When Chinese Government banned Falun Gong on July 20, 1999, the security department of People's Hospital in HuBei (currently called the Asian-Pacific Hospital of WuHan University) made an underhanded deal with the Wuhan Police Bureau. In February 2000, they detained several perfectly healthy Falun Gong practitioners in the hospital with no intention of releasing them just because those practitioners went to repeal in Beijing. They turned a hospital, a place that is supposed to save lives, into a hell on earth. Among the practitioners that were detained, one is an employee of the hospital, one is a graduate student of WuHan University, and another is an employee of their Second Subsidiary Hospital (the number of practitioners, their identities and current condition are still being investigated).

During the period of detention, they used vicious means to abuse the practitioners both physically and mentally. One of the Dafa practitioners, Ms. Pan, was forced into the psychiatric department of the hospital because she once wrote a letter to the administrators. In the letter, she testified that Falun Dafa is a good cultivation system that helps people to cure their diseases. It is definitely not a [slanderous phrase] as claimed by the Chinese government. Two days later, they sent another practitioner to the psychiatric department because he refused to write a pledge to give up Falun Gong practice.

In the hospital, the practitioners promoted Dafa to the nurses. They told them that: "All of the Falun Gong practitioners have been doing good deeds for the society. They improve themselves and obey the law; follow the principle of "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance". Can you please stop persecuting the compassionate Falun Gong practitioners and stop assisting the vicious attacks against us?" Majority of the nurses and the doctors are very nice. After they heard what the practitioners told them, they discussed among themselves saying: "These people are perfectly normal. Why are they here"? But one of them, a manager by the last name Wang, said, "Don't talk to me about being a good person, I just want to be a bad person". With her encouragement, they tried to force open practitioners' mouths with chopsticks in order to force-feed sedatives to them. They did not succeed even after they tore out practitioners' teeth and caused serious bleeding. Later on Ms. Wang became enraged. After consulting with Manager Yin (from the hospital security department) and Wang (from the city police department), she proceeded to inject drugs into practitioners that will damage their central nervous system.

Ms. Wang ordered the hospital security guards to hold the practitioners down to inject seven-day dosage of the nerve damaging drugs. Because it didn't seem to have any effect on the practitioners, she injected them with a thirty-day dose. She had also threatened anybody who dared to practice Falun Gong exercises with a one-year dose of the drug. That night, Ms. Pan's head felt as if it would explode. She lost conscious shortly afterwards. For two months, the practitioners looked as if they had all had strokes. They could neither; sit, stand nor lay down. Their nerves started to lose the ability to react. It hurt to the point where the practitioners started to bang their heads against the wall. Under the circumstance in which their right to appeal was stripped from them, the practitioners started a hunger strike. They refused to tolerate such inhumane treatment and demanded an immediate release with no legal charge. Manager Wang decided to torture the practitioners herself. She used a tube to force-feed the practitioners through their nostrils. It was done twice a day. Every time, she would purposely re-insert the tube several times. Blood spilled all over the place each time when the tube was pulled out. One of the nurses who assisted Manager Wang mockingly said to a practitioner, "Why don't you call your Master to protect you? "

At the same time, these vicious people immediately created some fake medical records due to the fear of revelation of the truth. They documented the nerve damaging drugs as regular sleeping pills. They also used a 'right to medical privacy' law to prevent the release of medical records to the practitioners and their family members. Although the family members knew what was going on, they dared not seek justice. Out of fear, the family members assisted the "610" office (a special task force of the government for riot control/translator) against Falun Gong to confine the practitioners at home and forbid them to have any contact with the outside world.

We cannot overlook one issue: Anybody who has any conscience should not allow such vicious deeds to continue. Maybe they surrendered because of fear, but one day, they will eventually wake up! The following are some sincere words from a practitioner's daughter. (She is a non-practitioner):

Ever since my mother's personal freedom was restricted because of practicing Falun Gong, I have witnessed many strange events. Some practitioners were arrested for appealing in Beijing. Some were arrested at home. Some were arrested on the train because they refused to curse Falun Gong. Some were arrested while practicing in the park. Some were sent to mental hospitals and were injected with drugs to the point where they became mentally retarded. Some were raped in the detention centers. Some were sentenced to three years in prison just for practicing Falun Gong. Does anybody know which law the Falun Gong practitioners have violated? There were also vicious people who resort to all means to collect ransom from the practitioners or advance their career through suppressing practitioners. There are countless cases like this.

This family member also raised the following points:

  1. Jiang Zemin's Government is being overly ridiculous by persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. He thought that he was building up his prestige but he is actually making a fool of himself. How can one build his prestige by suppressing his own people? Although he said that he wanted peace, he is actually creating chaos and ruining the country's reputation.
  2. The cults in other countries that we saw on TV all use knives or guns, even the cults in the history of our country followed the same pattern. But cultivating Falun Gong benefits one's mind and body; and it does not interfere with other people. Why are some people so afraid of it? Falun Gong practitioners do not hit back when others hit them; they do not curse back when others curse them (even the national TV programs praised them as kind people). I just hope that the government will come to their senses and acknowledge the reputation of Falun Gong. If you call Falun Gong a cult, then what qualifies as 'good'? All of the lies about Falun Gong can be clarified if you just read the Falun Gong books. Because the government does not want the people to see the truth, they used a tactic from the Qin Dynasty, which is to burn all of the Falun Gong books. This way, nobody will be able to find out the truth.
  3. If all departments or all levels of the Chinese government truly care about the party and the national interest, then why don't they obey the law? According to the constitution, people have the right to appeal, the freedom of speech, and the freedom of belief. The country also set up appeal offices to receive people's complains. Then why do law enforcement officials randomly arrest people? Is it because the law is no longer good or is it because there's something wrong with those people administrating the law? Recently, I spoke to several people from various government levels. After one whole year, they finally realized that Falun Gong is righteous, benevolent and that the government did wrong them. But due to fear of being fired by their employers, they still request the practitioners not to appeal and not to reason with the government. Everyone, please think about it. The Falun Gong practitioners put aside their fear of being fired. They exhausted their financial resources, risked their lives to appeal to the government, told people the truth about Falun Gong, and revealed the evil in order to restore law and order.

In comparison to the people who do evil deeds under the name of the party and the government, it's not hard to see who is righteous and who is evil. As to all of us who can still distinguish good from evil, shouldn't we suppress the evil, promote righteousness and return justice to our country? Why don't we spend the energy on upholding the safety of the society and giving people a truly peaceful environment instead of uselessly wasting the resources this way. Currently, a lot of the law enforcers dare not reason with the practitioners. In the past, you can do anything that's reasonable and you cannot do anything that is unreasonable. Now, unreasonable deeds are everywhere while reasonable deeds are prevented. If law enforcers disobey the law and just arrest people as they please, aren't they breaking the laws? Aren't they the same as thieves and bank robbers? Isn't one doing harm to oneself when he does bad deeds for his own interests? On top of that, they are attempting to subvert the justice of this universe. Isn't it a more serious matter

This practitioner's family member also told other practitioners' family members that, "The Falun Gong practitioner at your home did not break the law during his appeals. You, on the other hand, gave money to those who suppress practitioners and even tried to convince the practitioners to give in. Aren't you encouraging evil conduct"?

We are calling on all of the compassionate people from all over the world to realize what is truly happening in China. Let's put Jiang Zemin and his henchmen in the judgment court of history. Let them go down in history as a synonym for infamy, and also as a warning to the future generations.