." Then he started to yell: "What's wrong with this? The electricity is leaking out!" I realized that he had just shocked himself; this was possibly the payback. After they stopped hitting me, two uniformed policemen asked me to stand up and asked me: "Where do you come from?" I said: "I come from where I come." They scolded me: "You are crazy!" Later, they asked me some other questions about where I live and information about my parents. I didn't answer any of their questions. They asked me: "Why did you come here?" I said: "to validate Dafa." I speak dialect so they couldn't understand and thought that I scolded them. They threatened that they would hang me, strip me naked to hit me, and would sentence me for years in jail. That interrogation didn't end until noon. They dragged me to the ground outside. I saw four or five practitioners covered with white foam that stood out in the crowd. I was told that the vicious police sprayed them with a fire extinguisher. After the police had lunch, one plainclothes policeman called Ah Long took me to the 11th office. One person (looking like a director) asked for my ID, I said that I only had some money with me. Ah Long dragged me to the hallway and wanted to perform a body search with another policeman. I didn't allow them to do so. I said how could you men body search a woman, and that I had already been searched. They didn't give up and told me to take off my clothes by myself but I resisted. They then wanted to do it themselves. They said that I must be from the South and people from the South are especially afraid of being stripped naked. I held my hands tightly together so they could not do anything. They got angry; held me up by my belt and turned me around twice. In the meantime I spoke out loudly: "Falun Dafa is good." They dragged me to a corner and hit my head with garbage. After that, they pushed me towards room 6. When passing the washroom next to it, I saw a male practitioner was stripped with only his underwear left and the police were pouring cold water on him from the top of his head. The police grabbed my clothes and pushed me into room No. 6. He viciously yelled: "Bring in that man from the washroom and we will strip you both naked to let you watch each other." That male practitioner didn't have a righteous mind at that time. He said: "Don't bring me there. I will tell you (my name and address, etc.)." I felt sad for him. Wasn't it that the evil was testing us for what we were still attached to? How can we obey them? Later they threatened to strip me naked again in the meeting room. I told them: "You also have a wife and children at home; you should keep some De [Virtue] for them. There are rewards and paybacks from one's evil doing. The law of the country does not punish you now but the rule of the universe will not forgive you. You should also give yourselves a chance to reposition yourselves in the universe." After listening to my words, they were quiet for a long time. Later, Ah Long took me out and told me that I should not be too tough because here they were not responsible for people's deaths. He also threatened to throw me into the male cells. Seeing that I was not moved by his words, he then threatened to strip me naked and put me into the male jail to be raped. He said: "Think it over carefully!" and left me alone in the hallway. I stood there for a while and a plainclothes police officer took me to an office. Three plainclothes officers were already there and one of them was Ah Long. They said if I don't tell them my name and address, they would strip me naked. I sat on the floor and ignored them. They took off my shoe and shocked the bottom of my foot. Seeing that it didn't work, they poured icy water on my foot and shocked me again. I still did not feel a thing. They took off my other shoe but I resisted and shouted: "Falun Dafa is good. Eliminate the evil. Good will be rewarded with good, and evil with evil." They tied a mop rag around my mouth, but I still shouted. They brought in scissors to cut my clothes and belt and tried to take off my pants. Some police grabbed my hands and some pressed me down. Another two policemen pulled my pants. When I felt my pants were pulled down to my thighs, the shame made me feel like wanting to hit my head against the wall. However, on second thought I realized that committing suicide is also a sin. But what should I do if I am insulted? One thought then rose from my heart that if a person had no fear about death, why afraid of being insulted? It is the time to use my life to safeguard Dafa! When I enlightened to it, I should do it. I no longer cared if they took my clothes off or not; I had to get rid of this attachment as well. When my heart was righteous, they stopped. Finally they said: "This disciple of Li Hongzhi is great. Today, this one is the toughest. No trial is necessary. Let her go. We have no way to force any information out of her." On my way out, they still tested me by saying that they would put me into the male cells. However, I had let go of my attachment already and nothing could move me. Later, they sent me to the police detention center in Xuanwu District where I was numbered "0102131". When they sent me to the cell, they told the guards to "take good care of me" and said that I was "very tough" today. They had an implied mutual understanding and beat me badly. During the 15 days of detention, I insisted on a hunger strike. After I vomited, they measured my blood pressure and diagnosed that my heart had problems. I was tortured until I was on my last breath. They thought that I would die soon, so they let me go home. After I was released, I went to a practitioner's home and just drank several cups of water. I was fully recovered the next day. From my experience I deeply realized Dafa's [great law and universal principle] supernormal and unimaginable power. A Practitioner in China January 16, 2001