April 24, 2000

Mr. Li Hui-xi, 40 years old, a practitioner from Hou-yi Village of Hou Town, Shou-guang City, Wei-fang County, Shan-dong Province. Mr. Li went to Beijing to appeal. On April 21 of 2000, he was escorted back to the local police station of Hou Town. He was beaten to death on the same night by some police. On the morning of April 22 of 2000, the police cremated his body and informed his family members that he was already dead. The police warned his family members not to disclose his death. The police paid 45,000 Yuan to his family members. Currently, all practitioners in Shou-guang City have been closely monitored. Over 20 practitioners have been sent to labor camps for forced-labor"education".

Category: Deaths