(Minghui.org) In the fall of 2006, I was introduced to a new job opportunity to care for a bedridden patient.

The patient’s wife, a deputy manager of a large shopping mall, told me that her husband couldn’t move at all, but his mind was still clear and could talk. Because of the physical suffering, he often quarreled with the previous caregiver.

Knowing that I practice Falun Gong, she said to me, “I’m looking for people like you to look after him. I know you are all good people, and I trust you.”

I agreed to give it a try, promising that I wouldn’t quarrel with her husband.

When I went to her home, I realized that her husband’s condition was much worse than I had thought. He looked much older than his actual age of 48. He was skin and bones, weighing about 90 lbs with a height of at least 5’7’’. His face was grayish. In addition to the stroke, he also struggled with high blood pressure and kidney failure.

The wife told me that her husband used to work for the city government and that she was a general manager for a shopping mall. They enjoyed a very comfortable life, and their son had a good job in Beijing.

After the husband fell ill a few years ago, they tried all possible treatments, but he barely saw any improvement. They almost lost hope and prepared for the worst. I couldn’t imagine how much pressure she had borne all these years.

The next day, I asked them if they heard about the movement to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). They said no.

I explained to them that quitting the CCP means withdrawing from the Party and its affiliated organizations. When one joined it, they vowed to devote their lives to it. When one day it is eliminated by the heaven for the evil things it has done, those who are part of it would go down with it. Only by withdrawing from the CCP can one stay safe and truly have a bright future.

The couple both agreed to quit the CCP. I felt very happy for them, and they were also happy themselves.

That day became the turning point for the husband. After that, he saw visible improvement every day.

Three days after he quit the CCP, I asked him if he wanted to listen to me read Zhuan Falun, the main text of Falun Dafa. “Dafa is extraordinary. As long as you have faith in Dafa’s Master, he can do everything for us,” I said to him. He agreed.

On the fourth day, I again read the Dafa teaching to him. Afterwards, I asked him if he could try to bend his fingers. “You can ask for help from Dafa’s Master in your heart.” He then made a slight movement with his fingers. I felt truly happy for him.

From then on, I asked him to move his fingers every time after Fa study. A week later, he could do it with ease. “Don’t you agree that Dafa is extraordinary? Master knows everything on your mind. I believe it’s because you listened to Dafa’s teaching that Master helped you.”

As I had been getting up every morning to do the Dafa exercises, I asked the couple if they wanted to join me. I said that while the husband couldn’t stand, he could try to do the movements in bed. I told them that Master valued our hearts the most, so as long as we had the sincere wish, he would help us. The couple agreed to give it a try.

When I taught them the first exercise, whenever Master said “stretch” in the exercise music, the husband’s limbs would shake. His wife was extremely happy about it, and she encouraged him to try harder to learn the exercises from me.

By the 11th day, I suggested to the wife that we could hold his arms and help him stand for a while. She wasn’t sure if he could make it, but I encouraged her to give it a try. And he could indeed stand with our help. In this way, we did the Dafa exercises and listened to Master’s lecture recordings every morning. After that, we helped him stand for a short while.

Gradually, he could sit up and then sit in a wheelchair to move around. The barber he hired to cut his hair at home was so surprised to see his improvement.

In addition to connecting him to Dafa’s teaching, I also took meticulous care of him, including feeding him and cleaning him. I was always patient with him and let him feel the care and warmth.

As he gradually ate more, he also used the restroom more frequently. Sometimes his wife and I had to carry him to the restroom.

When it was time to pay me after a month of work, his wife offered to give me an extra 100 yuan as a bonus. “You deserve all the credit for his quick recovery, which I could never imagine before,” she said.

I said the credit should go to Dafa’s Master, who was truly helping him. As long as we had the heart to be good, Master would help us, I told her.

Also from that day on, she put all the cash to buy groceries in the drawer and told me what to buy. She never asked for details and had total trust in me. She and her husband also supported me in distributing Dafa informational materials in my spare time and sometimes read the materials themselves.

She also called her son, who was working for the police department in Beijing, about her husband’s improvement. Her son was overjoyed and came back to visit him. I took the opportunity to clarify the facts about Dafa to him and urged him not to participate in the persecution. He assured me that he knew Dafa practitioners are good people and that he definitely would not take part in the persecution. He also agreed to quit the CCP. He said that he had made the trip to visit his father and also to see me in person after hearing all the good things about me.

After he went back to Beijing, he applied for a new job and moved away from the position that was on the front line of carrying out the persecution policy.

The couple’s siblings and other relatives also came to visit him. All of them were Party members or government officials. I persuaded every one of them to quit the CCP. The wife’s niece was later admitted to a PhD program at the University of Cambridge with a full scholarship. I was so happy to see them receive blessings for quitting the CCP.

In just over a month, the husband gained weight. His complexion became brighter, and his energy level improved significantly. He could walk slowly by holding onto the wall or windowsill. He still struggled to do the exercises every morning, but he persisted. And he continued to listen to Dafa lecture recordings.

When the weather warmed up, his wife and I took him outside in a wheelchair. He was quite emotional to be able to go outside and see the crowds and scenery again.

A dying patient was given a new life. Eight months later, he could walk on his own. Day after day, I took good care of him and kept their home clean and tidy. The couple was very satisfied. At the same time, I still had time to fulfill my daily cultivation and the capacity to raise awareness of the persecution. I also hand-copied Zhuan Falun once. They supported me the whole way. When the husband mostly recovered in about a year and a half, they moved to Beijing and I stopped working for them.

I ran into the wife on the street one day. She was so happy to see me and gave me a big hug, like reuniting with a close family member. She told me that they had moved back for a job opportunity. She told me her new address and asked me to visit them.

Later they invited me for a meal. The husband, who was once waiting to die, could now drive to work himself. They told me that they had bought two apartments in Beijing, one for their son and one for themselves. They asked me to visit them in Beijing in the future. I told them that we all needed to thank the Master of Dafa for taking care of us and all the blessings we’ve received.