(Minghui.org) The 12th Division in Liaoning Province Women’s Prison is known as the intensive training and correctional area, and is specially designated to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. The inmates, instigated by the guards, not only torture practitioners but also add unknown drugs to their food.

Practitioners are not allowed to bring anything into the prison when they are admitted. They are first sent to the 2nd Division for brainwashing sessions. If they refuse to renounce their faith, they are sent to the 12th Division three months later.

Once practitioners are sent to the 12th Division, their family members are not able to obtain any information about them. They are also not allowed to be visited by their family. Two inmates are assigned to monitor one practitioner. The practitioners are taken to a room to be tortured. The torture methods include sleep deprivation, not being given anything to eat or not allowed to use the restroom, forced to stand for long hours, beatings, humiliation, forced to watch videos slandering Falun Gong, forced to write guarantee statements and thoughts reports, and forced to say defamatory things about Falun Gong. The aim of these methods is to force them to renounce their faith.

Ms. Xu Xiuyun from Fushun City had her food drugged for a long time; Ms. Jiang Wei from Chaoyang City was often forced to stand for hours and was beaten, abused, and drugged by the inmates, causing her to become extremely weak. Some practitioners were locked in solitary confinement. Some practitioners passed away a few months or a few years later after they were released, due to the unknown drugs.

The guards or inmates immediately feed unknown drugs to practitioners if they became unconscious from the torture. The drugs are also added to their meals. Practitioners who throw away the food (with the drugs in it) are punished if they are found out by the guards or inmates. It’s reported that the guards in the 11th Division were conducting “drug experiments” on the practitioners.

Some practitioners who were fed with the drugs suffered from memory loss, felt confused, or developed symptoms similar to diabetes and coronary heart disease.

Other physical torture methods include:


Practitioners who enter the prison are first forced to stand for 24 hours without moving, or they would be beaten by the inmates. Some practitioners’ bodies became swollen as a result and some were in a daze from standing. The inmates rotate on shifts to monitor the practitioners.

Not Allowed to Wash or Use the Restroom

Practitioners are not allowed to wash themselves or use the restroom for 24 hours. Some practitioners’ lower abdomen hurt a lot from having to hold their urine and some developed frequent urination. To reduce restroom usage, some went on a hunger strike but were force-fed. Some went on a hunger strike for four days and defecated in their pants. As they were not allowed to use the restroom, some often urinated or defecated in their pants but they were not allowed to wash their soiled pants.

Practitioners who refuse to transform are forced to take medicine that damage the central nervous system.

Mental Torture

Practitioners are often brainwashed with theories and videos that slander Falun Gong. They are also forced to write guarantee statements and read their statements while being recorded. Practitioners are also made to write in-depth thoughts reports.

Other Methods

The prison treats every practitioner differently according to how much they have transformed. Some practitioners who do not oppose the persecution are transferred to another division to work while those who do not “pass” the transformation are subjected to long-term torture.