We applied for a booth at a local festival and held Fa-promotion activities for three days. One non-practitioner friend joined us for the entire three days. We know that he established a good foundation for himself for the future. A new German practitioner also came to help for two days.

One young man carefully read all the posters, then signed his name on our petition and left with a newspaper. Later he came back again and asked for more newspapers for his friends. Many people learned the Falun Gong exercises after they saw our "Free Teaching" sign.

In front of our display table, there was always a line for our "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" bookmarks. Two young ladies from Poland asked for 5 bookmarks. They were so happy when they learned that Zhuan Falun is posted on the Internet in Polish. We were happy they had the opportunity to obtain the Fa.