(Clearwisdom.net) After reading Teacher's recent article, "The Chill of Autumn Winds," I feel that the incomparably immense force of Fa-rectification is well within reach! At this critical and most precious historical time I seem to see the great, solemn, and magnificent moment that's about to come. All Dafa practitioners should be clear-minded to take the final steps of their path well. Here I would like to share my personal understanding for your reference.

1. "Dafa has perfected and harmonized everything in the cosmos."

"Dafa has perfected and harmonized everything in the cosmos" [Teacher's article, "Towards Consummation"]. This is the accomplished, true existence in the colossal firmament, and the most splendid future living environment for all sentient beings in the cosmos, which will last forever and will harmonize automatically, and will be indestructible, like diamond. All Dafa practitioners should be clear about this and be resolute and have no doubts. This is also a manifestation of our unyielding faith in Dafa. It is very important that practitioners in a confusing and harsh environment have a clear understanding of this. Seeing with our flesh eyes, our surroundings seem to be permeated with evil; however, seeing with our wisdom cultivated in the Fa, the Wisdom Eye, the colossal cosmos has become absolutely pure, except for the Three Realms that are at the very middle and on the outermost surface. As a matter of fact, the remaining evils only exist at the extreme outermost surface of the Three Realms. Their eradication is an absolute certainty. Everything exists according to the needs of Fa-rectification.

2. All Dafa practitioners who have closely followed and come through the Fa-rectification process are moving towards Consummation.

The Fa of the cosmos is incomparably immense and omnipotent. Everything has been prearranged, and every practitioner's cultivation path is carefully arranged without omission. It appears as if the evil old forces have imposed the vicious arrangements on Dafa and Dafa practitioners, while in reality, everything is under Teacher's control. All righteous steps practitioners have taken during Fa-rectification and during their cultivation have brought about the real change and ascension that meets the requirement of the Fa of the cosmos, because all are derived from the great Fa and Teacher's immense endurance. It is a definite truth that every particle of all practitioners' lives that has assimilated to Dafa is an embodiment of Teacher's painstaking care. It is a great honor that we are together with Teacher during this Fa-rectification, and we can step forward to safeguard the Fa amidst the tribulation of evil's persecution of the Fa. In fact, all we are able to do is to genuinely upgrade our xinxing [moral character, mind / heart nature] according to Dafa's requirements, so as to be worthy of all the greatness and magnificence. Thus, in the most evil environment, if practitioners have closely followed the process of Teacher's Fa-rectification and have come through with determination, aren't we moving towards Consummation? We should have steadfast belief in this.

3. All the evil forces' persecution and damage will be cleared out.

"Completely oppose everything arranged by the evil old forces" [Teacher's article, "Dafa is Indestructible"] is not a thought or a slogan, it is the Fa! Thus all the evils' persecution as well as the damage caused by them on the surface will be eliminated, while Dafa will not be tarnished at all. When the incomparably immense final force of Fa-rectification arrives, everything that has degenerated and deteriorated will be destroyed and will vanish in an instant. In the current environment where the evil is still rampant, we must have a clear understanding of this. It's not that Dafa cannot subdue the evil; the truth is Dafa is saving and establishing the utmost splendor of the cosmos amidst the most evil environment! Since the evil old forces have created these tribulations regardless of the consequences, all Dafa practitioners must complete their Fa-rectification cultivation in this vicious environment. This is actually a truly precious opportunity. Teacher has endured it all for us. As long as we step out from humanness amidst the tribulation and do well what we are supposed to according to Dafa's requirements, we will obtain everything that's most wonderful and great!

The evil forces take advantage of our uncultivated human side to persecute some practitioners and create some "false appearances," which we should not acknowledge. They are something not done by our real self, but done by attachments, karma, and acquired notions under the control of the evil. In essence, these are performed by the evil. Besides clearly distinguishing it, we should send forth righteous thoughts to eradicate the evil that is behind this and erase the bad elements from ourselves, so as to turn a bad thing into a good thing. Nevertheless, we must seriously recognize the mistake and the shame of being controlled by evil due to lack of a strong main consciousness, and take resolute measures to make amends. In fact, all mistakes must be accounted for, but we should recognize that it is Teacher who endures the real tribulations for us. Our responsibility is to not let the evil forces' persecution succeed. We must truly accomplish all that we should do according to the requirements of Dafa, in order to reach final Consummation in Fa-Rectification. This is the only thing we can do to gratify our Teacher.

4. Seize the last opportunity and make the best use of time to step out from humanness

A cultivator will never clearly know where the last opportunity lies. "To step forward at the last moment" is the worst thought, and those who stick to this thought are definitely not Dafa practitioners. On the other hand, before the great disclosure of the Truth, all of those who haven't done well have the opportunity to do well, to establish their mighty virtue amidst an environment that's even more vicious in appearance, and to step out from humanness and reach Consummation. We should regard every opportunity we come across in cultivation as "the last opportunity" and never let it slip. If we don't have the idea of "taking a chance," but just step forward with a pure heart, we will be moving towards Consummation at all times. We all know that the process of Fa-rectification is extremely fast. Although Teacher has been waiting and waiting, I feel that the Fa-rectification cultivation will indeed be completed very soon. I hope all practitioners who read this article can treasure themselves, treasure the Fa, firmly step out from humanness and fulfill well every responsibility of a Dafa disciple in the Fa-rectification period. One can be sure that those who realize that they should step forward, yet still wait and see, are in great danger; the consequence of their waiting is that everything will come to naught!

Everyone has his own cultivation path, but it is absolutely not one of your own imagination and arrangement. The path is arranged by Teacher, based on one's individual circumstances. As cultivators, we must strictly follow Dafa's high standard to strive forward vigorously. Only by doing so are we truly taking our own cultivation path.

Let us validate the Fa in Tiananmen Square, in the streets and in the lanes! Let us validate the Fa among those we don't know and among our friends and relatives! Let us validate the Fa in places where evils are still running rampant and also in remote areas, everywhere in human society! Let us validate the Fa with our hands, speech, pens, techniques, wisdom -- everything we possess in human society. Whatever measures we take, we are "Dafa disciples doing Dafa work." The inner meaning and driving force of all our deeds come from Dafa and the righteous thoughts emerge from Dafa. Every Dafa disciple has his own path to strive forward vigorously. Let go of all human notions and step forward in an upright and dignified manner! Everything we are doing is the best, the most righteous, the most sacred. We are completing the final ascension during Fa-rectification cultivation. This is to fulfill our sacred vow from billions of years ago, and the existence of our lives in these billions of years is for the final Consummation in today's Fa-rectification cultivation. May all Dafa disciples complete their last step on the glorious path to heaven.

5. "Don't just hope for changes in external factors;" [ Teacher's article, "To All Students at the Nordic Fa Conference"] finish the last portion of our path in the last "violent winds"

Cultivation practice is a serious matter; there exists the test of whether or not one is fundamentally resolute in the Fa until the last moment of cultivation. Although the evils are soon to be totally wiped out, they appear more rampant on the surface of the human world, which is the manifestation of their last-ditch struggle. If our hearts are steadfast to the Fa, the determined righteous thoughts of Dafa disciples moving towards Consummation are rock-solid, indestructible, and possess the power to eradicate all the evil. Let every cell be permeated with the righteous thoughts bestowed by Dafa; let us finish the last portion of our path amidst the evil forces' last "violent winds."

Teacher arranged a path towards Consummation for every student of Dafa cultivation and has accomplished everything for our Consummation. We must follow Teacher's arrangement to finish our path well, and we surely can follow Teacher's arrangement to move toward Consummation. Nevertheless, whether we can eventually complete our cultivation depends on whether we genuinely cultivate. I believe that every clear-minded practitioner would choose Consummation.

If you are still hesitating, do wake up! Please make your choice and fulfill it without delay!

Above is my personal understanding. Please point out mistakes so that they can be corrected.

Let's read together Teacher's "The Chill of Autumn's Winds:"

The Chill of Autumn's Winds

The evil ones should think twice about their flagrant savagery,

When heaven and earth are bright again, down to the boiling cauldron they go;

Punches and kicks do little to change people's hearts,

Violent winds usher in an autumn with even harsher chill.