(Minghui.org) After the Chinese Communist Party ordered the persecution of Falun Gong in 1999, practitioners all over the country went to Beijing to appeal, only to be arrested and sent to labor camps, detention centers, and prisons. 

An incarcerated practitioner managed to deliver to me some information in 2000, asking me to file a lawsuit to seek justice for him. Upon hearing about it, my husband offered to file the lawsuit under his name. “I don’t practice Falun Gong. It would be more effective for me to do it than you.”

My husband hired a lawyer to prepare a lawsuit and submitted it to the court. Due to pressure from the authorities, the court didn’t dare to accept the case and we had to give up.

When the persecution was so severe, it was a courageous act for my husband to speak up for Falun Gong. Because of his kindness, he was blessed during a car accident a few months later.

My husband was driving out of town for a business trip. On the highway, he lost control of the car, and it went under a large truck. The windshield was shattered, and the car was severely damaged, but the four of them in the car were not harmed at all.

During the crash the person sitting behind my husband was pushed into his back, where he had a herniated disc. The force of the impact somehow rectified his condition. He no longer had back pain after the accident. How amazing is that!

In another incident, when he was walking on the street, a car drove towards him at a high speed. He did not have time to avoid it and was hit. Instead of being knocked to the ground, he ended up on the roof of the car, unharmed!

There was a time when my husband drove a truck to another city. The brakes suddenly stopped working when the vehicle was headed downhill! It went downhill at high speed, and his companion was extremely scared. My husband held the wheel firmly, the truck slowed down gradually, and there was no accident.