(Minghui.org) I had severe depression in the 1980s while in high school. I felt anxious and on edge, and lost interest in everything. I was not able to concentrate or think straight, and my memory was very poor. I took a year off school to seek medical treatment, but the illness did not go away.

For the next ten years, I kept trying new medications, but nothing worked. I remained irritable and anxious. I lost hope in life. After developing stomach and liver conditions, as well as gynecologic disease, I became withdrawn, timid, and lacked confidence. I felt awful and looked unhealthy.

I tried various qigong practices, which seemed to help ease some physical discomfort, but my depression did not change. In October of 2000, I was introduced to Falun Dafa and I began reading Zhuan Falun. Dafa unlocked the knots in my heart. My excitement was beyond words. I had finally found the path I had been searching for.

As soon as I began studying Dafa’s teachings, a peaceful and comfortable field enveloped me, and powerful energy flowed through my body. My troubled thoughts were washed away, and my soul was purified. Every time I finished studying the Fa, the delight and joy I felt were indescribable, and the restlessness and anxiety were gone.

Through Fa study, my mind is uplifted. I am now able to give up things I could not let go of before. At the same time, thanks to practicing the five sets of soothing and graceful exercises, my body has also undergone a fundamental transformation. My depression, and stomach and gynecological diseases disappeared within a short period of time. I truly experienced the feeling of being free of illness. At the same time, I also learned that that the meaning of life is to return to one’s true nature.

As I kept making progress, I regained my self-confidence, and no longer felt inferior or withdrawn. In the past, I did not look people in the eye while talking to them. But I have now become confident, outgoing, and positive. People comment that I look younger and prettier. My learning ability and work quality has improved as well. I was recognized by my managers and colleagues for the humility and kindness I demonstrate in the workplace.

While I was timid when facing strangers, I was domineering and overbearing at home with my husband. If he did something I disagreed with, I would fight with him for days, and neglect him for weeks.

Falun Dafa’s principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance rectified my notions. I no longer make decisions on my own, but discuss issues with my husband, and get his opinions. When conflicts surface, I look within to see if I did something improper, and if so, I apologize to him. I am now more considerate and kind to my husband. Having witnessed the changes in me, he continues to support my Dafa cultivation practice. Even when the persecution of Falun Dafa started, my husband never asked me to give up my faith in Dafa.

My worldview has also changed, thanks to Dafa. I previously worked in state-owned enterprises as a warehouse manager and accountant. Back then I manipulated the account books and embezzled some money. But now, I understand the principle of “no loss, no gain.” If I get things that do not belong to me, I will lose virtue, something so very precious. I realize the terrible mistakes I made in the past, and truly regret that I obtained the Fa so late in life!