(Clearwisdom.net) On November 9, 2001, at around 6:00 pm, 3 men, who claimed to be policemen from the Qingdong Police Station in Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province, were banging on the door of a resident's home where Xiao Chao, a student in middle school lived. Under the police threats, Xiao Chao had to open the door. After the 3 policemen went inside the house, policeman A compelled Xiao Chao's grandparents to them to tell where Xiao Chao's father was. (Xiao Chao's mother was illegally put into labor camp because of going to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong last year; his father was forced to leave the house because of his persistence in practicing Falun Gong. Xiao Chao was the only person left in the house. The elderly grandparents couldn't help other than to come every once in a while and to supply some rice or noodles etc. for him.) The other two policemen took Xiao Chao to the Qingdong Police Station, saying that they had some questions to ask. After getting to the police station, Yang Bingqi, a political instructor of the station asked Xiao Chao: "Where is your father?" Xiao Chao said that he didn't know. Then, the evil policeman A, who had just returned said: "If you don't tell where your father is, we'll give you a little taste of the electric baton. If you get killed, no one will know. We'll also let you taste the flavor of swallowing nails. And if you die, we'll say that you died from voluntarily eating the nails."

At around 9 o'clock that night, Xiao Chao's grandmother went to the police station to get him. The police, however, did not let Xiao Chao meet with his grandmother. They tricked the grandmother into leaving with their deceiving tactics. (The police said that Xiao Chao had gone out to find his father. They said that if he came back early, he would go straight back home. But if he came back late, he would stay at the police station, and would go directly to school the next day. They promised that they wouldn't hinder Xiao Chao from going to school. Xiao Chao's grandmother waited until 12 midnight, but Xiao Chao did not come back. The next day, the grandmother went to Xiao Chao's school and found that Xiao Chao wasn't allowed to be there at all.) Later, policeman A took Xiao Chao to his grandfather's house with another policeman. On the way, the policemen threateningly told Xiao Chao "If we can't find your father, we will torture you to death." They looked through the window from the front yard to see if there was anyone inside. They also broke through the gate to the back yard and peered through the back windows to see if there was anyone inside (this way, they could see the whole house and would not need to pry any doors open). The neighbors were getting scared, and they also couldn't find the person they were looking for. So they took Xiao Chao back to the Qingdong police station.

The evil policeman A handcuffed and hung Xiao Chao to a central heating pipe and had two policeman watch over him. Xiao Chao wasn't wearing a lot of clothes. After two hours, he was shaking and shivering. The evil policeman A came up to Xiao Chao to ask again: "Where is your father?" Policeman A threatened Xiao Chao and kicked him in the stomach. Xiao Chao really didn't know where his father was, but he was afraid if he did not say something. So he just randomly said something. Evil policeman A said: "Today I will spare you. You just sleep at the police station tonight. You can't go home." On the second morning, the Qingdong police forced Xiao Chao to lead one young plainclothes policeman to a practitioner's home to ask about his father's whereabouts. Xiao Chao was also forced to tell lies and say that the plainclothes policeman was his classmate. In the end, nothing was found out. After getting back to the police station, they looked up the phone number of the practitioner. On the morning of the following day, Xiao Chao's grandma went to Xiao Chao's school but didn't see her grandson. So she went straight to the police station. As a result, she was also seized and detained. The grandma was threatened and bullied, and then released later in the afternoon.

These so-called "people's" police brazenly violated the law, maltreated, interrogated, forced and threatened a minor, which is a a complete joke of the government slogan "Run the Country According to Law" created by Jiang's brutal government. We hope that corresponding offices investigate this event closely, punish the assailants severely, give people a satisfactory answer, and return the dignity of law.

Policemen involved in the event of violating law:

Political Instructor, Yang Bingqi;

Police Captain, Qin Haijiang

Area Policeman, Feng Yanjun.

The Qingdong Police Station phone number: 86-459-6366244