For years, an individual named Hongyu Zhao has enticed, brainwashed, and deceived practitioners (especially female practitioners he targeted) using clever speech to present himself as having reached a high level. He has fooled and controlled these women under the guise of spreading the Fa, sharing experiences, and helping practitioners, as well as in the name of various projects and well-known schools. He has managed to do so in Boston, Portland, California, New York State, and even mainland China. Some victims (including men and women, but mostly women) have even willingly subjected themselves to his control.

Close-up photo of Hongyu Zhao

Hongyu Zhao is not a Dafa disciple and has worked his way into the community of cultivators in order to cause damage.

We again remind Dafa disciples in all regions and projects to clean up their projects and cultivation environments and not allow this kind of people to achieve their goals in our work and cultivation environments.

New York Falun Dafa AssociationJanuary 10, 2024