Mayor of the Borough of Metuchen (New Jersey) Announces Falun Dafa Week at a Ceremony

On the evening of December 4, 2000, the first day of Falun Dafa Week in the Borough of Metuchen, Mr. Ed O'Brien, Mayor of the Borough of Metuchen, gave a Falun Dafa Week Proclamation in person in the city council. All council members approved the proclamation.

Cynthia, a Falun Dafa practitioner, expressed her gratitude on behalf of Falun Dafa practitioners:

"On June 25th, Falun Dafa practitioners introduced Falun Dafa to the public in a market in Metuchen voluntarily with their time and effort. This is how I obtained Falun Dafa and started my cultivation practice. Following the universal principles, I've learned to live a happy, peaceful and worry-free life. All these changes have also touched my family members. We'll try our best to share Falun Dafa with our community and we believe, with the further assistance of Mayor O'Brien and the councilors of the Borough of Metuchen, the residents of Metuchen will benefit from this wonderful practice a lot."

Practitioners then presented Zhuan Falun as a gift to the Mayor, councilors and the Treasurer.

At the end of the ceremony, Mayor O'Brien said with humor: "We can send the Proclamation to Beijing!" All the attendees applauded.