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  • A Farmer in Heilongjiang Province Protects Practitioners
  • Xiaozhen Clarifies the Truth: His Stories
  • Yantai City Practitioner Gu Qiaoling is Kidnapped Again
  • News from Shanwei City, Guangdong Province
  • Expose the Evil Deeds of Fujian Province's Police
  • The Truth Clarifying CD has a Good Effect

[Heilongjiang Province] A Farmer Protects Practitioners

Recently, at night while two practitioners in a rural area were making truth-clarifying materials they came across a police officer. The practitioners hid in a farmer's yard. The farmer returned just at that time. The police asked him, "Did you see two practitioners?" The farmer said, "No. I did not." After the police left, the farmer sent the two practitioners away.

[China] Xiaozhen Clarifies the Truth: His Stories

Practitioner Xiaozhen was busy with his work and doing Falun Gong exercises as well as studying the Fa and clarifying the truth. After work he always took some time to distribute truth-clarifying literature. In order to save time, he put truth-clarifying materials or posted flyers in a telephone booth near his dormitory. He continued doing this for a long time and could not count how many times he had been there. A police booth was located about 4 or 5 meters (about 8 yards) away from the telephone booth, always staffed by 2 or 3 policemen. Xiaozhen wasn't afraid of them.

Once, in order to save time, Xiaozhen put 50 pieces of truth-clarifying literature in envelopes and put them in a box. He wrote on the outside of the box "Free. Please take one." He left the box open in a heavily populated place. One hour later he went back and found there were 20 envelopes left. Several envelopes were opened. Some passersby were reading the truth-clarifying materials. This way, in a short while 50 pieces of truth-clarifying materials were distributed.

[Yantai City, Shandong Province] Practitioner Gu Qiaoling is Kidnapped Again

On October 17, 2001 before the APEC "fruit tree meeting" held in Yantai City, female practitioner Gu Qiaoling was kidnapped again when she was at home by herself, clad only in her undergarments. Officers from Southern Suburban Detention Center/Yantai City took her away. She does not know how the police managed to open the anti-theft door. The police behaved like robbers.

In March, 2001 Gu Qiaoling was illegally detained due to distributing truth-clarifying materials after someone reported her. Gu Qiaoling did not cooperate with the vicious forces during her detention period and did not reveal the source of the materials, nor did she give up her Falun Gong practice. In May, she was illegally put into a labor camp. She was determined, with righteous thoughts. Before she was sent into Wang Village Labor Camp, she was diagnosed as suffering from high blood pressure and a malignant tumor in her abdomen. The labor camp officials feared she might die there, so they rejected her. In the same month, Gu Qiaoling came out of the detention center with dignity.

On May 18, 2001, police from the Xingfu Police Station detained a couple, Nie Jiangong and Shi Liya, from their home. The police ransacked their home and confiscated Falun Gong books, several hundred Yuan in cash and their permanent residence certificates. In the middle of June, following a one-month sentence in Yantai City's Southern Suburbern Detention Center they were sent to Zibo City's Wang Village. Nie Jiangong and Shi Liya were sentenced to one and two years in a labor camp, respectively. Their daughter, a middle school student, did not have any financial support. Her old grandfather had to support her. Another five practitioners were sent to Wang Village Labor Camp with them. Their names are unknown.

[Shanwei City, Guangdong Province] News from Shanwei City, Guangdong Province

In the evening of September 13, 2001, practitioner Wen Jianmin was arrested while posting Dafa truth-clarifying literature (previously reported in Chinese on Minghui.net). Afterwards, he was illegally sent to the Haifeng Custodial and Detention Center. On October 15, he was forcibly sent to the brainwashing class held in the Piyang Drug Rehabilitation Center. During this period he resolutely refused to write the so-called "three statements" (statements guaranteeing to give up Falun Gong, never to go to Beijing to appeal and not to associate with other practitioners) and totally negated the arrangements made by the evil forces. On October 19, he finally walked out of the evil den in an open and dignified manner. This has greatly frightened the evil forces. This practitioner is now living in exile and continues Fa-rectification work.

[Fujian Province] Expose the Evil Deeds of Fujian Province's Police

On the eve of the National Day, a large amount of painted signs about "Evil-elimination" and "Fa-rectification" appeared in Fujian Province, which greatly shocked the police of Fujian Province. The police arrested some practitioners who had always been practicing at home. It was said that some of the policemen were praised by their "6-10 Office" headquarters and won "the 3rd class prize." They even tried to make this news widely known to the public. However, as far as I know, practitioners who actually participated in the sign-painting activity are all safe. It seems that the evil police can fabricate anything to dupe people. In the meantime, everyday people and the police themselves have gradually come to realize that practitioners are indestructible. So the police are negligently carrying out their duties on the surface but resisting it from the bottom of their hearts. This is why they can receive awards even when they just randomly arrested some people.

[China] The Truth Clarifying CD has a Good Effect

  1. A Conversation between two bank clerks:
  2. A: My spouse brought home a CD. From it we discovered that the TV has been lying. The Tiananmen self-immolation incident turned out to be a conspiracy. Practitioners neither kill others nor commit suicide.

    B: Really? So they are not really evil people?

  3. My friend's sister hasn't been back home for a long time. One day when she came back, she picked up a CD outside the door. After watching it, she suddenly understood that the self-immolation incident was actually a conspiracy concocted by the government in order to discredit Falun Gong. From the medical perspective, burned or scalded people shouldn't be bandaged. The self-immolated people in the program broadcast by CCTV were all bandaged; this is a glaring error from a medical perspective.

My friend's sister felt that the CD has clarified the truth. After watching it, she started to cultivate and passed the CD to her best friends.