December 6, 2001


Two Examples of Immediate Retribution Happening to Two Middle-aged Police Officers -- the Facts:

Jiang Hongbing, male, 35 years old, an officer in the No. 2 police station in the Zitong area of Tongnan County. Ever since July 20,1999 [the day the national ban of Falun Gong took place], he often shouted, "Let's go! [To] arrest the Falun Gong (practitioners)!" He often brutally beat up and cursed practitioners who were illegally detained in the police office. In September of this year he was diagnosed with cancer and died on November 6.

Yang Shenghua, male, around 50 years of age, an officer in Tongnan County's Detention Center. He was an accomplice of the "610 Office." [an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems] He cursed Dafa practitioners, attacked Dafa and used torture tools on practitioners, which usually are only applied to criminals who committed capital crimes. In August this year, he came down with heart disease, had surgery at the Chongqing Hospital and is now retired.

Director of Yiedian Town's "Armed Office" Receives Retribution for Wrongdoings

Li Xinhua, the 34-year-old director of Yiedian Town's "Armed Office" in Mengyin County, Shandong Province closely followed Jiang Zemin's criminal group in persecuting Dafa and Dafa practitioners. During the Chinese New Year of 2001, together with five other thugs, Li and the others took 30,000 Yuan [500 Yuan is the average monthly income in China] of public funds and went to Beijing to illegally arrest practitioners. After several days of extravagant spending, the six thugs divided up what was left of the money and returned to their work unit where they continued to torture practitioners.

Now Li has received punishment for his wrongdoings and suffers from diabetes. We hope he can do some introspection and distinguish the good from the evil and treat Dafa practitioners with kindness.

Police in Tai'an City of Shandong Province Receive Retribution for Wrongdoings

Chen Xujing, an instructor at Tai'an City's Police Department in Shandong Province has participated in numerous persecutions of practitioners, such as illegal house searching and property confiscation. He also illegally detained and sent to forced labor camp many practitioners. On November 2 this year, he led a group of police officers and went to practitioner(s)'s homes, and soon after, he suddenly had a cerebral hemorrhage. During his stay in the hospital he said to people around him, "I won't do any more bad things in the future and I'll stop persecuting Dafa practitioners.

A Former Practitioner Who Enlightened Along an Evil Path and Persecuted Dafa Receives Retribution

A person named Zhuzhi in Wangguan Village in Jinan City, Shandong Province enlightened along an evil path and turned in large amounts of Dafa books and materials to Dafa persecutors. This individual also said many things to attack Dafa, which misled many other practitioners. He (or she) recently suffered a heart attack, couldn't be revived in the hospital and died.

Herein we want to advise those who also enlightened along an evil path to awaken as soon as possible! Stop walking down this extremely dangerous path and stop committing crimes!