(Minghui.org) My husband (Jing Hong) and I (Lian Mei) began practicing Falun Dafa in 1996. We are very grateful to compassionate Master for giving us the sacred responsibility of saving people. We have witnessed that Falun Dafa can truly guide people to cultivate their hearts with the principle of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance, and return to their true selves. 

In the past, we distributed truth clarification materials, and when the Fa-rectification progressed to the next stage, we began to clarify the truth to people face to face and help people withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations. We could often persuade dozens of people to quit the CCP daily. We have cherished our time for cultivation, validated the beauty of Dafa, and we have also tried handling well the relationships with our family and neighbors so they could feel the greatness of Dafa. 

Our Hometown

We live in a big city, but we’ve gone back to our hometown in the countryside multiple times with other practitioners to distribute truth-clarification materials. Over the years, we covered almost every village in the area. 

Once we distributed the materials at a park near the county government building, while two practitioners sent righteous thoughts nearby to strengthen us. We distributed the materials on both sides of the park and many people accepted them.

We also distributed the Shen Yun Performance DVDs a few years ago. Some shops would immediately play the DVDs, and people would gather around to watch the show and ask us for a copy of the DVDs. Some used loudspeakers to play the music from the show and we could hear it from far away.

Talking to the Comprehensive Management Office Personnel

The director of the local community Comprehensive Management Office (CMO) once came to our home to harass us, with some CMO staff and a police officer. They asked whether we still practiced Falun Dafa, I said, “Of course we do. Falun Dafa guides people to improve their morality, cultivate their minds to be good people and improves their health. Why wouldn’t we practice?” I showed them Master’s photo in our living room and told them how great Master is. They left without making any trouble. 

Master said,

“If upon encountering trying circumstances your thinking can be truly righteous, then, when faced with the evil’s persecution and when faced with interference, just one sentence of yours fortified with steadfast righteous thoughts can instantly make the evil disintegrate (applause), and it will make those who are being used by the evil turn and flee, it will make the evil’s persecution of you dissolve, and it will make the evil’s interfering with you disappear without a trace.” (“Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. International Fa Conference”, Collected Teachings Given Around the World, Volume VII)

We have realized that we should proactively clarify the truth to people in order to eliminate the poison the CCP instilled in them, also stop them from persecuting the practitioners.

We encountered quite a lot of interference when we clarified the truth to the director of the CMO the first time, but we did not give up and kept trying. Once when I met him alone in his office, I told him, “Three leaders in my workplace participated in the persecution of Falun Dafa, they all had bad experiences afterwards. If you protect us practitioners, you will be blessed.” He was moved by my sincerity and nodded his head in agreement. The next time I met him, he behaved much better.

Another time when we visited the CMO office, we met a staffer who was deeply poisoned by the CCP’s lies. She immediately tore up the truth-clarification flier my husband gave her and said that she would follow the CCP to the end. We were not moved by her behavior and my husband told her his story.

He said, “I’ve worked diligently all my life and made many contributions to the country. I’m an expert in my field and won an outstanding patent award with a one- million yuan bonus. However the security office at my work place and the 610 Office took the money with the excuse that I practice Falun Dafa. 

“I have no resentment or complaints toward them. Instead, I persuaded them to do good things hoping to awaken their good side. I’m telling you this because it’s for your own good. I’m an expert in my field and I contributed a lot to China, but I was imprisoned and brutally tortured for practicing Falun Dafa. 

“During my imprisonment my elderly mother passed away and the CCP agents did not allow me to go to the funeral. My mother used to be in very good health, and she passed away as she could not bear the pain of my being imprisoned. Many people like me who had made great contributions to the country are persecuted. Do you think the CCP is good?”

She gradually calmed down while listening to my husband and eventually expressed her admiration for him. She suggested that he talk to his employer and ask that his bonus be returned.

One day, a property management personnel knocked on our door when other practitioners were studying the Fa at my home. When we opened the door, that person asked us not to go out to clarify the truth and distribute the materials. I asked him what would happen if we did. He did not answer me and just stood there. 

My husband asked who sent him. He told us it was the property management company. When we went to the company to find out who was behind it, a person from the company met and told us that an officer from the local police station told them to do that. We told the person from the company, “We pay the management fees so that you can protect the owners, not for you to harass us and participate in persecuting good people.” My husband called the police officer several times, no one ever answered the phone, but the harassment stopped after that.

Using Righteous Thoughts to Stay Out of Danger

We had encountered some dangers when we were distributing the truth-clarification materials and clarifying the truth over the years. But, we had managed to avoid the dangers, given Master’s protection and our righteous thoughts. 

One day when I was distributing the materials on the street and persuading people to withdraw from the CCP, a woman pretended that she wanted to learn the practice and asked for my phone number. I realized what her intentions were and did not tell her. She then reported us to the police. Three police officers on motorcycles caught up with me while I was clarifying the truth to a man. They shouted at me to stop and asked the man what I just told him. He said, “She just told me there is a plague and we need to wear masks.” The police could not do much about it so they searched my bag. I already distributed all the materials and they did not find anything. 

My husband came over from another direction and yelled at the officers, “What are you doing to this woman? You are doing illegal things!” The lead officer replied, “Which law did I break? We are stopping someone and searching what is suspicious, which is not illegal.” My husband stopped him and said, “Isn’t it illegal to stop and search without a warrant?” The officers were speechless and immediately left.

Another time when I tried to give a woman the materials, she not only did not take them, she even yelled at me, “It’s illegal to distribute this stuff.” A small crowd gathered around us. My husband heard her shouting, walked over, and said, “We are distributing these materials about traditional Chinese culture for free.” His righteous thoughts influenced the people at the scene, and that woman and several others took the materials.

Avoiding Brainwashing Twice

I was at work in 2001 when some people from my workplace and the local 610 Office conspired to take me to a brainwashing session. On the way there, they stopped at a restaurant to eat and planned to take me to the destination afterward. 

As they were eating, I silently recited, “Benevolent Might” from Hong Yin. The more I recited, the stronger my righteous thoughts became, and I felt like I had entered another dimension. After they finished eating, they simply set me free. I ran into a colleague the next day on my way to work. She told me, “No wonder our workplace leader did not tell me to go to the brainwashing site to accompany you today. It turns out you didn’t go after all.” 

Because I had recited the Fa repeatedly, the power of Dafa dissolved their plan to brainwash me. When my employer and the 610 Office attempted to take me to the brainwashing site a second time, I negated their effort once again by reciting “Benevolent Might,” and I went back to work as usual.

Breaking Through Illness Karma

Due to the persecution, my co-workers discriminated against me and pushed the work of handling the very toxic chemical materials to me. I did not complain or have any resentment. But due to contacting the toxic chemicals, my fingers were damaged and some fingernails were about to fall off. My manager asked me to go to the hospital for treatment, but I knew the hospital could not cure this severe damage and only Dafa could help me. I left my fate in Master’s hands and did not go to the hospital. The new flesh grew and my fingers were healed a few days later.

Another time I had a high fever and severe throat pain. I firmly believed that practitioners have no illnesses and Master was helping me to adjust my body as I had had severe strep throat years ago. My throat hurt so much that I could not eat anything and my temperature reached 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit). By 3 p.m., my neck felt stiff and I couldn’t turn it. 

A colleague suggested I go to the hospital. I thanked him but in my heart I firmly believed that Master was helping me clean up my body, and I was grateful. One day, a colleague invited everyone from our team for a dinner to celebrate her baby turning to one month old. Each person contributed 50 yuan. I told Master in my heart, “Master, I cannot eat, but I’ll contribute 50 yuan since I need to think about others.” Maybe because I could still think of others even when I was in the severe pain, my xinxing improved and my karma was eliminated. By 4 p.m., all my illness symptoms disappeared, and I no longer had throat pain or a high fever. Dafa is miraculous and all my colleagues witnessed it. That evening, I happily attended the celebration dinner.

My husband had a tumor on his neck and his legs were swollen. My son was worried that it could be a life-threatening situation. Most people would think that a tumor on the neck may block the trachea or even cause death if left untreated. My son asked my husband to have the tumor removed. My husband knew that Dafa is extraordinary, and he believed in Master and the Fa, so he did not go to the hospital. Afterwards, Master helped him realize that the entity around his neck was already removed, which was the cause of the tumor. My husband no longer felt any discomfort and the swelling in his legs also disappeared.

Saving People in Another Country

My husband and I went abroad to visit our relative, and we connected with local practitioners. We took care of the relative’s house during the week and would go out on weekend mornings to distribute truth-clarification materials. We handed out the materials in different languages, and people were friendly and readily took them.

We later moved to a different place where there were fewer people. After discussing the matter with local practitioners, we realized the only thing to do was to make phone calls to China to clarify the truth. My husband collected a lot of China phone numbers online and we would call the numbers one by one to clarify the truth. The answer rate was high and many people listened to the entire phone call. If someone did not answer, we would call again. My husband would usually make phone calls in the morning and search for phone numbers at other times. I would normally help the relative’s family with the housework during the day and make the calls at night. 

Some practitioners think we shouldn’t go back to China as we have a good and safe environment abroad. However, we have asked Master to arrange for us to return to China as soon as possible, because the main body of Fa-rectification is in China. We feel we need to stand together with the practitioners there, and cooperate with them to save Chinese people. We have truly experienced that, without Master’s protection and strengthening, it’s impossible for practitioners on the frontlines of saving sentient beings to cultivate well over a long period of time. We will continue to fulfill our sacred vows and do the three things well.