[Zhenping County, Henan Province] Wang Gaizhi, A Practitioner from Zhenping County of Henan Province Was Persecuted to Death

Wang Gaizhi, a 47 year-old woman, was from Shifosi Village, Zhenping County, Henan Province. She had been suffering a lot of pain from cancer to her body and torment to her mind before she started practicing Falun Dafa. After practicing, she became energetic and totally recovered. After July 22, 1999, she went to appeal in Beijing twice and to tell the government and people about her personal experiences and about the great changes and benefits that happened to her body and mind after practicing Falun Dafa. She wanted to validate that Dafa is best for the country and it has done no harm to anyone at all. On February 9, 2000, she went to Beijing for the second time. Afterward, she was detained, taken back and put into Zhenping County Detention Center. While she was in custody, she was forced to work more than ten hours everyday and was often tortured by the guard named Cao, whenever she was found practicing. The last time, the guards in the detention center tortured her five days continuously in such an extremely cruel way that it would have been difficult for anyone to endure. Normally, everyday people could not tolerate the torture for even half a day. She was tortured to her last gasp of breath. Under the strongest requests from her relatives, police released her to them after extorting 500 Yuan [US$62]. Twenty days later, on May 26, 2000, she died at home, due the inhumane brutal tortures inflicted on her by those vicious guards. [Tiananmen Square, Beijing] A Lot of Dafa Practitioners Were Detained at Tiananmen Square on New Year's Day On New Year's Day of 2001, a great number of practitioners (more than 10,000, according to one source) were detained at Tiananmen Square. In order to scare the public, most of practitioners were beaten up after being dragged into the police cars. Later, they were separately sent to other detention places. After being detained, Dafa practitioners went on hunger strikes together and refused to tell their names and addresses. They refused to cooperate with the evil. Some practitioners over 60 years old were released on January 4. Other practitioners are still in illegal detention. We call on everyone with a righteous heart all over the world to pay attention to this matter. Please help us to urge the sham government of Jiang Zemin and his accomplices to unconditionally free all detained Falun Dafa practitioners immediately and return the innocent reputation to Dafa. [Jinan City, Shandong Province] The Experience of Liang Guiai, a Practitioner from Shandong Province Traditional Medical University This tells the story of Liang Guiai, a 23-year-old male senior undergraduate student of the Traditional Medicine Basic Science School at Shandong Province Traditional Medical University. He went to practice Falun Gong at Tiananmen Square on December 21, 1999 and was therefore detained and brought back to Jinan City. He was unlawfully detained in the University Security Department Police Office for seven days and nights. He was forced to write the "repenting letter" or otherwise he would be forced to leave school "voluntarily." His parents were called to the university. They were lied to and threatened. Liang Guiai, their son, told them the truth openly. After 7 days and nights of interrogation and threats, Liang Guiai left school. On January 1, 2000, he went to Beijing the second time. He was detained illegally again and brought back to his hometown of Longkou City in Shandong Province. During the detention, he was beaten brutally and hung up. Eventually he managed to escape from the den of devils. He is homeless now and is forced to survive by begging around for food. After this long time of living on the streets, his appearance has changed greatly. He lost his glasses and his teeth were knocked out. His clothes are all worn out. He is penniless. Without having any Dafa books, he is unable to read anything and has no idea about Teacher's new scriptures and is denied knowledge of the hopeful messages Teacher has for us. However, Lang Guiai, who escaped from the most vicious persecution, is still firmly determined to follow Teacher until the Fa is rectified in human world. We hope that other students in Shandong Province's Traditional Medical University will remain as firm with Dafa cultivation as Liang Guiai. We demand that the evil persons at that university stop their persecution of innocent Dafa practitioners immediately. Please, anyone who is able, call these individuals named below and let them know our wish. Shandong Traditional Medical University, Zip Code: 250014. Address: 53 Jingshi Road, Jinan City, Shandong Province. President: Wang Xinlu, 011-86-531-2613199 Director of Party Committee: Zhang Wenping, Zhou Limin: 011-86-531-2613003 Traditional Medicine Basic Science School: 011-86-531-2613128 Department Director of Party Committee: Shang Qingxin Grade 96 Conductor of Traditional Medicine Department: Bi Jingfeng Regiment Committee, Student Office: 011-86-531-2613110 Director of Regiment Committee: Li Guanghua, 011-86-531-2613110 Security Department: 011-86-531-2613110, Director: Liu Jianmin [Shandong Province] A pilot of the Oriental Airline Company, Shandong Branch, was arrested when posting Dafa materials. It is said he will be sentenced to prison. [Xixia Ciy, Shandong Province] Evil Liu Xinzheng Beat Up Practitioners in Xixia City Six practitioners were detained when they were publicly clarifying the truth in January 2001. Dafa practitioners Pan Weiyou (male, 31 years old), Li Yongming (male, 31 years old) and Zhang Yuna (female, around 40 years old) were detained when clarifying the truth to the public on the night of January 2. They were seized and taken to Xixia City Public Security Bureau. Liu Xinzheng, vice director of Political Security Department of Public Security Bureau, beat up three practitioners and then put them into Xixia City Detention Center. At about 3pm on January 3, practitioner Shao Weili (female, 26 years old), a bookstore employee, was seized and taken away by four policemen from Xixia City Chengnan Police Station and was put into Xixia City Detention Center. At the night on January 3, two employees at Xixia City Experimental School were detained when they clarified the truth to the public. They were put into a detention center. At 8am on January 4, Liu Xinzheng, the vice director of Political Security Department, along with 7 to 8 policemen from Xixia City Chengbei Police Station, ransacked the home of Wu Lanxiang (female, 30 years old). They beat and detained the practitioner. Practitioners Li Conglin (male, aroung 35 years old) and Wu Lanxiang were seized and taken away. The two were beaten up brutally at the police office and then sent to Xixia City Detention Center. Please support us by making your opinion clear to the following officials: Director of Politics Security Department in Xixia City Public Security Bureau: Zhang Shaorong, Vice Director: Liu Xinzheng, Phone: 011-86-535-5212101 (ask the operator to forward your call) Xixia City Detention Center: 011-86-535-5212966 [Zibo City, Shandong Province] Evil Behaviors of Liang Junfeng, Wang Rongbo, Liu Shaokui in Xiazhuang Town, Zibo City The couple, Liu Hanchang, Li Shuling (both pseudonyms), had to leave home because of the persecution in Boshan District, Zibo City. Liang Junfeng, director of Xiazhuang Town Police Station of Boshan District, Wang Rongbo, party leader of Wulong Village, and Liu Shaoqui, deputy party leader of Wulong Village broke into the couple's home and stole their motorcycle, computer and other expensive items while there was no one at home. The reason for this illegal search and seizure was that the couple refused to be "transformed." As if the act of stealing private property was not enough, those lawless facsimiles for "city officials" then inexcusably cut off the water and electricity supplies to the couple's home. They announced that "your home will be sold if you do not come back and agree to be transformed." They even got the couple's relatives implicated in this case. The child who was at school out of town was also brought in. They claimed that to them "no interference is excessive. This is done on the order from the higher level of government." [Zibo City, Shandong Province] The Name List of Practitioners Who have Illegally been Sentenced to a Labor Camp in Boshan District, Zibo City (The Sentences are All Three Years) Yuanquan Town: Zhao Xiuai, female, 35-year-old; Zheng Xiangzhi, female, 51-years-old; Luu Shanjun, female, 43-years-old. The Chengxi Street Committee Office: Zhou Xianzhong, male, 38-years-old Badou Town: Qu Kean, male, 48-years-old Shantou Town: Liu Chiheng, male, 32-years-old Xiazhuang Coal Mine: Xing Wenqiang, male, 23-year-old Nanboshan Town: Xie Guilan, female, 42-year-old; Ma Huaibo, male, 42-year-old Baita Town, Guojia Village: Guo Xiangang, male, 41-year-old; Liang Xiaofeng, male, 35-year-old [Jidong County, Heilongjiang Province] The Persecution in Jidong County Detention Center The guards at Jidong County Detention Center forcibly feed Dafa practitioners once every three to five days. They mixed salt and milk powder into the food. If practitioners refused to be fed, they would push practitioners onto the ground, get them on their knees, hold them down with their legs and handcuff them with their hands on the back. They ordered the male inmates to violently and arbitrarily shove the feeding tube into practitioner's noses until practitioner's noses were bleeding heavily. Later on, practitioners dig out the fed food with a toothbrush and their fingers. Now the government of Jidong County plans to sentence those practitioners who went to Beijing more than twice and also went on a hunger strike to 1-3 years in a labor camp. They are planning to send about 12 practitioners to the labor camp. The Police Accumulated Wealth by Unfair Means The Police Station of Jidong County stipulated that practitioners who distributed flyers would be fined 2,000 Yuan [about US$250, China average monthly income $22 in rural area]; practitioners who went to Beijing would be fined 3,000 to 5,000 Yuan each. Those practitioners who were found to be in poverty would be fined 200 to 300 Yuan. 1. They have extorted 5,000 Yuan from one practitioner. A Dafa practitioner was fined 5,000 Yuan after he went to Beijing for the fourth time. They extorted 16,000 Yuan the last time he was arrested. They have fined and illegally collected a total of more than 70,000 Yuan from this practitioner. A practitioner's mother borrowed 600 Yuan to hand over to officers at a Police Station for her son's release. She was told by the police that her son would be released if she could hand in 600 Yuan. Even after the mother handed over the extortion money, however, this practitioner was not released. 2. While the Jidong police officers were escorting Dafa practitioners to the Jixi City liaison office in Beijing, the police said: " We need to keep all your money for you, otherwise the officials at the liaison office will confiscate your money." The truth is that these policemen blatantly lied. They stole the money under the excuse of "keeping it safe" for practitioners. 3. In the Jixi City liaison office in Beijing, eight practitioners slept on two beds. However, each practitioner was charged an illegal 30 Yuan fee for every night they used this crowded bed. A fight broke out between Jixi policemen and Jidong policemen, because they could not get the money evenly divided among themselves. All the money had belonged to Dafa practitioners and was stolen from them by these "officials". 4. Guan Jing, spouse of Li Qinghua who is the head of Political Security Department, went to Beijing for pleasure trips many times this year. She traveled at the Great Wall and other places for ten days. She had a wild shopping spree in Beijing, buying clothes and toys with famous name brands. Afterwards, she handcuffed practitioners together and had them carry her purchases back, using the Falun Dafa practitioners as her "porters". Please, any good people who support us, call these people and let them know your opinion. Phone numbers of related person in Jidong County: The head of Jidong County: Li Lianfa, 011-86-4631-5582837 Director of the County National People's Congress: Liu Tingyong, 011-86-4631-5582799 Party Secretary: Yu Xiang: 011-86-4631-5582139 Secretary for Politics and Law Committee: 011-86-4631-5582923 Detention Center: 011-86-4631-5583579 Jidong Police Station operator: 011-86-4631-5582492 The head of Police Station: Yang Guangzhi, 011-86-4631-5502704 The head of Politics and Security Unit: Li Qinghua, 011-86-4631-5583307 (Home) The First Police Substation: 011-86-4631-5582569 The Second Police Substation: 011-86-4631-5582054 The evil policemen: He Wenqing, Li Zhenhe, Wu Guangcheng, Cheng Dalu [Jidong County, Heilongjiang Province] Miracles He Wenqing of Jidong County Detention Center beat up a young Dafa practitioner brutally. The next day, both the policeman He Wenqing's arms were bruised from the elbows on down and he felt an unbearable pain. He Wenqing entered the practitioner's cell and said: "I know Master Li is blaming me for what I have done." At one time, the director general of the police station called He Wenqing on his mobile phone while the phone was actually turned off. However, it is reported that on the other end, the director general heard the words "Falun Dafa is good."Once, a policeman went into a cell to beat and kick a Dafa practitioner. The door locked automatically from outside after the police entered. Therefore, the policeman himself was also locked up and could not get out. [Suiling County, Helongjiang Province] Suiling County Persecutes Falun Gong with "New Measures" Not long ago, in order to prevent Dafa practitioners from going to Beijing to appeal and to secure their own favorable economic and political positions, people from Sanjitai Village Horse Farm and Geshan Village in Suiling County forced Dafa practitioners to mortgage their houses and land or hand in 5,000 Yuan "deposit" to the government. Practitioners have to ask for permission to leave their homes, even for taking care of their normal everyday personal affairs. Otherwise, their houses and land will be confiscated and they will not get their illegally enforced payment of their deposit returned. Some practitioners refused to sign these documents. The officials in the village signed the documents themselves and affixed their own fingerprints in illegal substitution for those of practitioners, in order to make themselves look better in carrying out their duties and eventually benefit monetarily from this evil, law-breaking fraud. [Guizhou Province] Evil Behavior of a Newly Appointed Police Station Director in a County of Guizhou Province The police station director of a county in Guizhou Province learned a little bit about the true situation of Falun Dafa. He did not want to be known as the follower of Jiang Zemin and never had caused trouble to Dafa practitioners. In the past year, under his jurisdiction, practitioners who went to the Provincial Appeal Office, the Provincial Government Office and even Tiananmen Square were not in trouble at all. However, recently this good man's supervisor dismissed this director and transferred a new director to this county. The new director applied strict measures to Dafa practitioners. He illegally searched all Dafa practitioners' homes and interrogated them. He also took away practitioners' personal contact information notebooks and personal computers. Once they found Dafa materials, they would take the practitioners away from home and detain them illegally. When a practitioner was found browsing the Minghui Net at work, the authorities tried to take away the company's property. They were stopped by the officials in the company. The positive news is that the truth of Dafa has gone deeply into people's heart there. When chatting with practitioners, the wife of the former director said: "If they punish us for not persecuting you, we will not feel any regret." Facing this serious situation, we hope Dafa practitioners in this region will remain firm in suffocating the evil and assisting Master to rectify the universe. [Beijing] Beijing Dafa Practitioner Zhong Qiuling Being Caught for the Fourth Time Beijing Dafa practitioner Zhong Qiuling was caught when distributing materials clarifying the true facts on December 30, 2000. She was transferred from Yangfangdian Police Station to Haidian District Qinghe Detention Center. This was the fourth time that she was detained. [Jiujiang County, Jiangxi Province] Thieving Behavior of Local Government Officials Huang Hanlin, Xu Zunrong and Wang Xingyu at Jiujiang County Young female Dafa practitioner Huang Shuirong lives at No.2 Group, Meishan Village, Shizi Town, Jiujiang County, Jiangxi Province. She validated Dafa in Beijing on Jan 3, 2000 and was escorted back after being tortured. She managed to escape afterwards. Later on, Huang Hanlin (the police station director of Shizi Town) and the Political and Law Committee director and a policeman, together with village officials, Xu Zunrong and Wang Xingyu, came to search Huang Shuirong's home. They stole from her home a color TV, a VCR, an electric fan, a miniature recorder and also unlawfully took an uncertain amount of cash from her home. They gave her no receipt. Shizi Town police station telephone number: 011-86-792-6813541 [China] Someone Who Pretended to be a Dafa Practitioner in order to Collect Donations. Please Look Out for These Scams. I had a telephone conversation with my family today and heard that there were several people calling themselves Dafa practitioners who travel around a big city in southern China. They were swindling and conning people and asked Dafa practitioners to support them with money. They collect illegal donations from practitioners. They even claimed that Master asked them to do so. These people have inflicted damage to Dafa. We hope practitioners in China look out for them and resist any behaviors, by anyone, which are against Dafa requirements.