(Clearwisdom.net) On October 29, 1999, Dafa practitioner Ms. Qi Zhenrong, 41 years old, from Hengren County, Benxi City, Liaoning Province was illegally sentenced to a three-year term of forced labor "re-education." She has been illegally held at Masanjia Labor Camp ever since. In September of this year, she joined a group protest of 130 practitioners who were conducting a hunger strike against the illegal extension of their original terms. After being on hunger strike for 40 days, while she was near death, Qi was sent to the clinic at Masanjia Labor Camp to be even further inhumanly tortured. The poorly equipped facility administered an intravenous infusion to keep Qi Zhenrong alive.

Under the constant threat of death and facing the persecution from the evil, this determined and unyielding practitioner said with a thin voice, "I urge you to release all the detained Falun Gong practitioners, protect their right to live, and release me with a verdict of innocence." Seeing that Qi Zhenrong was still firmly holding her noble belief even when near death, a guard at Masanjia went into a frenzy and said to her visiting family member, "You can only take her back when she's not likely to live!" Then they forced her family to leave 5,000 Yuan [about two year's average income in rural China] as a hospital fee, and threatened, "The XX Party can't spend money [on her 'treatment'] for nothing!"

The vile conduct of Jiang Zemin's authorities, who treat people inhumanly and violate the law while executing the law, is revealed in China again and again under the light of day. In order to get back the basic right to live for herself and other people like her, the kind woman holding firmly to the truth has been standing up against the evil group for more than 2 years. The unrelenting brutal torture, mental abuse and physical persecution has not changed her belief in Falun Dafa. Even to the point of death, she is still firmly protesting the cruel and evil persecution by the Jiang Zemin regime.

All kind-hearted people around the world, please pay attention and offer help to this 41-year-old, simple but great woman detained in Masanjia Labor Camp in Northeastern China! All the things she has given, including her life, were just for saving the sentient beings and for clarifying the truth. But such a good person, selfless to the nation and the people is gradually exhausting her life under the evil persecution by the vicious police at Masanjia. Kind-hearted people, please offer your help to stop the evil persecution in the Masanjia Labor Camp!