[Lan-zhou, Gan-su Province] Practitioner Ms. Yao Bao-rong Got Killed From Jumping Out of the Building

Ms. Yao Bao-rong, 52 years old, a practitioner from the An-ning district of Lan-zhou city, was taken away by the police on the morning of May 20. At around 2pm of the same day, she got killed from jumping out of the building on the fifth floor. Details are unknown.

Some practitioners went to the Air-force Hospital of Lan-zhou to pay the last tribute to Ms. Yao but were turned back by the guards. The guards told them that they must show the permission from the An-ning District police station. Meanwhile, a practitioner named Li Ming-yi was taken away by the police on his way to the hospital. Mr. Li had been released just one week before after being detained for 9 months.

[Hu-nan Province] The Receipt of A 4,000-Yuan Fine Imposed on A Falun Gong Practitioner

[The photocopy of the receipt can be viewed at: http://www.minghui.ca/gb/0001/May/23/fakuan-zhengming_image.JPG]

On January 19 of 2000, a work unit in Hu-nan Province imposed a fine of 4,000 Yuan on a practitioner for "Going to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong".

[Guang-zhou City] Group Hunger Strike in Cha-tou Labor Camp

Around a dozen practitioners in the Cha-tou Women's Labor Camp started hunger strike on May 11, 2000. They refused to wear the uniforms required for criminals and refused to do the forced-labor. They also demanded the right to study and practice Falun Gong.

According to some news sources, they are under separate surveillance and given forced-injections. They were also denied of visits from their families.

The address of the Cha-tou Labor Camp is: Cha-tou Small Island, Shi-jing, Guang-zhou City.

[Shang-hai City] 3 Practitioners Sent to Labor Camp

Three practitioners from Shang-hai City were sentenced labor terms. Xi Xiao-cheng was given a one-year labor term, while Cai Jun and Lu Rong-guo were given a one-and-a-half-year term each. Cai Jun is being detained in the Bai-long-gang Labor Camp while the other two are being detained in the Da-feng Labor Camp.

In addition, one month ago, three female practitioners went to Tiananmen Square to display Falun Dafa banners. They were detained for one month after returning to Shang-hai City. Their current situation is not known.

[Cheng-du City] Over 200 Practitioners Got Detained

On the afternoon of May 22, over 200 practitioners who had been detained for attending an experience sharing conference on May 20 were all given the detention penalty. Some practitioners, including Peng Yi, were given criminal detention terms and are detained in the Lian-hua Village detention center.. All other practitioners were given administrative detention terms and are detained in the Jiu-ru Village detention center.

[Shen-zhen City]

On May 11 of 2000, practitioners Ms. Zhan Fang and Ms. Yang Min got arrested in Beijing and were taken to the Tiananmen police station. Due to the over capacity of the station, they were transferred to another place and are still being detained today.

[Le-shan, Si-chuan Province]

Ms. Liu Ying was put in detention in the Le-shan detention center on July 19 of 1999 on accusation of "leaking state secrets". She was transferred to the Jia-jiang County detention center after December 1999 and has been detained there since then.

The police department of Le-shan City set a rule that one would be imposed a fine of 1,000Yuan if he/she goes to appeal to the provincial government in Cheng-du City and would be imposed a fine of 10,000 Yuan if he/she goes to appeal to the central government in Beijing. Moreover, if one appeals for Falun Gong, his/her family members would be dismissed from their posts.