(Minghui.org) My son and his wife wanted to be teachers. They passed the exams and were waiting to be interviewed. If they were accepted, they still had to pass a political background check. My husband and I were once held in a detention center for practicing Falun Dafa. I was also incarcerated for three years in a forced labor camp. My son was worried that he would fail the political check and didn’t dare to take the exams required to work as civil servants. I told him that he could do whatever he wanted because my situation wouldn’t affect him.

He told me one weekend that his friend who worked in the police station checked if his father had a criminal record on the police data base. My son also wanted to check if my record was clear. I told him that I didn’t commit any crimes.

Master said,

“When each person joined the ranks of Fa-rectification Dafa disciples, their knowing side made a vow to, and signed a pledge with, the Divine, and they swore by their very soul that they would fulfill the historic mission that a Dafa disciple should shoulder, so they have since been outside the authority of the Three Realms. And therefore I, your master, removed the names of all Dafa disciples from the ledgers of the Three Realms, of the Human Realm, of the Netherworld, and even of Hell. The lives of Dafa disciples have ever since been in Dafa’s hands only, and freed from reincarnation; even those with sins are no longer bound for Hell.” (“Dafa Spiritual Practice Is Serious”)

Master takes care of Falun Dafa practitioners. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is against Dafa and practitioners, and fabricates “evidence” to persecute practitioners. My son said that he couldn’t find my file so he didn’t know if I had a criminal record.

I told my husband that he didn’t have a criminal record on the police data base. He said, “I sent a righteous thought that the police would only find my date of birth and address by scanning my ID card, and they could not find anything else.”

My son told me that the result would come out on Monday. I looked within and found that I was attached to my son and wanted him to pass the interview. Every being has his own fate, and I should let it go.

On Tuesday my son sent me a message saying that the police station issued a letter certifying that he had no criminal record.

When we had dinner that evening, I said, “Many righteous lawyers in Beijing defended Falun Gong. They pleaded not guilty for us. It’s not against the law to practice Falun Gong in China. Our identification (ID) cards verify our date of birth and address, not evidence for the CCP to use to persecute us.”

Falun Dafa practitioners should make sure our thoughts are righteous, so that those who wish to harm us cannot reach us. Thank you, Master! I will cultivate diligently, assist Master in Fa-rectification, save more sentient beings, and fulfill my sacred mission.