Editor's note: Due to Chinese government's inhuman and brutal persecution, for the practitioners' safety, Minghui may need to remove their personal information such as names and cities of residence.

[Beijing] Practitioners from Pinggu County Were Injured from beatings by the police

The police of Pinggu County has been escalating its persecution against Falun Gong practitioners.

On June 17, 8 countrywomen practitioners from the Liudian Village of Pinggu County went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. They were arrested as soon as they arrived at the Dongzhimen Bus Station in Beijing and were escorted back immediately. The police started to beat 6 of them as soon as they were escorted back to the Village police station. Five practitioners were beaten till they bled. They were Wang Shuping from Hudian Village, Xu Jianrong, Gong Baohua, Zhao Yizhen, Wang Shurong, and Qin Liying from Liudian Village.

At the beginning, the associate director of the police station slapped their faces with his hands. Later, he used a broom to beat up their head and face, till the broom was broken from beatings. Zhao Yizhen suffered the most beatings and could not stand well afterwards. She and Wang Shurong walked into the room by supporting each other. The police did not allow them to sit down and forced them to stand while being interrogated. Later, they were allowed to sit down when they could no longer stand.

The beating broke Gong Baohua's nose bridge and the blood was all over the ground. A police even laughed at her, "Isn't it true that you practitioners will not bleed even while being beaten up? How come you are bleeding?" Later, another police could no longer tolerate the scene and cleaned up the ground.

On the second day, the police detained 4 of them again in the County detention center on groundless accusations because they feared that they might be prosecuted. The police also sealed off all the photo studios in the County. They confiscated the photos of the practitioners that would expose the facts of the beating. The other practitioner could not go home in order to avoid being arrested again.

On the morning of June 19, a dozen of people from Liudian Village and the family members of the persecuted practitioners went to the country court to prosecute the police who had beaten up practitioners. However, Xing Yansong, Liu Weili from Yindong Village and Wang Shuping from Hudian village were taken away by the County police department.

The above news has been spread out among the public.

[Harbin] Practitioners Got Arrested at the Harbin Museum

Starting from May 28 of 2000, a grand exhibition aim to attack Falun Dafa (namely, the so-called Worshipping the science and oppose to the superstition") has been held in the Museum of Harbin City. Up to today, practitioners have gone there to tell the truth to the visitors or left their opinions on the visitors' book. It was said that the exhibition would continue till June 28.

Many practitioners were therefore detained. Female practitioners were sent to the First and Second detention center. Male practitioners were sent to the detention centers attached to the police stations such as districts of Nangang, Daoli, Daowai, Taiping, Xiangfang and Pingfang etc.

At entrance of the Harbin Museum, there was a visitors' book. Practitioners asked the working staff whether they could leave some message on the visitors' book. The working staff answered smiling, "Yes". When the practitioners were leaving their messages, there were often a few plainclothes agents following them behind; meanwhile the practitioners were recorded by a video camera. After that, the practitioners would usually be taken away. Some of them were taken to the police station to have a "criticizing education". As a matter of fact, many practitioners got beaten up. Some practitioners were forced to sit on the iron chair for over a dozen hours. Most of those practitioners who were taken to the sub-police stations were sent to the related detention centers.

Most of messages that the practitioners left on the visitors' book were "Falun Dafa is not cult, but a righteous cultivation practice. The government should release the detained practitioners as soon as possible and engage in a peaceful dialogue. The government should stop cracking down on Falun Gong, return the right of practicing Falun Gong in the public areas and withdraw the arrest warrant of Teacher etc".

The 41st article in the Chinese Constitution stated that the Chinese citizens have the right to criticize and make suggestions to any state organizations and to any working members. The practitioners from Harbin are simply exercising their rights as a Chinese citizen.

[Heilongjiang Province] The Persecution Against the practitioners from the Bayan County

Sun Xue, male, 45, an employee from the transportation company, was arrested from home for no reason on May 8. He was severely injured by the beatings of the police. He had difficulty pass urine, and must be supported while walking. He has been detained in the detention center ever since.

Sun Maojian, male, 35, an employee of the County School for advanced studies. He was detained on May 8 for practicing Falun Gong in the public square. Before that, he had gone to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong and got detained for over 70 days after being escorted back.

Sun Aihua, female, 52, was detained for practicing Falun Gong in the public square on May 8.

The above three practitioners were all given 15 days of administrative detention. They were all transferred to the criminal detention center after their administrative detentions were due. Up to now, they have been detained up to 42 days, which counts as an extended detention.

In addition, on June 19, over 60 practitioners from Bayan County went to the County government to request the release of the detained practitioners who have been in the extended detention. They were cheated to go to a meeting room of the police department that was right across to the County government. Then, the police were all mobilized and registered all the practitioners. Some practitioners got beaten up for refusing to sign on a fraud record of their interrogation. A lady in 50s got beaten up for speaking a fair word. Some practitioners got beaten up for refusing to be sent home after a void appealing.

Among them, the four representatives Liu Zhipeng, Gao Fuzhi, Bai Jinchang and Chen Guilan were taken to the detention center without informing their family members.

[Beijing] University Students Are Being Persecuted

Recently, Yu Jia from the Qinghua University (a very prestigious university in China) got detained for joining the group practice of Falun Gong.

In addition, the Qinghua University has forced most of the students who are still practicing Falun Gong to suspend their schoolings. They are Li Chunyan, Wang Weiyu and Li Xiaodan etc.

[Shenzhen] Practitioners Got Detained At Home

At 9:30pm of June 16, the Shahe police station of Nanshan came to investigate the residents in room 304 of 12th Building on Guanghua Street of Huaqiao city in the name of "checking residence cards". After learning that they were Falun Gong practitioners, the police immediately called a lot of police to come over and broke into the apartment. They registered and took photos of every resident there including Zhao Yanke, Hu Jin, Zhong Yang, Wang Xiaohuan and He Jingru. Then each of them was carried onto a police vehicle by two armed police and sent to the police station for the so-called interrogation. Meanwhile, the police ransacked the apartment thoroughly. At last, the police detained these five practitioners in the Nanshan Detention Center for the accusations of "illegal gathering" and "disturbing social orders". They have not been released up to today.

In addition, the practitioner from Shenzhen, Lu Chaohui, got detained in the Nanshan Detention Center for having gone to Beijing to appeal. During the detention, the police went to his working unit and took away his personal PC in order to search for the "criminal evidences".

Currently, the practitioners who are still being illegally detained under long term include Wang Hui, Dai Ying, Zhang Xu, Liu Tao, Song Ping, Wang Yajuan, Wang Xiaodong, Huang Xiaoyan, Li Jianhui, Wu Lihui, Yu Lixia and Ma Yanju (who was already given three years of forced-labor) etc.