On the night of Oct. 7, 2000, Zhuang Guangxin was arrested for practicing Falun Gong and taken to a luxury hotel in Qionghai City, Hainan Province, for interrogation. It is known that he died during this "interrogation", and the rumor was immediately spread that the practitioner committed suicide by jumping from a window.

Here we would like to emphasize that Falun Dafa practitioners cultivate according to the principle of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance", and only strive to raise their standard of morality and benefit society as much as possible. They do not commit suicide or harbor any ridiculous, fanatical beliefs, as has been heard in fabricated reports from the Chinese government. For the purpose of exposing this conspiracy and those vicious- people, we went to the hotel in Qionghai City and visited people who knew the inside story in Zhuang Guangxin's case. Here are the facts we discovered:

Zhuang Guangxin, male, was born in 1979 in Zhulian Village of Boao County in Qionghai City. Since he started practicing Falun Dafa, he had become a great help to others and a benefit to his community. He was a kind, healthy and very popular young man in his village. He was killed simply because he went to clarify the truth of Dafa to the local government. His death brought much grief and indignation to his friends, family, and community. They want to bring the murderers to justice.

We learned that, on the night of Oct. 7, Zhuang Guangxin was actually thrown from the 7th floor of the hotel by members the Qionghai Police Department. Furthermore, at the time he was thrown from the window, he was already dead. Seemingly in direct contradiction to the story given by the police, and despite massive head trauma and a broken and mutilated right elbow on Zhuang's body, there was no trace of blood in the hotel room. Also suspicious were the police's actions directly after the incident. The police did not investigate the scene, nor did they follow any emergency medical procedures. Later they took Zhuang's body and left the scene in a hurry. The police did not provide the autopsy report to the family when they handed over the corpse to them. When given back to his family, Zhuang Guangxin was fully dressed, and the police emphasized to the family that no one had beaten him.

On the same night, another practitioner who had been illegally detained was also taken to room 809 for "punitive interrogation" in an attempt to extort a "confession". There were eight policemen present including both the director and deputy director of the Police Department of Qionghai City, and personnel from the Criminal and Security Divisions. They moved the table and chairs to make room for the interrogation. They adjusted the air conditioner to cool and then took off the practitioner's clothes and poured nearly frozen water down his body repeatedly. Then they violently forced the practitioner to his knees, at which point the director furiously kicked and trampled the practitioner. He beat the practitioner until he was exhausted, and still had not obtained a "confession". So they punished the practitioner by forcing him to stand perfectly still. Then they adjusted the air conditioner to the lowest temperature and made the practitioner face the cold air. They then found two wet bath towels and put them in the hotel room freezer. When the towels were almost frozen, they wrapped the practitioner's naked body with these towels. When his body heat warmed the towels just slightly, they were replaced with newly frozen towels. This was repeated until midnight. Since this practitioner refused to budge, these thugs decided to use even more brutal methods of torture. They handcuffed him and hung him over the door (by his hands) with his feet not touching the ground. Then, they pulled the practitioner's feet down forcefully. Instantly, the handcuffs cut to the bone and blood ran everywhere. They repeated this procedure many times. However, the brutalities and torture could not shake the practitioner's faithful heart.

At that time, the policemen became angry and told the practitioner: "We have made up our mind to deal with you to the end. This is only the beginning. We will continue tonight and 'upgrade the force'." What followed for this innocent practitioner was unspeakably vicious and horrible.

Later on, this practitioner was forced into the No. 1 Detention Center of Qionghai City and put in a special kind of shackle that pulled his limbs in all directions simultaneously.. After an examination, a doctor announced that he was seriously dehydrated and could not live for more than 5 days. However, with amazing will power, the practitioner not only survived but also managed to stay on a hunger strike for another 10 days. During the whole process, the policemen and security guards obeyed not a single legal or moral directive. They are simply a vile grouptruly the dregs of humanity.

From the above facts, it is not hard to guess that Dafa practitioner Zhuang Guangxin, interrogated on the same night and in the same room, must have experienced much the same maltreatment. While it happened behind closed doors, it was watched in every detail by heaven and will be dealt with according to heavenly principles.

Now please think about it: how could a man, with both of his hands cuffed, surrounded by eight interrogators and unable even to use the bathroom by himself, jump out of a tightly locked metal window to kill himself? It is simply a ridiculous fabricated story. These policemen are extremely wicked and shameful. Yet their actions will be exposed no matter how slick their lies are.

Think about it: First, the Police did not interrogate Zhuang Guangxin and the other practitioner at a normal site such as the Police Station, neither did they follow any legal procedure. Instead, they were illegally taken to a hotel. Secondly, The wounds on Zhuang Guangxin's body and the experience of the other practitioner are significant evidence that Zhuang was murdered. The police claimed that they did not beat anyone. This is simply a delusion. They tried to cover up the truth only to make it more glaring. Third, these truly evil thugs made no effort to seal off the scene of Zhuang's death, to investigate it, or to call for any kind of medical treatment. Instead, they spread lies to deceive people. Eventually their crimes will be revealed, and they will be punished. If these horribly inhuman crimes are not brought to justice soon, they could indeed cause the decline of the nation. This kind of thing is not allowed by the heavenly principles.

Even though the police tried to cover up the facts, they can never block the perceptive eyes of the people, and they can never escape their trial by the heavenly principles.

Phone number of the Police Department of Qionghai City: 011-86-898-2822294

Phone number of the Mayor of Qionghai City: 011-86-898-2830828

Dafa Practitioner in China

Oct. 22, 2000