Zhang Yong, a student of advanced standing, is a brilliant and talented young man. He was studying as a post-doctorate fellow, in the Chemotherapy Center, of the Chinese Academy of Science. His bright and gentle appearance expressed a compassionate spirit. Such a gentle mannered, slightly boyish-looking post-doc fellow with a noble attitude would never be connected to detention and a forced labor camp.

Yet it happened in China, a country that claims to adhere to the creed of "knowledge is power; honor talents." Zhang Yong was illegally detained from April 13 to May 12 this year. Later on he was discharged from the Academy of Science without cause and sentenced to one year of hard labor. Did he violate any laws? No, none whatsoever. If they really want to stretch it, did he break any rules? No, absolutely not. The only thing he did was to practice Falun Gong after dutifully carrying out his research projects.

Throughout his Falun Gong practice, he gave up his pursuit of money and fame. He even gave up his chance to go overseas to study and do research. Instead, he put his mind and effort on his research work for his country. He only stands firm against corrupted influences in society. Such a rare, gentle and talented research student is enduring physical and mental persecution in China. This inhuman treatment is directed at him, simply because of his conviction to the principle, "Truthfulness, Benevolence and Forbearance." Even worse, he was sent to the labor camp to be reformed so that he could meet the "quota of 100" set by the authorities. Today, Zhang Yong is one of the myriad talented students receiving such treatment.