Around 7:30 a.m. on December 18, 2000, while Falun Gong practitioner Lin Chengtao, 35, was talking to someone by a cross street in Dongcheng region, three policemen (one of them in plain clothes) arrested him and took him away. The policemen did not show any ID; neither did they provide any criminal evidence. The reason they arrested him was that they suspected him of posting Dafa fliers. His wife and one-year-old child have been waiting for him to come back, and they had not received any notification.

Possessing a Master's Degree, Lin Chengtao is an assistant researcher at the Basic Science Institute of Xiehe Medical School. Working on bio-informatics, he is a key person in his research group, which is a part of a national project. In the project meeting this September, he reported on the proceedings of his group, which was favorably commented on by all the participating specialists. He is an honest and kind-hearted person, who works very hard with a great sense of responsibility. In fact, he is the only young scientist in the whole medical school who did not break the five-year working contract and go abroad. The way he conducts himself and his working abilities were much respected by his teachers, his colleagues, and his students.

Only because he cultivates Dafa with a determined mind, Lin Chengtao and his family went through many tribulations. In August 1999, his wife had just delivered a baby, so he was taking care of her in their home in northeastern China. In order to investigate the "Falun Gong Health Effect Survey of 10,000 Cases in Beijing," Lin's unit forced him to go back to Beijing. Leaving his wife and baby behind, he went back to Beijing and honestly validated that the report is both scientific and real.

In September 1999, Lin's unit forced him into a "transformation study session." The study session was meant for intellectuals with higher degrees. Together with several other practitioners in the study session, Lin Chengtao validated Dafa from the aspect of science. Their validation shocked the attending specialists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

On October 13, 1999, several practitioners visited Lin's home in Beijing. (By that time his wife and child had just come back to Beijing). Zhang Lie, Head of the security department at the Xiehe Medical School, reported the visit to the police. Zhang arrested the practitioners for the crime of "illegal gathering" and took them to the No. 14 Division of the Beijing Police Department, where they were detained for more than 20 days.

Since Lin Chengtao is very determined in his cultivation, his unit refused to give him the apartment previously allocated to him. As a result, he has been wandering with his wife and his one-year-old daughter. His yearlong homeless life made his honest colleagues indignant about the people who treated him so badly.

Persecution of other practitioners at Xiehe Medical School

Falun Gong practitioner Dan Ling, an associate professor at the Basic Science Institute, has been awarded the title "Excellent Teacher" for many years. She was removed from her position by the school in July 1999. On October 13, 1999, she was sent to the No. 14 Division together with Lin Chengtao. In order to validate Dafa, she left her home. Until now, there has been no news whatsoever about her.

Falun Gong practitioner Liu Xiao worked as a teaching assistant in the same unit as Dan Ling. He was also forced out of his teaching position last July. On October 13, 1999, he was also arrested together with Lin Chengtao. This October, Zhang Lie, Head of the security department of the Xiehe Medical School, suspected him of "spreading Dafa materials" and forced him to go to the Beijing Police Department, where Liu was detained for more than a month. When he was released, the secretary of the Communist Party in charge and the school fired him. His wife, also a Dafa practitioner, is a doctor who used to work for the General Hospital of Armed Police. Also determined in her cultivation, she was dismissed from the Armed Police last year.

Practitioner Zhang Jingchun used to work as a Biochemical Endonuclease Technician at the Basic Science Institute. Being solid in her cultivation, she was also fired by her unit.

Practitioner Wang Lan was a graduate student at the Basic Science Institute's medical school. This September, she was suspected of "spreading Dafa material" and was arrested in Tianjin City. Her whereabouts remain unknown.

All of the above practitioners are key persons of their respective units. In their prime, they made good contributions for the country. Their treatment by the Xiehe Medical School violated basic human rights and inflicted loss for the country. It also had a very bad effect both inside and outside the country. When the human rights situation in China is supposedly at its best period in history, scientists were deprived of their right of doing scientific research, as well as their basic right of belief. We call for the attention of all the people in the world with a sense of justice, especially those in the field of science and technology, and Xiehe alumni. Please pay attention to and try to stop the unlawful actions of the persecution at the Xiehe Medical School. Let all the people respect their solemn right of cultivating Falun Dafa and protect their basic human rights.

List of evil people at the Xiehe Medical School:

Zhang Lie, male, around 50 years old, Head of the security department at the Xiehe Medical School.

He has sent many practitioners to police stations and persuaded the school in firing practitioners. Under his directions and management, the school adopted a system where practitioners' friends and relatives are also punished. He also put pressure on practitioners' supervisors, making everyone scared. These actions seriously disturbed the teaching and research in the school and caused irreversible effects for the country.

Dean's office at the Xiehe Medical School: (International) (8610) 65135844; (domestic) (010) 65135844

Address of the Basic Science Institute: Postal code 100005, No. 5 Dongdansantiao, Dongcheng region, Beijing, P.R. China

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