Falun Dafa Practitioners in Ecuador Respectfully Wish Benevolent Great Master a Happy Chinese New Year!

Thank you, Master, for all that you have done for all beings! We are in awe of your vast benevolence! We sense your protection and empowerment! How can we repay you? Only by strictly requiring of ourselves to cultivate diligently and do well on the path that you have arranged for us!

It is so great to have Master! Thank you for turning the tide and saving the countless beings in the entire universe! It is the great fortune of all the beings in the vast universe to be immersed in Master’s grace!

Chinese Falun Dafa Practitioners and Their Families in Ecuador Respectfully Wish Benevolent Great Master Happy Chinese New Year!

We sense Master’s protection, enlightenment, and empowerment profoundly. Master, you gave everything of yourself for all beings! Master, it has been hard on you. We bow in gratitude to you! We will follow Master’s teachings, eliminate our attachments, cultivate ourselves diligently, and not slack off!