Dear readers, happy Chinese New Year!

We stopped accepting greetings to Mr. Li Hongzhi, founder of Falun Dafa, as of the Jia Chen* Chinese New Year on February 10 at noon New York time (midnight Beijing time). The greetings have been published in batches starting three days before Chinese New Year’s Eve. We received 33% more greetings this holiday compared to 2023, marking a three-year high. This increase also shows that the Chinese Communist Party’s internet blocking has no effect on many Dafa disciples.

Over 3,000 greetings were published today (February 12, the third day of the Chinese New Year). The remaining 3,000 greetings will be published tomorrow. We’re providing this update so that submitters do not need to worry if their greetings have not yet been posted.

Together we celebrate New YearTogether we eliminate the evil of SatanTogether we bring people compassionwhile we enter the magnificent new cosmos

Again we wish you and your family a holiday of happiness and peace.

Minghui Editorial Board

February 12, 2024

* Translation note: Jia Chen corresponds to the 41st year of the Chinese lunar calendar's 60-year cycle.