[China] A Letter from Readers: Response to Ms. Mei Yu-lan's Death

We would like to mourn with deep grief Ms. Mei Yu-lan, who died of force-feeding during her hunger strike in the Chao-yang detention center. We would like to extend warm consolations to the family members of Ms. Mei. We would also like to condemn the inhumane mistreatments against Falun Dafa practitioners by the police department. We request the government to stop all the persecution immediately and to return Falun Dafa practitioners' basic rights of livelihood.

All Falun Dafa Practitioners from Lang-fang City

[Beijing] The Family Members of Ms. Mei Yu-lan Were not Informed of Her Death

The family members of Ms. Mei Yu-lan did not know that Ms. Mei had died of force-feeding. Several practitioners went to visit Ms. Mei Yu-lan's family members and found out that they were not aware that Ms. Mei had died of force-feeding at all. The family members said, upon learning the truth, "She could not have been cremated until the government give us an objective answer."

Ms. Mei Yu-lan's mother was fooled and she had been told that, "Ms. Mei Yu-lan was given forced-labor and won't go home in 2 to 3 years."

In addition, Ms. Mei's husband, practitioner Li Wan-qing who was given forced-labor for practicing Falun Gong, has not been told about his wife's death. Given the situation, at around 7pm of May 27, the daughter of Ms. Mei said, "My aunt has signed the paper to agree upon cremating my mother's body on May 28."

[Beijing] My Experience in Chao-yang Detention Center

On May 7, I went to practice Falun Gong in the Jie-tai Temple. I got detained afterwards at Cell 602 at around 12:20am of May 8. On the morning of May 11, I tried to practice Falun Gong but was not allowed. We 6 practitioners then sat on the ground day in and day out. On May 14, we started to abstain from food and water in order to require the release of all detained practitioners. On the fifth day of our hunger strike, the guards and the director held a meeting with all the cell heads requiring them to force-feed us if we still did not eat. The head of my cell was a swindler in his 40s. After he came back from the meeting, he then closed the door and dragged us to the toilet and force-fed us with some pickle soup. A practitioner yelled, "You are creating karma!" The cell head then said, "The guards and the director told us to do so. We could have meals if we force-feed you. Otherwise, we could not have meals."

We 6 practitioners in Cell 602 abstained from food and water for 6 days while sitting on the ground day in and day out. We got released on May 19.

[Guang-zhou City]

Practitioner Ms. Xu Sai-ying from the Fifth Research Institute of Department of Information Industry was detained for 15 days and was imposed a fine of 900 Yuan without any receipt by the Wu-shan police station of Tian-he district of Guang-zhou City after appealing in Beijing in December 1999.

Later, the security section of the Fifth Research Institute groundlessly claimed that Ms. Xu Sai-ying owned a fine of 4,300 Yuan and deducted 500 Yuan every month from Ms. Xu's salary. Ms. Xu was already dismissed from the Party.

In this April, two other practitioners from the Fifth Research Institute, Ms. Zhao Gui-zhen and Mr. Ni Hong-zhen, went to Beijing to appeal. Later, Ms.. Zhao was detained for 15 days and was fined 3,000 Yuan without any receipt. Mr. Ni was removed from the Party. The Fifth Research Institute also groundlessly denied them three months of salary. Starting the fourth month, they were each paid only 200 Yuan as salary.

[Qing-dao, Shan-dong Province]

From April 25 to May 13, over 100 practitioners from Qing-dao City had gon

to Beijing to defend Falun Dafa. Among them, Min Hui-rong, Qiu Su-qiao and Du Hui-ming were given criminal detention; Yan Jing-qiu and Jiang Ming-zhai were given forced-labor; and Cui Wei-rui, a former contact person of Falun Gong, was put under surveillance 24 hours a day.

[Cheng-du City, Si-chuan Province]

On May 15, practitioner Mr. Liu Zuo-kuan, a senior party member of Factory 512 in Cheng-du City, went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. He got detained afterwards in the Cheng-du Liaison Office in Beijing. He was beaten up for continuing to practice Falun Gong and was handcuffed from the back for hours. His hands got injured so seriously that they have not recovered up to now. Mr. Liu is now being detained in the Jiu-ru Village Detention Center.

In addition, Ms. Liu Can, a former president of Guo-guang Elementary School of Cheng-du City, has been detained a dozen times successively, for a total of over 200 days.

[Shen-zhen City] News from the Fu-tian Detention Center

Some practitioners, who got arrested for practicing Falun Gong on the Tiananmen Square, got released recently after over ten days of hunger strike in the detention center. Many other practitioners are still on hunger strike in the detention center;

Ms. Dai Ying went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong during the "Two Sessions" in March and got arrested there. Later, she was detained in the Fu-tian detention center. On May 17, she started hunger strike. She had also appealed for her husband, Mr. Li Jian-hui, a former major contact person of Falun Gong in Shen-zhen City, who was given illegal sentence last year.

Mr. Zhuang Wen-shu is on hunger strike. On the seventh day of hunger strike, he had collapsed.

Ms. Zhang, a doctor in her 50s, got arrested when practicing Falun Gong in the Yuan-ling district of Shen-zhen City on May 25.

Mr. Guo Yi-qun got arrested for unfurling a Falun Dafa banner on the Tiananmen Square. He started hunger strike in Beijing.

Ms. Wang, the assistant of a branch president of Zhong-xing Bank, got arrested for appealing in Beijing and is now on hunger strike.

Ms. Chen Yan got arrested for unfurling a Falun Dafa banner on the Tiananmen Square. She had been on hunger strike for 5 days in Beijing. She is now still being detained in the Fu-tian detention center.

Ms. Wang Ning-jing got detained on May 8. She started hunger strike and was beaten up by her inmate criminals (in Cell 11). She was bruised all over her body. She had been short of breath for many times during the force-feeding.

The phone number of Fu-tian detention center is 011-86-755-311-3218.