On the evening of November 9, 2001, six Falun Gong practitioners attended a local Health and Inspiration Exposition. This exposition was for introducing to the community ways of improving health and keeping fit through Qigong and massage. The peaceful Falun Gong exercises attracted many attendees. People were very interested in this ancient cultivation way and asked where they could learn the exercises.

A middle-aged woman from Taiwan came for curing her neck pain. She had come to find a masseuse, but another patient ahead of her seemed to stay in the chair forever. She could wait no longer and decided to walk around. Then she found the Falun Gong booth and asked whether Falun Gong could help her neck pain. The practitioners told her that Falun Gong could help her neck pain and other more severe illnesses if she truly wanted to practice Falun Gong. She wasn't sure about the answer, but still wanted to give it a try. She asked how much it would cost her to learn the exercises. When she heard the teaching is free, she was very surprised and immediately wanted to learn. Then an amazing thing happened. Her neck felt a lot better even before she had finished learning the first set of the exercises. She spent over an hour learning the entire five sets of the exercises.

Later, another American woman came. She stopped the practitioner who wanted to introduce Falun Gong to her and said, "You don't need to say anything. I have watched you for quite a while. You send out such a strong energy field. It is incredible. Can I buy an exercise video?" When she learned the video was for expo, not for sale, she was disappointed. In order to satisfy her, the practitioner told her that she could get it right before the expo ended if she really wanted to have it.

She indeed showed up at the end. She said that she has some supernormal capability and can see the auras when practitioners practiced the exercises. "The aura connects with high spirit. So beautiful!" Another vender came. She said she couldn't come during the expo and watched practitioners practice all the time from the other side of the expo. She could feel the strong energy field. They got the information they wanted and left with satisfaction. We felt so happy for them to have the opportunity to know Dafa.