On July 28, 2000, a Falun Dafa practitioner died at the Third Detention Center of Nanchang City. Her name was Liu Fengchun, and she was 56 years old. When some of her friends went to figure out how she died, they met with terror and threats, and were detained for seven hours. People would like to ask the authorities, "What have they done wrong? Is it illegal to ask about our friends death? Arent you intentionally breaking the law?" No matter how much the police lie, cover up, pressure, or block the news, the truth cannot be concealed. Below is the truth about Liu Fengchuns 7 days in jail. At 9:00 PM on July 21, police from the Zigu Street Police Station all of a sudden burst into Liu Fengchuns home. After ransacking her house, Liu Fengchun was taken away without reason. Before she even knew why she was arrested, she was taken to Nanchang Citys Third Detention Center, and then rushed to the Number Eighteen Prison for Women. Because she was not able to appeal, Liu Fengchun began a hunger strike the second day. Due to high temperatures at the prison (37-38 C or over 100 F), she was showing signs of great pain after 3 days of not eating or drinking. Her inmates immediately reported her situation to the commissar and a doctor. The two of them stood at a window watching, and when the others in the cell said Liu Fengchun needed an infusion, they began to curse them. They cursed the inmates for a half an hour until their throats were dry and faces were covered with sweat, they then just walked away. On the three days from July 25 to 27, though Liu Fengchuns situation was getting worse, out of fright of the commissar, the inmates dared not to bring up her situation. At 3:00 AM on July 28, Liu Fengchuns face turned white and her breathing became very shallow. The inmates were so scared they were not concerned with the consequences and yelled, "Get a cadre." After a long time an overweight guard came over. The inmates told him that Liu Fengchuns situation was serious and she needs immediate help. This guard walked off with impatience and paying no attention. At 4:00 AM, the inmates banged on the cell door. That guard yelled, "Quit making a racket, she wont die, wait till its light out!" This attitude angered everyone there. They began to bang even harder on the cell door breaking the silence of the night. Finally three cadres came, they did not enter the cell but stood far away saying that only the commissar can take care of this. Only after the commissar awoke was a call made for emergency help. At 4:30 AM, an ambulance came. When Liu Fengchun was being taken away, she had already stopped breathing. Liu Fengchun was a retired teacher at a traffic school. She was a kind-hearted person, and just because she practiced Falun Dafa, she was trampled on in this way. When her friends inquired about her death, they were detained for 7 hours as well. Wheres the justice in this? If these people had even the slightest bit of goodness in their hearts, Liu Fengchun would not have died. Why would a cadre of the government go so far as to see life as a game and not help those who are dieing? Our government is not only indifferent to all of this, but they want to cover up the facts. Aren't there enough atrocities like this all over China. We call on the government to sternly punish the evil, release all imprisoned Falun Dafa practitioners, and give Falun Dafa practitioners their just and lawful rights. Zigu Street Police Station: (+86 791) 6702829 Nanchang Citys Chief of Police: (+86 791) 6813363 Nanchang Citys Police Switchboard: (+86 791) 6772115 Jinxian Town's Police Switchboard: (+86 791) 5664385 / 5664383 / 5664336 Jinxian Town's Chief of Police: (+86 791) 5651251 Jinxian Town's Detention Center: (+86 791) 5666142 Unlisted #s can be found at: http://www.chinayellowpages.com.cn Or inquire local 411

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