[Lan-zhou City, Gan-su Province] The Police Detained More Practitioners In Order to Cover Up The Cause of Death of Ms. Yao Bao-rong

On May 17, 17 practitioners were taken away by the police when they were studying the book of Falun Gong together at the home of Ms. Yao Bao-rong. The police ransacked the homes of all these 18 practitioners including Ms. Yao and confiscated many Falun Dafa materials. All of them were interrogated in isolation for one night and two days. On the afternoon of May 19, Ms. Yao Bao-rong got killed from jumping out of the police sub-station building on the fifth floor.

After Ms. Yao died, the police forced all practitioners who knew the truth to tell the public that Ms. Yao died of smoking opium. If anyone disclosed the truth, he/she would be thrown into jail or labor camp. Some senior practitioners were released. All the other practitioners are still being detained in the building of the An-ning police sub-station of Lan-zhou City. All those released practitioners are under surveillance all 24 hours and have no personal freedom.

Right now, 20 more practitioners who knew the truth have also been detained. There are many police vehicles around the mortuary of the hospital. Nobody is allowed to have a visit.

[Hei-long-jiang Province] Practitioners from He-gang City Died in Custody

Ms. Sun Xiu-qing, in her 50s, (was) detained in the detention center of Luo-bei County before the Chinese New Year (February 4, 2000). At the end of this April, she suddenly died in the detention center. The police cremated her corpse immediately and did not let her family members to take a look at it. The news of her death was also blocked.

According to news sources, another practitioner died recently in the detention center of He-gang City. Detailed information is unknown.

Over 100 practitioners are still being detained in the detention centers of He-gang City. Some practitioners were put on shackles for over one month and were tortured till their faces turned pale. The detention center asked the criminals to beat up practitioners after having a drink in order to transform the practitioners. If they failed to transform the practitioners, they themselves would be put on shackles, otherwise, they could have 3 to 6 months less imprisonment.

The phone number of the first detention center of He-gang City is (011-86) 468-3346171;

The phone number of the second detention center of He-gang City is (011-86) 468-3346830, or 3343113.