At the end of November 1999, Falun Dafa practitioner Zhang Guiqin was forcibly taken into police custody when she was doing chores at home. She was imprisoned only because she expressed her intention to continue practicing Falun Dafa. She was illegally detained for 15 days. While at Feidong Detention Center, guards discovered that she continued her practice with other practitioners. A guard named Xuan first gave them a round of slaps on the face. Finding out it wasn't effective, he then used a bamboo stick to hit their palms. He kept on beating them until their palms became purple and swollen. He also locked three practitioners together in foot shackles. During the 15 days of detention, their feet were constantly shackled together. They had to sleep, eat, and go to restroom together.

Towards the end of March 2000, Guiqin was again illegally detained in Feidong Detention Center for 24 days after she went to appeal to the government in Beijing. Each day she was forced to do hard labor for more than eleven hours. Once she and five other practitioners were found reciting Fa (Falun Dafa books/by translator) together. This time all six of them were secured together in foot shackles. A prison guard named Wu then started kicking them very brutally. After he got tired he started searching them for books. In order to protect Dafa books, practitioner Qijie hit her head on an iron post when the guard started searching her. Her face was covered with blood. At this time other practitioners started to recite the book. The guard was so mad that he used heavy shackles to lock Qijie's hands and feet together and it was extremely painful. Her body was crouched. Qijie could neither stand nor sit. It was even more painful when walking. Later the prison guard started to torture three other practitioners in the courtyard. The second day, the head of the detention center, surname Wang, threatened Zhang Guiqin and two other practitioners. Seeing that it didn't work, he then used an electric shock baton on them. Then, again, he locked their hands and feet together to make them suffer. Refusing to give in, they went on hunger strike. Doctor Cai of the detention center and six or seven male prison guards started to force-feed them through their noses. After fasting for a week, some practitioners showed life-threatening signs because they had been force-fed for so long. Worrying about the potential death of prisoners, the guards in the detention center started to release some of them.

At the end of July 2000, Zhang Guiqin was delivering new articles written by Master Li to some practitioners. The relative of one of the practitioners reported her activity to the police. She was once again sent to the detention center. During the roll call practitioners refused to cooperate with the detention center deputies in order to appeal for their innocence and to protest against their illegal detention. They were once again locked in heavy leg irons. Practitioners started hunger striking again to protest the kicking and beating from prison guards. The prison's cruel guards started to force feed them again. The guards showed absolutely no sympathy when seeing the anguish on practitioner's faces. Instead, they took pleasure in practitioner's suffering. On the contrary, other inmates were very sympathetic, and they took care of practitioners in various ways.

After a prolonged hunger strike and forced feeding, Zhang Guiqin became very weak, and she had a high fever. The detention center officials sent her to the hospital for a check up. Doctors diagnosed that her lungs were punctured during force-feeding. Fearful that she'd die in the detention center, they sent her home in the middle of August, labeling her an infectious disease patient. Zhang Guiqin became so weak and thin that she couldn't get out of bed after she was sent home. She also had a great difficulty talking. Even so, the House of Prosecutor still brought an accusation against her and the judge sent a clerk to Zhang's home to investigate her. After taking a look at Zhang, however, the clerk went away while shaking his head. Because Zhang Guiqin's physical condition was so critical, the case never got started.

On January 17, 2001, around 2 p.m., Zhang Guiqin passed away. In order to validate Dafa, she had endured inhuman tortures in Feidong Detention Center, plus five more months of pain and torment in bed before she died.

Even now, Feidong Detention Center still has many practitioners, and the situation is extremely worrisome. We are asking international organizations, and kind-hearted people to lend their attention and support.

Some phone numbers of the perpetrators:

Feidong County Police Station, Hefei City, Anhui Province:

Unit 1: (Political Security Department): Gao Ligang (Extremely cruel, actively participated in beating Dafa practitioners): 86-551-7711022

The director of the police station: 86-551-7711268

Feidong Detention Center:

Wang XX (center head) and Docotor Cai (Participated in force feeding every time, and beat practitioner savagely): 86-551-7711348 and 86-551-7730111

Feidong House of Prosecutor: 86-551-7712905

Feidong Court: 86-551-7711478

Feidong Chengguan Police Station: 86-551-7711324

January 18, 2001