(Minghui.org) I am a middle-aged Falun Dafa practitioner who has been cultivating Dafa for nearly 20 years. The following are some of my cultivation experiences in providing truth-clarification materials and technical support to fellow practitioners during the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) virus pandemic.

Providing Truth-Clarification Materials to Practitioners

My local area was under lockdown at the beginning of the 2020 Chinese New Year, given the outbreak of the Wuhan virus pandemic. All the communities had restricted their entries and exits, and required registration. To ensure that fellow practitioners would continue to get truth-clarification materials and the Minghui Weekly in a timely manner, I moved an HP wide-format printer to my home and started downloading, printing, and binding the truth-clarification materials myself. On a weekly basis, I sent printed materials to fellow practitioners located in various districts. Because I prepared the printing accessories well, I was able to provide all kinds of truth-clarification materials for practitioners, which they could distribute to the public on time.

I usually arrived at the practitioners’ communities at night and avoided entering from the main entrance. I often threw the materials over the fence first, and then jumped over the fence and went directly to the practitioner’s home. The restrictions were later loosened, and it was easier to deliver the materials. In order not to waste any Dafa resources, I also put a lot of effort into repairing another HP printer that wasn’t working properly. Then both printers worked normally to produce truth-clarification materials, as well as books, such as the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and The Ultimate Goal of Communism.

For security purposes, I used a dedicated mobile phone. I used a relative’s bank card to purchase the printer accessories, and changed the account at the website where I purchased items every one or two years. I never provided my real address, but a self-collection point that was not near my home. I never communicated with fellow practitioners with my mobile phone. Instead, I preferred to talk to them in person to avoid the phone being monitored. When printing materials, in order to prevent the printing sound from being monitored, I turned my mobile phone to its silent mode, wrapped it in a waterproof bag, and put it outside the house. I then connected my phone to a bluetooth speaker in the house so that I could hear any incoming calls without compromising security.

Helping Practitioners Install Windows 10 Operating System

After the Windows 8.1 operating system no longer provided security updates, I downloaded the Windows 10 self-installation package that was developed by fellow practitioners at the technical forum. After I learned how to install it, I started helping other practitioners nearby to upgrade to Windows 10, and also taught a few practitioners how to install the system. I made USB flash drives with the system installation package and personally took them to practitioners in other regions. During my trip, I demonstrated the installation procedure and made sure the practitioners understood the process.

For practitioners who could not install the system themselves, I asked them to send their laptops to my home, and I installed it for them, or sometimes just bought a new laptop if their laptop was too old. After I finished, I personally took the laptops to the practitioners. For safety reasons, I used a relative’s health code while passing through the checkpoints on the way there. For areas that were hundreds of miles away, I asked someone who happened to be traveling there to deliver the installation flash drive and instructions to practitioners there who had basic knowledge of operating system installation. I then guided them through Minghui internal email.

Persisting in Reading the Minghui Website Every Day

I have been doing the three things steadily for many years. I work in an office and do not have as much time to study the Fa as some fellow practitioners. However, I have been downloading and reading the articles from the Minghui website consistently every day for more than ten years. I have learned a lot from fellow practitioners about how they treated the persecution and illness karma with righteous thoughts, their righteous belief in Master, and their righteous enlightenment to the Fa principles. It also updated me on the most recent persecution news, and I learned from the lessons of fellow practitioners. These things helped me to keep up with the progress of Master’s Fa-rectification.

The Minghui website has benefited me tremendously. I hope all practitioners who have access to the Minghui website will visit Minghui frequently. I also hope that those who do not have access will try their best to gain access. Minghui is very helpful for us to avoid detours in our cultivation, and allows us to share experiences with fellow practitioners all over the world every day.

I Have No Fear, nor do My Family Members

I have not yet fully established a desired environment at home. My wife does not fully agree with Dafa, and she thinks I am silly for not accepting gifts. She is in charge of the family’s finances and only gives me some money for living expenses. However she does not interfere with my producing materials and maintaining equipment, nor does she say anything about my room full of equipment. I have sometimes stayed at fellow practitioners’ places in other regions for a few days to provide technical support. She also did not bother me about that.

I never acknowledged any of the old forces’ arrangements and persecution, nor did my wife worry that I would be persecuted. Over the past 20 years, the police only asked my leaders at work about my situation, but never contacted me directly. I was detained in a room by my workplace during the 2008 Olympic Games. They threatened to fire me if I did not write the so-called “guarantee statement” to give up Dafa cultivation. I told them solemnly, “I’m not afraid, as I leave everything up to my Master.” I felt relaxed and relieved when I spoke out, and soon the persecution against me was dissolved.

I did my job very well at work, and I refused to accept red envelopes and monetary gifts many times. I was awarded as an outstanding civil servant many times.


Dafa disciples are messengers of the gods and have great responsibilities to save sentient beings in the dharma ending age. We do not simply cultivate for personal consummation. We must do well the three things asked of us by Master. Although producing materials and providing technical support takes a lot of time, I still clarify the truth to people I meet at work and in life as long as I have the opportunity. And I persuade them to quit the CCP and its youth organizations. I cherished every opportunity to talk with them and tried my best to help them with compassion. Our Dafa disciples should not relax during the last period of Fa-rectification. I hope we can all use the limited remaining time to cultivate ourselves well, cooperate with others as a whole, save more sentient beings, and live up to Master's compassion.