[Lan-zhou, Gan-su Province] Ms. Yao Bao-rong Was Cremated In Rush

At around 2:50am of May 24, the police secretly took the corpse of Ms. Yao Bao-rong to the Hua-lin-shan Crematorium of Lan-zhou City and had it cremated in rush, without informing the family members of Ms. Yao Bao-rong.

The phone number of the An-ning police station branch of Lan-zhou City is (011-86)-931-7667353; the number of the office of the provincial government is (011-86)-931-8417153; the number of the provincial Committee of Politics and Law is (011-86)-931-8417256; the number of the Lan-zhou Air-force Hospital is 011-86-931-8976338.

[Cheng-du City, Si-chuan Province] Practitioner Ms. Liu Hui, a young teacher from the Jin-qin Road Elementary School of Cheng-du City, got detained for having written to the government to tell the truth of Falun Gong. (More info can be found from Minghui Net May 21)

[Hui-zhou, Guang-dong Province]

A practitioner from Shen-zhen City, Ms. Zhao Mei-yu, 24 years old, hiked to Beijing with two other practitioners from Guang-zhou City to appeal for Falun Gong in February 2000. On February 21 when they passed by the Ying-de City of Guang-dong Province, they went to visit the detained local practitioners. However, they three also got arrested after admitting that they were Falun Gong practitioners.

Ms. Zhao Mei-yu was escorted back to her hometown in Hui-zhou City and was given one and a half year forced-labor in this May. She had been once arrested in Tiananmen Square in late October 1999.

[Hei-long-jiang Province] Recent Situation in Jia-mu-shi Labor Camp

The Jia-mu-si Labor Camp is detaining over 100 practitioners from Jia-mu-si, Qi-tai-he, Shuang-ya-shan, Yi-chun, and Ji-xi etc. After the Lablor Camp's persecution of the detained practitioners was exposed on the Internet, the provincial public security office and the state public security department decided to investigate who had leaked the information.

The Labor Camp put the suspected practitioners or the "stubborn members" in isolated confinements, and tortured what they called "important" members. Recently, news came out that some practitioners had been paralyzed or died as the result of the persecution.

The labor camp also cancelled the monthly visit on each 15th by the detained practitioners' family members. On May 15, over 200 family members were denied of their visits. And the clothes they bought with them for the practitioners to change with were also turned back. A practitioner's family member said, "My wife becomes healthier after practicing Falun Gong and my family also becomes harmonious. However, she was given forced-labor just because of telling the truth that Falun Gong is good. My child has not seen her mom for over two months and kept crying and making disturbances. I do not feel good either. Our family is breaking up. Who could I appeal to?"

[Beijing] After Being Hurt by Tube Dipped into Her Stomach, Practitioner Ms. Mei Yu-lan Was Sent to Hospital for Emergency Treatment

Ms. Mei Yu-lan, a practitioner from Sun-he-wei-gou of Beijing, got detained in Cell 607 of the detention center of Chao-yang District for practicing in front of her house on May 13. On the second day of her detention, she started hunger strike to request her release. Her other inmate practitioners had also started hunger strike on May 8 to request their release.

On May 16, the guard started force-feeding practitioners by plugging a tube into their stomach. Ms. Mei was force-fed in the afternoon. At that time, we heard her miserable cries. After she came back, she told us that they failed to plug the tube into her stomach. At around 5 to 6pm, Ms. Mei started to have a headache and then vomiting at night. She first spitted sputum and then blocks of blood. Her inmates showed the blood to the guard on duty named Mr. Sun and ask him to send for a doctor. The guard paid no attention but said, "It doesn't matter. She won't die."

On May 17, the guard ordered her inmates to carry Ms. Mei out. The inmates told us that they took a photo for Ms. Mei and then sent her to the hospital for treatment. After Ms. Mei was back from the hospital, an inmate practitioner fed her with a small bowl of cereal. At night, Ms. Mei experienced breathing difficulties. She was then sent to a nearby hospital for emergency treatment. The condition of Ms. Mei has remained unknown afterwards.

Later, the guard asked all the people in Cell 607 to provide an account of what they had witnessed about Ms. Mei. Obviously, the guard tried to evade the fact that they had plugged a tube into Ms. Mei's stomach and tried to put blame on Ms. Mei's hunger strike. However, all people in Cell 607 knew that Ms. Mei had been in good shape before being plugged with tube. She was even washing her clothes during the noontime of that day.

Now all the people in Cell 607 have been released, except a senior lady who had taken care of Ms. Mei.

[Beijing] Practitioners Got Detained During "World Falun Dafa Day"

On May 13 of 2000, many practitioners got detained for unfurling Falun Dafa banners in Tiananmen Square. Some of them got released after taking to hunger strike.

During the World Falun Dafa Day (May 13), police across China used all means to monitor practitioners. Some practitioners have been given forced-labor terms as a result of their celebration activities.

Mr. Hu Chang-an, a practitioner from the Xuan-wu district, got detained for 4 times. During the "Two Sessions", the police detained him for 13 days simply for fear that he might go to appeal; On April 17, he went to Tiananmen Square along with Mr. Wei Ming to unfurl Falun Dafa banners and got detained again afterwards. He was handcuffed and shackled in the detention center and has been sentenced to a forced-labor term. Mr. Wei Ming had hunger stroke for 7 days and is now being detained in the Seventh Detention Center.

Practitioners from Xuan-wu district, Feng Chun-ying, Gao Hua, Wei Jian-xin, Wen Guo-jun and Qi Yu-ling got detained for unfurling Falun Gong banners during the "Two Sessions". They have also been given forced-labor terms recently.

On May 9, a police station of Xi-cheng District put 18 practitioners in detention in an underground hotel run by the local street administration. Among them, He Wen, Zhang Xiao-jing, Zang Xu, Zhang Song-juan and Zhang Jian-xing had hunger stroke for 16 days in the detention center after appealing in Tiananmen Square on April 13. They got released before the May 1st. On May 9, they were detained again in the underground hotel. They then went on hunger stroke for one day and were all transferred to the detention center on the morning of May 11, except Zhang Xiao-jing, who was bailed out by her workplace on May 10. They have been given forced-labor and are now in the Tuan-he Labor Camp.

Mr. Yao Feng went to Tiananmen Square to appeal on April 17 and got detained afterwards. He got released after 14 days of hunger strike. On May 9, he was put to detention in the underground hotel again. On evening of May 12, he was taken to the detention center. He has been given forced-labor and is now also in the Tuan-he Labor Camp.

[Translated from Chinese originals posted on May 23, 2000 ]