(Minghui.org) I am 83 years old. I have been blessed and bathed in the light of Falun Dafa. I am energetic and can walk briskly, and my vision and hearing are sharp. I look much younger than my age. My children and grandchildren are all excellent people. One of my grandsons got several degrees and works in America. His wife obtained a PhD and also works in the U.S. Another grandson studies at a well-known university and gets good grades. They are all blessed by Falun Dafa. My family lives harmoniously and has good health. All I have is bestowed by Falun Dafa. Thank you, Master Li (Falun Dafa’s founder), for your compassionate salvation!

I’d like to share some of my cultivation stories to show you how great and compassionate Master is and how wonderful and amazing Falun Dafa is. Thank you, Master!

“Seat No. Nine, Row Ten”

Master Li went to Wuhan to give seminars and teach the exercises in March 1993. He gave a lecture in the city hall on March 15. My husband’s colleague managed to get a ticket for me. I went there by bus. As I arrived at the hall, I found that the zipper on my bag was open and my wallet and the ticket were stolen. How could I get in without a ticket? I didn’t remember my seat number. I was walking back and forth outside the hall anxiously. People were walking into the hall. The lecture was about to start. What should I do? All of a sudden the words “Row 10, No. 9” flashed through my mind. Amazing! I explained my situation to the usher and told her my seat number. She went into the hall to check. There was no one in the seat, so she let me in. The hall was full and there were people standing in the corridors. 

When the host announced that the lecture started, Master Li Hongzhi went onto the stage. The audience applauded thunderously for a long time. Master signaled us to stop applauding several times. Master explained that qigong was cultivation practice and a prehistoric culture. He explained profound principles in simple language. I came to realize that I was ignorant about high-level things, though I was a qigong aficionado and had attended many qigong lectures. I had been searching for this for such a long time. Finally I found the high-level Dafa that I had dreamed of. 

I talked about my experience with my husband after I came home. I said that we should definitely attend the Falun Dafa seminars and learn the exercises and that we would no longer practice other kinds of qigong. 

“Cultivate Diligently”

We attended the second seminar Master held in Wuhan. 

One night after the seminar, I had a dream. I saw Master and a long, wide ladder in silver leading up to Heaven beside him. Later, I realized that Master had put up the ladder to Heaven for us when he was giving lectures. 

After the seminar finished on the last day, many practitioners waited outside the hall and wanted to see Master. I was in the crowd. When Master walked passed me, I said hello to Master. He stopped and looked at me up and down and said, “Cultivate diligently.” All of a sudden a warm current flew through my body. I was so excited that I had no words. I saw Master off until he left. I stood there with tears in my eyes. I didn’t remember how I came home. 

The words “Cultivate diligently” became the powerhouse that pushed me forward on my cultivation path. Whenever I recall the scene, I tear up. When I went through painful bouts of paying back karma, when the evil beat me up ferociously, and when I was in serious conflicts with other people, I would charge forward and not back down upon reflecting on these words. 

“Five Minutes to 12 O’Clock”

I didn’t do the sitting meditation one night in 1994. I wanted to get up to do it at midnight. I was diligently doing the exercises at that time but didn’t spend much time studying the Fa. I then dozed off. When I was in deep sleep, a loud voice told me all of a sudden that it was five to 12 o’clock. I didn’t quite believe it. But when I looked at my clock, it was exactly 5 to 12. I started to practice the sitting meditation. I didn’t know that it was Master’s law body who called me. I also found that the electric mosquito repellent incense stopped working. Later, I realized that Master was protecting me and looking after me at every moment. The electric incense was smelly and would interfere with my doing the meditation. 

Mind and Body Purified, Morality Uplifted

I took Chinese medicine before I went to attend Master’s lecture on March 25, 1993. I listened to his lecture for two hours. After I came home, I threw away all the Chinese and Western medicines and even the rare medication that was bought from Shanghai. I haven’t taken any medication since then. 

I had been sick for over two decades and suffered from cervical spine issues, lumbar disc herniation, bone hyperplasia, chronic colitis, heart disease, eye floaters, severe three deficiency (white blood cells, red blood cells, thrombocytopenia), uterine fibroids, constipation, etc. and spent a fortune on medical expenses. All of a sudden I was illness free. If I didn’t experience it personally, I would not have believed it. How amazing Falun Dafa is! Falun Dafa is wonderful!

I went through a cleansing process after I practiced Falun Dafa for a month. I started to have a lot of blood in the stool. It lasted for more than two weeks. On one occasion, I had excruciating pain in my belly. But I remembered Master’s Fa, 

“With this body, it is impossible for you not to have any reactions when it is purified all at once. Thus, you will have reactions.” (Lecture Two, Zhuan Falun)

I became alright when I was enlightened to this principle. I soon recovered from colitis.

I went to Guangzhou to attend Master’s seminar in late 1994. Master purified our bodies then and there. When Master asked us to think of anywhere we felt uncomfortable, I felt that Master’s hand grabbing my heart. I felt very comfortable and recovered from rheumatic heart disease that I had suffered from for decades. 

I fell into a deep sleep at the Guangzhou seminar. I didn’t experience this in the previous several seminars. Just like Master said, I knew what Master was talking about. Master was cleansing my brain. Since then, I no longer suffer from insomnia.

After listening to Master’s lecture, I realized that it was a test for me to see if I was firm in practicing Falun Dafa when my ticket to the seminar went missing. It was not accidental that I lost 200 yuan either. I got a free bus card from my company for my son so that he could take the bus for free. The 200 yuan I lost was about the same price the bus card cost. No loss, no gain!

Ever since then, I’ve stopped using work opportunities to pursue personal interest. I always remember that I am a Falun Dafa practitioner and behave according to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to be a good and better person. 

Battle Between Good and Evil at a Woman’s Education Center

While thousands upon thousands of Falun Dafa practitioners were happily walking their cultivation path, former Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leader Jiang Zemin launched a brutal persecution to eliminate the practice, despite opposition of most members from the CCP’s Politburo Standing Committee. 

Dafa practitioners nationwide let go of life and death and went to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Dafa.

Another practitioner and I went to Beijing by train on December 22, 1999. We were intercepted by the police on the train and were escorted to a local woman’s education center where over 100 practitioners were detained. There were over 400 criminals also detained there. When we had dinner in the hall on Christmas Day, December 25, we received a secret notification that Falun Dafa practitioners from around the world would do the exercises simultaneously from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. that night. 

When the time was up, our over 100 practitioners rushed to the open ground. The guards and other staff didn’t expect this and were terrified by the scene. They didn’t know what to do. All the practitioners sat down on the cold cement and started to do the meditation. The director of the guards came to his senses and called in many policemen. They also called more than 400 inmates to take action and stop us. Four inmates plus one policeman handled one practitioner. They took off all our clothes except our undies. It was freezing cold outside. They thought the practitioners would go back inside, but not a single practitioner moved. They then tied our arms to our backs and tied our legs together. They carried the practitioners inside, but the practitioners came out again one by one. The police really had a hard battle. 

In the end, 17 practitioners sat on the ground meditating without moving a bit. They sent a doctor to try to persuade the practitioners to come inside. The doctor said, “It is freezing cold. You’re sitting there barefoot and with few clothes on. You will damage your kidneys, heart, and lower back.” Still, no practitioner budged. When they went back inside three hours later, they had a cold shower. None of them caught a cold. 

The director of the guards said that they would not bother to watch over us going forward. The guards and inmates said that we were divine beings because none of us sneezed after sitting in the cold for three hours. Some inmates asked for our telephone numbers and said that they would learn the exercises from us after they were released. 

The practitioners let go of life and death and validated how wonderful and extraordinary Falun Dafa was with their actions. Practitioners whose third eyes were open saw a bright Falun hanging in the sky like the bright moon rotating above the woman’s education center. We knew Master was encouraging us. It was a battle between good and evil. The evil failed in the end and they no longer stopped us from practicing the exercises. 

Experience Sharing Conference

We held an experience sharing conference in our city in January 2000, though the evil was rampant and the persecution was hideous. Over 100 practitioners attended the conference. One practitioner from overseas also participated. I was in charge of looking for the venue and notifying the local practitioners. I found a hotel whose manager was a practitioner. We went into the conference hall during lunchtime. There was a big screen inside. When the coast was clear, we shared our cultivation experiences. When someone came in, we started to play movies as a decoy. Thanks to Master’s protection, the conference went well. 

We formed two groups to share our experiences with at 3 p.m. The overseas practitioner told us how Falun Dafa spread overseas. Local practitioners also shared how practitioners in other cities stepped out to validate the Fa. Many practitioners were moved to tears. It was regrettable that the conference was not videotaped. We reinforced our righteous thoughts and our belief in Master and the Fa. It also laid a good foundation for the practitioners in our area to step out to validate the Fa going forward. Many practitioners wanted to go to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa. The Fa conference was completed successfully. 

Early the next morning, a practitioner told me that some of the practitioners from around our city were arrested. The evil also spread a rumor that there was an anti-China force in our city. The provincial and municipal political and legal committee and the public security bureau were planning to arrest the organizer. She asked me to leave immediately. I thought of the hotel manager. I wanted to take sole responsibility for this event so she would suffer fewer losses. I called her, but somebody else picked up the phone. She had been arrested. I couldn’t hold back my tears after I hung up. Later on I learned that she was fined tens of thousands of yuan and the hotel was illegally seized. 

Despite the emergency, I quickly photocopied some materials from a press conference in Guangzhou and went to my brothers’ homes. My husband and I set up a practice site there in 1996. My elder brother’s son-in-law was an assistant. The oldest son of my third brother was the chief of the assistant center. As soon as I arrived there, the officers from the village government and local police station came to talk to me. They asked me if I practiced Falun Dafa. I told them I did. They asked me if I would go to Beijing. I told them I would. They recorded it and left. 

The local practitioners came to see me in different groups. We shared experiences together and I told them how the practitioners in other areas were doing. They were very encouraged. Thanks to Master’s protection, we were safe every time. When the police came to arrest the practitioners, they had already left. 

A practitioner in my city told me that the police put me on a wanted list. Officers from the local national security division tried to get me to come out of there. I could no longer stay there. I went to my auntie’s home, not far from my nephew’s home. The day I left my nephew’s home, he and his brother-in-law were arrested. Actually, the police came looking for me. 

The assistant who attended the experience sharing conference at the hotel was arrested and was forced to tell the police about the conference. Master gave me a hint in my dream: it became darker and darker and if I didn’t leave, I would come across problems. Thanks to Master’s protection, I avoided the tribulation. 

The Placement of the Mysterious Pass

The evil was rampant on July 20, 2000. The persecution of Falun Dafa and its practitioners went wild. The police arrested practitioners everywhere. My nephew was arrested again. The police tortured him and tried to force him to disclose where he got materials to educate people about the persecution. He was tortured to death on the same day. He was only 32 years old and left behind a ten-year-old son. I was not able to go there. I asked my son to help with the funeral. He said to me suddenly before he left, “Mom, you shouldn’t stay at home. You must leave today.” 

I thought to myself that they shouldn’t come for me since my nephew was already dead. Then on second thought, was it a hint from Master? He told me to leave. I opened the book Zhuan Falun and saw the section “The Placement of the Mysterious Pass.” I realized I must leave immediately because the mysterious pass was moving around and didn’t stay in one place. 

Eight policemen from my nephew’s hometown came with eight cars as soon as I left home. They went to my local police station and asked them to cooperate to apprehend me. The local policemen had learned the truth about Falun Dafa and didn’t cooperate with the others’ demands. They then drove their cars and parked outside the building of my home and waited for a whole day, but didn’t see me. They harassed my husband and my daughter-in-law and then left. 

Thanks to Master’s protection, I avoided the tribulation yet again. 

Setting Up a Home Material Production Site

Falun Dafa practitioners let go of life and death and step out to talk to people about the truth of the persecution so as to clear their misunderstandings and save them. The Minghui website published an announcement that practitioners in China should set up material production sites in their homes because educational materials in China were scarce at that time. My husband and I followed suit. 

Over the past ten plus years, we’ve produced materials according to practitioners’ requirements and supply them with sufficient materials. Several years ago, Shen Yun DVDs were in high demand. The requirement for production of the DVDs was of a high quality, and the front cover and package should be nicely done. We did them strictly in accordance with Minghui’s requirements. We also produced numerous DVDs with other contents. We made pamphlets, desk calendars and other calendars. For some time, Falun Dafa books were in demand, especially the complete set of Master’s lectures in various places. We produced enough copies for our local practitioners as well as practitioners in other cities. My son delivered the books and materials to other places in his car. 

When we produced the materials, our safety was paramount. We lived in an old house with poor sound insulation. When we made the books it made a loud sound. We worried that the neighbors upstairs and downstairs might hear. Another big issue was to buy the consumables like paper and ink. Many production sites were exposed because of this. My husband and I bought them bit by bit using our small food trolley. We were afraid of being seen by the neighbors, but thanks to Master’s protection, we didn’t see any neighbors when we came home with them. Even when one practitioner disclosed our address due to police coercion, we didn’t have any problems due to Master’s protection. 

We also make phone calls with recorded messages to Chinese people and videos about the persecution by cell phone to people in the Mainland. When people replied to our messages, we called and spoke to them. We then sent the list of people who had withdrawn from the CCP and its affiliated organizations to the Minghui website. The number of people quitting the CCP has been large in the past ten plus years. 

Though we were busy every day, when we saw the packages of beautiful materials and the long list of the names quitting the CCP, we felt so happy. 

Our home material production site has been running smoothly for over a decade. We are so grateful to Master for His protection. Without Master’s protection, we could achieve nothing. Master did everything for us behind the scenes, but He left the mighty virtue to us. 

Remember My Mission and Setup a Stable Fa Study Group

Master said, 

““Your most important task is to create for our students a stable cultivation environment that’s free of disturbances. This is your greatest responsibility.”” (Teachings at the Conference of Changchun Assistants)

I always remember the above passage of Fa. The Fa study group at my home has never been interrupted whether it was at the beginning or the peek of the persecution, except for the time when I was in another city or detained at a detention center. We had a Fa study group of at least ten people and at most sixteen. During the pandemic lockdown, we still had six practitioners come to my home to study the Fa together. 

Studying the Fa together is one of the forms Master established for us. Righteous thoughts come from the Fa. If practitioners cannot study the Fa well, they are not able to meet with success in their cultivation or save sentient beings. The stable Fa study environment guarantees that practitioners can elevate in the Fa. I have also benefited a lot. 

In the transition from the Fa-rectification Period to the Fa-rectifying-the-human-world, I will cultivate more diligently, and complete my mission until I meet with success. I will follow Master to my original home. 

Please kindly point out anything that is not in line with the Fa.