(Minghui.org) Many years ago, I was fired from my job because I practice Falun Dafa and had to find a new one to make a living. I was introduced to an asset management company that specialized in collecting bad debt for major banks.

I realized this company was very special after I started working there. The boss of this company has deep connections with the local judicial system, including the police department, procuratorate, and court.

The deputy general manager at headquarters was a former captain in the Domestic Security Bureau of my city. He became the senior executive of this company after he retired. He brought on board many other retirees from the judicial system, including the former deputy captain and other police officers of the Domestic Security Bureau, as well as more than 20 retired police officers from different district and county police departments.

Many of them participated in the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners when they were on duty, and some were exposed on the Minghui website for their crimes. Although they had retired, most of them were still hostile towards Dafa. I was only in an ordinary management position at the company at first and did not attract much of their attention.

As the company’s business expanded, they needed to set up several branches. One branch had the largest volume and market share, so their managers got the highest salaries and most benefits. Many people had their eye on that branch and were eager to become the manager, including the brother-in-law of the deputy general manager. He asked the boss many times to be the manager of that branch. Surprisingly, the boss considered me instead.

This decision caused an uproar among the former police officers. They used their connections in the judicial system to investigate me, hoping to find major problems in order to force the boss to change his mind. As a result, they found out that I practiced Falun Dafa and was a local coordinator for my area. In addition, I was also on the domestic security bureau black list. They thought they’d found a treasure and reported all this to the boss—and to the entire company. I took all of this lightly, and knew it was up to Master whether or not I got the position. I knew no one else’s decision mattered. I did my work as usual, as if nothing was happening.

Soon I got good news. The boss valued my virtue and abilities and did not think there was anything wrong with me practicing Falun Dafa. He insisted on my being the general manager of this branch and even arranged a car and driver for me. The former police officers were unwilling to accept their defeat and hoped to see me make mistakes at work so they could attack me again.

There was a lot of work to do to establish a new branch of the company. Although I was the person in charge, the boss also arranged for someone he trusted to be my deputy to secretly supervise me and balance my power. I had the pure thought of serving the best interests of the company despite such a complex work environment.

I divided the responsibilities among the company’s leadership and formulated the mechanisms of rewards and penalties, supervision and control, as well as business procedures. I also streamlined the procedures and settlement processes with other business partners, and visited them often.

Company business was carried out in good order and quickly got on the right track. The management model at our branch company has become a model for other branches. Under my leadership, my branch ranked the first among all the branches. We created great economic benefits for the company, all our business partners had high praise for our branch, and I also received a satisfactory salary and bonus.

This period of time has been the most stable in my life since I was persecuted by the CCP. The former deputy captain of the Domestic Security Bureau once worked as my deputy but was later laid off by the boss due to his poor work performance.

The former police officers who were once opposed to my becoming the manager no longer say anything. They now take the initiative to greet and communicate with me. The deputy general manager of headquarters also started to respect me and stopped doing bad things behind my back.

The company boss praised me as a talented leader in management meetings more than once. With my righteous thoughts and actions, I demonstrated the great virtue and ability of Dafa practitioners to the company and the public.