(Clearwisdom Net) I will share with you the story of how I obtained Dafa, the life Dafa has given me, and how I came to realize how truly grateful I am for this, as I reflect right before Thanksgiving Day.

A friend recommended Falun Gong to me in 1995. At that time I was experiencing extreme pain due to illness, and I always tried many different ways to cure my illnesses. Falun Gong doesn't charge any money, so I began to practice with others every day. Gradually I felt more energetic. As I kept reading the book Zhuan Falun, gradually I quit alcohol and smoking. My typically irritable nature gradually became more tolerant. After only a few months, my symptoms of waist problems and loose bowels were cured without any treatment. It is Falun Gong that allowed me to get rid of such long-term suffering to my body and spirit. My ex-wife said to me upon seeing my big change: "If you practiced Falun Gong earlier, we would not have divorced."

Later, I came to Australia and started my life anew. Falun Gong was left behind since my body was healthy. When I heard about the persecution imposed on Falun Gong by Jiang's political group in China, I understood very well that it was bad people that were generating and fabricating lies against Falun Gong. But I felt indifferent to this atrocity. I was only concerned that my relatives in China would be affected. One day, I got the newspaper "Mingli" (note: in Chinese, translates as, "understanding the rule and law") from a Falun Gong practitioner, and read it at home. When I read the reports that many practitioners were persecuted even to death when they appealed to the government, my tears came out at once and I had a realization. As the saying goes: "A favor like a drop of water should be returned with a gushing spring." I didn't do anything upon seeing and knowing that Falun Dafa, which I have benefited infinitely from, was being denounced and defamed. Where was my conscience?

A victim of the Cultural Revolution, I could now see the sweeping cultural revolutionary style tactics again. One such as myself, who has benefited from Falun Dafa personally, didn't even step up upon hearing the denunciations against Falun Dafa by the evil? I resent and blame myself deeply! So I vowed: I'll continue to practice Falun Gong to show my gratitude to Falun Gong for the new life I have been given, instead of only wanting to gain from Falun Gong.

I soon became very active in participating in all kinds of Falun Gong appealing activities. Although I didn't know too much English, I collected signatures with my sincere heart. I also took my vacation time on several occasions to take part in the appealing activities like the long distance SOS RescueWalk.

Some people do not understand why I, as a newcomer, am getting involved so much, and suspect that I am only seeking Consummation. To be honest, I am not worthy to even think about such a magnificent thing. What my actions show is only to return the favor Dafa did for me and to show gratitude for my rebirth.