[Liao-ning Province] Be Alert

The Ma-san-jia labor camp of Shen-yang City, Liao-ning Province, made a videotape based on the "repentance" letters written by a few practitioners with an aim of damaging Falun Dafa. The videotape is being circulated among all labor camps.

[Northeastern China] Practitioner Ms. Yin Shu-yun from Chang-chun City Died in Hei-zui-zi Labor Camp

On May 28, practitioner Ms. Yin Shu-yun, 46 years old, died in the Hei-zhui-zi Labor Camp. She was cremated on June 1st in Chang-chun City. According to the police from Chang-chun, she died of "cerebral hemorrhage". Chang-chun police also disclosed that when Ms. Yin was escorted back from Beijing, half of her face had turned black from beatings.

Ms. Yin Shu-yun started practicing cultivation of Falun Dafa in 1995. She had gone to Beijing to defend Falun Dafa on April 25, 1999 and. In October 1999, she appealed in Beijing again and got detained for 15 days afterwards. She got detained for another 15 days for practicing Falun Gong in the public areas on the New Year's Day.

Later, she got to know that some practitioners in the labor camps had written some "fake pledges" or "fake statements of breaking up with Falun Gong" in order to get released and be able to practice Falun Gong outside the jail. She then decided to go to the labor camp to correct their wrong thinking. In this March, Ms. Yin Shu-yun and another practitioner named Jin Hui went to Beijing to unfurl a Falun Dafa banner on the Tiananmen Square during the "Two Sessions" and were given forced-labor as a result.

On the afternoon of May 28, some practitioners who had written "fake statements of breaking up with Falun Gong" were sharing experiences and they tried to persuade Ms. Yin Shu-yun to write a "fake statement" also. Ms. Yin dismissed the idea with a smile and died while sitting on the ground afterwards.

In addition, practitioners who got detained around May 13 are continuously being released. They are all continuing the practice.