(Minghui.org) He Shitie (하석철, Ha Suk Chul), a lawyer of the Busan District Bar Association in South Korea, came across Falun Dafa about 17 years ago and attended group study in the beginning. Later, he and Park Young Min (박영민) developed similar inclinations and both left the cultivation group. They then opposed the Falun Dafa Association in South Korea and have since been damaging the reputation of Dafa.

He Shitie

In 2017, He launched a blog named “South Korea King He Shitie Lawyer Mahatma Gandhi Meditation Center” and arranged Park Young Min as its administrator. Referring to the meditation center as a “Dharma Boat,” he called himself a divine being or god while doing things under the titles of “King of Korea” and “President of the Korea Falun Dafa Association.” A few years ago, he also published a book titled Explanation of Meditation Recordings Seen by His Holiness, sold it to his followers, and collected money. In the name of a territory usage fee, he is now collecting 5 million won (about $3,700 USD) from each follower. In his blog, He posted a list of around 30 people who have paid the fee this year.

He claimed that he is the only person who knows how to send forth righteous thoughts, that he and Park are the two people who have “cultivated the best,” and that one’s attitude toward him would affect one’s future. His heresy attracted some people who did not know the truth and interfered with people taking up true cultivation.

He also used the picture of Mr. Li Hongzhi (founder of Falun Dafa) from Minghui.org as his own file photo. He also republished writings from Master Li, including both short articles and poems, without authorization, committing copyright infringement and taking the writings out of context. In addition, He promoted the idea that South Koreans were not qualified to host Shen Yun performances. He also defamed Shen Yun and told his followers not to watch the shows.

These numerous words and actions have shown that He Shitie is no longer a Falun Dafa practitioner. We hope those who are blinded by him and following him will wake up, regard the Fa as one’s teacher, and take up genuine cultivation in Dafa.

Korea Falun Dafa Association

February 19, 2024