[Beijing] Inmates of Ms. Mei Yu-lan, Who Died of Hunger Strike, Got Detained Again

By A Falun Dafa practitioner in Beijing

May 28, 2000

At around 4:30pm of May 27, I went back home and found that 5 other practitioners were at my home. Most of them had been detained together with Ms. Mei Yu-lan in the cell 607. In a short while, a dozen policemen ran into my home. As soon as the policemen entered my home, they asked, "Are you Falun Gong practitioners?" We gave them an assertive answer. I told the police, "They are my friends. You could not take them away." Therefore, they were not taken away immediately. My spouse had attempted to block the police from entering the door. She was then taken to the police station for "a conversation".

At around 7pm to 8pm at night, over 20 to 30 policemen came to my home again and took the practitioners away. I was also put under surveillance. The police did not leave until 12:00am. Before they left, they told me, "You wait for our call. Your spouse will be released soon since her problem belongs to "interfering with the police's business"."

After 12:00am, I went to the police station and found my spouse on the second floor. Other practitioners were interrogated one after another. I went home at 2am. But their whereabouts are unknown.

The police also confiscated an open letter signed by practitioners to asking the city government, police department, and appealing offices etc. to solve the current crisis and a letter to the family members of Ms. Mei Yu-lan.

[Xin-jiang] Courageous Practitioner Created Environment of Practicing Falun Gong

May 22, 2000

On this April 25, Mr. Shen Bao-ping, a practitioner from a Production and Construction Company in Xin-jiang, practiced Falun Gong in front of the office building where he worked. He got detained for over 30 hours afterwards. On May 2, he practiced Falun Gong again at that place and got detained for 5 days.

During the detention, Mr. Shen Bao-ping raised 5 requirements to his supervisors: 1. to rescind the arrest warrant of Teacher Li; 2. to return innocence to Falun Dafa; 3. to release all detained Falun Dafa practitioners; 4. to allow the legal publication of Falun Dafa books; 5. to give a lenient environment for cultivating Falun Dafa. He started hunger strike because his supervisors did not allow him to continue to practice Falun Gong. 5 days later, his supervisors gave in and told him that he could practice Falun Gong anywhere except in the front of the office building. Mr. Shen told them calmly that he would practice there if they did not agree upon his 5 requirements. His supervisors could do nothing but to release him. He went to practice Falun Gong again in front of the office building right after he got released.

On May 13, the world Falun Dafa day, Mr. Shen practiced Falun Gong in front of the office building and nobody disturbed him. Everything became so peaceful. Meanwhile, all the other fellow practitioners of Mr. Shen could practice Falun Gong anywhere in an open and noble way.

Practitioners such as Mr. Shen are defending Falun Dafa with their lives and creating a normal environment for practicing Falun Gong.

[Beijing] A Female Practitioner Died of Force-feeding of High-density Salt Water; Another Ten Were Sent to the Hospital for Emergency Treatment

May 26, 2000

On May 13, an unidentified female practitioner, 45 years old, with a northeastern accent, got detained for practicing in the Tiananmen Square. She and over 70 other practitioners who refused to tell their names and addresses were sent to several different police stations for interrogation. She was labeled as "F2". Later she was sent to the Jiao-men detention center of the Chong-wen district for illegal detention.

During the detention, the practitioners raised four requirements to the detention center: 1. to return their confiscated Falun Dafa books; 2. to release the detained practitioners unconditionally; 3. to allow them to learn and practice Falun Gong; 4. and to have a dialogue with the director of the detention center. However, the director refused to talk to them on the excuse of being busy.

Practitioners started hunger strike as soon as they were sent to the detention center in order to prove that Falun Dafa is innocent and to get back the innocence of Teacher Li. On the third day of their hunger strike (no food, no water), the detention center ordered every 4 men to press down one female practitioner and to force-feed her with large amount of high-density salt water through her nose. A male medical staff member said, "Feed them as long as they do not die."

On the seventh day, a medical staff member in the detention center asked the guard named Li Xiu-hua whether they should continue to force-feed the practitioners, guard Li yelled, "Yes!"

On the ninth day, all practitioners on hunger strike had been force-fed for 6 times, one time with corn porridge and 5 times with salt water. They all displayed symptoms of varying degrees such as headache and weakness etc. However, no medical staffs were called in to examine them. Their criminal inmates still forced them to do cleanings and even beat them up while covering their heads with quilts. In particular, practitioner F2 had severe dehydration. Her inmate criminals still ordered her to clean the toilet. Other inmate practitioners had requested the detention center to send practitioner F2 to the hospital for treatment. However, practitioner F2 was not sent to the Bin-he hospital (a hospital for detained criminals) of Xuan-wu district for treatment until at around 9:30am of May 22 when she was in a state of coma. Under such a condition, the nurse head named Ding and other nurses still tried to feed her through her nose. However, practitioner F2 could not swallow anything. Half an hour later, Nurse Ding found that the tube had not been dipped into practitioner F2's stomach at all, but stayed coiled in her mouth. They said that she had been sent to the hospital too late.

Afterwards, practitioner F2 was injected with liquids and was monitored by an electrocardiograph. However, no doctors or nurses watched on practitioner F2, except the guard Li and a convict from the detention center. These two people were also responsible for monitoring other practitioners who had been sent to the hospital simultaneously. That convict still beat up a practitioner by covering her head with quilt. The guard Li did not try to stop the beatings.

After practitioner F2's heartbeat dropped from 160 times per minute to 30 times per minute, that convict went to ask for a medical staff member. However, no nurse or doctor came until practitioner F2's heartbeat dropped to 20 times per minute. The doctor then issued a notice of being critically ill. When the interrogator from the detention center named Liu Song came to take a look at the practitioner F2, he found that her pupils had become spread.. He did not go to ask for doctors to give practitioner F2 emergency treatments but get the fingerprints of practitioner F2 and talked to F2 loudly asking her what was her name and where she lived. At that time, practitioner F2 was already in deep coma state and could not answer his questions at all.

At around 7pm of May 22, practitioner F2 died.

In addition, on the early morning of May 24, the first jail of labor camp department sent another 10 practitioners to the Bin-he hospital for emergency treatment. The detailed info is unknown.

[Shen-zhen City] A Young Couple Got Detained

May 26, 2000

Practitioner Ms. Peng Gong-hui got detained in the detention center of Fu-tian district, Shen-zhen City, after being escorted back to Shen-zhen for appealing in Beijing. She has been on her sixth day of hunger strike. In this March, the police ransacked her home and took away her husband, Mr. Zhang Xu, for being suspected of browsing the Minghui net. Mr. Zhang Xu has been detained in the Fu-tian detention center since then. He might be sentenced prison terms.

Ms. Peng became a party member in high school. Mr. Zhang Xu was a deputy president of a financial company. In order to get back the innocence of Falun Gong, the couple had gone to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong.

The phone number of the Fu-tian police department is 011-86-755-271-8666.

[Shen-zhen City] A Practitioner On Hunger Strike For 15 days

May 27, 2000

Practitioner Zhuang Wen-shu, male, in the Fu-tian detention center, has been on hunger strike for 15 days. His countenance has changed so much that his family members could not recognize him.