Hong Yin VI

The Grand Verses

Hongzhi Li

(English Translation)

(Pre-publication online edition, January 1, 2023)

Singing for All Lives

The 5,000 years of civilization lead back to Heaven
So brilliant its splendor, divinities sigh in admiration
Antiquity’s wisdom was a path laid down by the Divine
While modern ways and thought follow the Devil’s lead
Atheism and evolution are doctrines of poison
A people without tradition are like a lakebed barren
Most lives on this earth were once divine, before
   incarnating here in anticipation of the Creator
Return to Heaven and you shall find true bliss
Our limbs move in dance as we offer deliverance
Each note of our instruments carries compassion
May this song fulfill the Creator’s wish to bring salvation

January 26, 2010

Only the Creator Can Save You

Catastrophe looms over man, though he sees it not
Embrace the traditional to be cleansed and saved
Modern thought and ways bring only self-harm
The Red Beast deceives you with atheism and evolution
The heavens are crumbling as the cosmic cycle ordained
Danger engulfs man and divine alike as uncertainty reigns
Seeking safety, most lives incarnated here from above
To await the Creator’s new cosmos and salvation for all
For He alone may deliver us from the disaster,
   and none could possibly compare

December 10, 2017

What Our Lives Hope For

Most people are divinities incarnate,
   here to await the Creator
But over all the many lifetimes
   vows were forgotten and outlooks changed
The way back to Heaven has been blazed,
   though it is shrouded in mist
Man’s warped thinking and conduct
   spells ruin for posterity
The doctrines of atheism and evolution
   are doing humanity harm
But the Creator now has the Devil Red,
Satan, pinned underfoot
And it is at His command that
   followers of Dafa strive to save lives
Discover the truth to clear away
   whatever may impede your salvation

January 31, 2018

The Pledge

Life was bestowed upon man by the Creator
The ways of tradition were by Him laid down
In following them we may discover His path,
   and return to Heaven, made pure
With the loss of tradition goes our humanity
Modern ways of thinking are a morass most deep
The doctrines of atheism and evolution
   are promulgated at the Devil Red’s decree
Most human lives were divine before coming here,
   and with the Creator a pledge made
True glory lies in discovering His way, doing
   spiritual practice, and forging a body divine
For you once promised to bring salvation
   to your own Kingdom and its many lives

February 26, 2018

What Weighs On An Adherent’s Mind

Though China is my home, I wander the West;
My thoughts linger ever on my homeland,
Worrying about my beloved, my dearest.
Most human lives in this world were once divine,
The Creator’s deliverance back to Heaven they await.
Modern thought and ways are the Devil’s ploys,
Atheism and evolution are a fantasy, false.
So that the truth may be spread near and far,
I faced persecution, and now wander foreign lands.

Summer of 2018

Newfound Awareness

Through life many stumble, seeking empty titles
Endless is the strife, spellbound by earthly glories
Wallowing in filth and mire, saddled by ills
Regret comes late, with reflection in the waning years
Our lives are innately divine and were Heaven born
The universe faced calamity, and nothing could be done
To this earth we thus came, to await the Creator
Heaven again becomes possible to any who
   shed their karma and are cleansed of sin
God’s path is available to those not blinded
   by attachments to this world
Atheism is backed by a feral thing
Evolution is a dogma wicked and without base
Man’s conduct today strays far from the Divine
Many a view and belief prove to be obstacles
How many can be saved?
How many shall make it through?

August 20, 2018

To Return to Heaven in This Life

Millions of years we traversed
Passing through countless planes above
To await the Creator we descended to this world
Who at time’s end forges all of creation anew
And spreads Dafa, the Great Way, to save all
Most human lives are divine beings incarnate
Suffering this world, awaiting the destined day
Let not modern thought blind your sight
Atheism and evolution do nothing but deceive
Destiny has guided you through many lifetimes
All for your return to Heaven in this life

August 31, 2018

Dafa’s Adherents Have Guidance to Offer

Few are the days left before disaster descends
Those who walk the earth were once kings above
To this world they came to await the Creator
For spiritual discipline, Heaven is the reward
A once-in-eons opportunity is now at hand
Yet so many are preoccupied with worldly gain
Truth with a liberating power spreads across the lands
Though many eyes are blinded by prejudice
May you be freed of your binds and find the truth
The adherents of Dafa have guidance to offer

September 7, 2018

Restoring the Three Realms

How many autumns have passed,
   tucked away in this mountain valley?
The Way rectifies the heavens,
   and the old universe disappears.
One day shall I depart this mountain,
   and make right the troubled world.
The meddling demons and evildoers,
   shall then have nowhere to flee.

September 23, 2018

For You and All

We can be together only in memory
Oh how we basked in love’s sweet breeze
But save for my feelings, persecution has
   taken everything away
And left you with tears of worry for me
Most lives came from Heaven to await the Creator
But atheism and evolution sow confusion now
Modern thought and ways lead down a dead end
To return to Heaven is life’s true purpose
I strive to spread the truth to all
But to ensure no harm befalls you
We can be together only in memory

December 12, 2018

The Love That Dafa’s Followers Feel

We must turn back the clock, regrettably
Lest the persecution ensnare you as well
And harm befall you; we must part ways
I want to share with others the meaning of life
Most lives in this world hail from Heaven,
   and are here to await the Creator
Atheism and evolution are harming humanity
Modern thought and ways are mankind’s failure
So that you and all lives may gain salvation
I strive to spread the truth far and wide

December 23, 2018

Obstinate and Foolish

Beneath clouds of darkness, blotting out all that’s bright
Dafa’s followers strive to rescue lives, never ceasing
But in these end times many care only for money
Fooled by ghosts and spirits, they lend evil a hand
Committing unpardonable sins, yet realizing not
That the work of Creation is to see you back to Heaven

January 1, 2019

No Choice

In this lifetime did we meet
Love suffusing our hearts
But in order to spare you the oppression I suffer
We have no choice but to remain apart
Most human lives are divinities incarnate
Who await the Creator’s deliverance
Atheism and evolution are doctrines false
Modern thought and ways harm oneself
So that this weighty message may be spread
We must be apart, owing to the persecution
Until one day the Red Tide recedes

January 6, 2019

Fade to Dust

Most in this mortal world,
   did come for the Way
Only to lose their purpose,
   entering this beguiling place
For those who slumber still
   despite Dafa’s spread and suppression
This life and all its treasures,
   shall fade to dust

January 22, 2019

The Divine Is Shown

Their dance dispels karma’s dark clouds
Their heavenly music awakens our true selves
All this is the Creator’s grace bestowed
Free yourself of modern thought and ways bizarre
Recover the kindness and honesty you once knew
Atheism and evolution are a cancer that mars the soul
The ways of tradition lead to Heaven’s dais
The Divine manifests for the rescue of our souls
What you now sense and see are His designs
Braving dark tides to mercifully save us
I embrace the world through Shen Yun

January 23, 2019

Grace Beyond Words

Our dance is imbued with the power to save
The music stirs goodness in your very soul
Resplendent colors awaken your true self
Beware evolution’s deceptive doctrines
Modern thought and ways change humankind
We display the Creator’s compassion
His ineffable grace kindles your flames of hope

January 25, 2019

From Seas to Trees

I incarnated, life after life,
   so that the world could be saved
Risking life and limb,
   my resolve grew ever more adamant
None are aware of
   the hardships I have borne
I watched from a cold and lofty peak
   as the tides of time
   slowly covered seas with trees

January 29, 2019

Blessed Are They Who Know

Though wintry winds may lash my cheeks
The Great Way of Dafa warms my heart
Madness fueled by deceit cannot last
The Creator now offers deliverance to Heaven
Most every human life is a divine incarnation,
   so let not this world confuse you
Modern ways and thought spell ruin
Atheism and evolutionary theory lead astray
So that I may share this truth with all
Undaunted by the persecution and madness
I brave bitter cold and scorching heat to deliver truth

February 16, 2019

Sweeping Away the Dust

Most in this world are divinities in human form
Who came here in droves to learn the Way
But, over lifetimes, our purpose was forgotten
Blinded were we by the lure of earthly joys
Modern thought and ways head towards a precipice
Atheism and evolution wander upon the Devil’s path
But the Creator hath come to save all of creation
The eons spent awaiting Him were not in vain
If you understand now, then seek the truth
The Creator called upon me to sweep away
   the dust clouding your vision

March 31, 2019


We hail from the far-off East
Driven by a mission sacred
With compassion filling our breast
Most lives in this world are
   divine beings in the flesh
But for earthly gain they
   harm themselves unknowingly
Modern thought and ways
   are without any compass
Behind atheism and evolution
   lurks an agenda hidden
Your true hope is to learn the Way
   and return to Heaven
Heaven’s gates are now open
   but shan’t remain for long
What I convey is the truth
For the Creator calls upon me
   to deliver lives back to Heaven

April 8, 2019


From my earliest days I heard the elders foretell
That a Red Scourge would bring decades of disorder
Moral values and traditions would meet with ruin
Leaving behind a world obsessed only with money
Before our eyes the elders’ vision unfolds
Modern thought and ways lead us to the brink
Atheism and evolution weave lies upon lies
Those who persecute the followers of Dafa
   commit an unprecedented sin
The elders said: Hold fast the goodness in your heart
Holy ones will rise as the Red Regime falls
And out of mercy the Creator will come to save
So seek Him, and find the golden-lilied path back to Heaven

April 25, 2019

Towards Salvation

I sing the truth as salvation unfolds at time’s end
The communist regime has criminalized man’s faith
And so we are persecuted and must wander afar
Lost are my wealth and rank, yet I remain at ease
To save lives is a mission I must not forsake
The Creator has come and offers a Way divine
Most who walk the earth are divinities reborn,
   having come here as their final hope
Atheism and evolution are the Devil’s snares
Modern thought and ways make little sense
Tradition and kindness ennoble our character
And these shall lead us toward salvation
I sing truth meant to stir each listener’s soul
My voice shall grow in strength as the
   communist regime thunderously falls

April 29, 2019
En route to Los Angeles from London by plane

Five Thousand Years Anew

Beautiful angels, pure as jade,
   heavenly maidens incarnate
Glancing backwards, smiles beautiful,
   as strands of silk whirl gracefully
Colorful sleeves flit in and out,
   rainbows freely spinning
Five thousand years of tradition
   are here on display anew

May 26, 2019

The Men of Shen Yun

With bearing most impeccable,
   champions in the world of dance
Handsome and dignified,
   aspiring to the loftiest heights
Upright they soar through the air,
   a divinely offered dance of yore
Flying onto the stage with spinning feet,
   like heavenly generals they arrive

May 27, 2019

To Heaven Through Dafa

With compassion welling in our hearts
We bring a precious, life-redeeming book
And reveal truth in these dark end times
Most people of this earth did divinely descend
To await the Creator’s coming and summons
He has now arrived and spreads Dafa
His teaching can prepare body and soul for Heaven
Break free of modern thought and ways
Atheism is man’s greatest conceit
Evolution is a doctrine yet more absurd
Humanity’s cultural heritage was divinely bestowed
Free your mind of biases to gain redemption
Discover the practice of Dafa and return to Heaven

June 6, 2019

The Cataclysm

Though the Master may be in this world,
   his powers range in the heavens above
Seeing a mortal body rectifying the Way,
   divine and devil alike lose all reason
The Red Beast and meddlesome gods insult Dafa
Assuming a multitude of guises, these gods
   are led along to their annihilation
Infinite is the sin of persecuting Dafa’s disciples
Change is unstoppable if divinely ordained
In the end times, the universe teems with fiends
Who shall fuel the flames that forge a world new

July 4, 2019

Gazing Upon the Moon

Amidst the mountains we take in the moon bright
Joyful are lives under the sky on this night
The Divine Realm is not steeped in human sentiment
Yet cosmic change floods in all the same
The Devil Red now cowers in the Three Realms
And those lives being saved jump with joy
As the fiends who trouble this world are purged
Sacred music can be heard here beneath the moon

August 15, 2019

Hard to Eclipse

Over our many lives we lose sight of home
Status, wealth, and joy are mistaken for success
Yet most human beings did from Heaven descend
Here they have awaited the Creator’s coming
Modern thought and ways veer far from the Divine
Evolutionary theory cannot bear the light of day
Atheism brings harm to humanity
Eclipsing mankind’s sense of hope
But the Dafa that leads back to Heaven is now taught
And its followers know the truth
Cast aside doubt, end your confusion,
   and stride upon the path divine

August 23, 2019

Board the Ark

From the universe’s deepest recesses we came
Ascending now the stage to help our Creator save
Sacred is the mission we have assumed
Shouldering the hopes of countless souls
Most human lives were once divine,
   only to become lost in this mortal world
But it was to become pure again and gain
   the Creator’s salvation that they came
Modern thought and ways are cancerous
The godless shall turn to dust and not be saved
Earthly joys and goods go not past the grave
So board the Ark and be freed of suffering!
Board the Ark and sail back to Heaven, clear!

August 24, 2019

Let Go of Worldly Concerns to Find the Divine Path

A hope from long ago
A vow from times remote
Life after life have we reincarnated
Over ages spanning changes vast
As the seasons have come and gone,
   we’ve looked forward to the destined day
Waiting as countless moons waxed and waned,
   for a return to our heavenly home
Finally the Creator has come to impart Dafa
Fulfilling the wish of those who came to this earth
Seek for truth even as the world spirals downward,
   and realize your blessed fate
For only by letting go of worldly concerns,
   shall you find the divine path you seek

August 24, 2019

Trapped By One’s Own Ways

Under heavens vast,
   and through lands expansive,
   the rivers ebb and flow
Ages come and eras pass,
   but for whom is this all?
Daoists have taught the Way,
   and Buddhas the Dharma
But how many are aware,
   of the reason for Creation?

August 25, 2019

The Folly of Disbelief

The gusts of autumn are oft most cold
While clouds at sunset are oft most gold
A pompous scoundrel has wrought a century of evil
But he shall one day awake from his rosy dream,
   and behold it crumbling to dust
Who steers from the helm as the world is made anew?
The Creator, seeking to redeem Heaven and Earth,
Brings principle ()
   to the universe vast (hóng),
   determined (zhì)
      to save all back to Heaven

August 31, 2019

The Divine Path to Salvation

The cycle of reincarnation turns unceasingly
Most human lives began above, then divine
We mired ourselves in this world over ages long
So that we could welcome the Creator and learn Dafa
And now in His name we offer deliverance
He calls us to rouse lost souls for return to Heaven
So fall not under the spell of this illusory world
Modern habits of mind obscure our true thoughts
Atheism and evolution are without valid base
Truth shall open the way to heavenly salvation

August 31, 2019

An Impromptu Verse

The universe spans from minuscule to giant, so vast
I rest against a balustrade, watching the world go past
The Red Dynasty will not last
For millennia its name shall be cursed unabashed
To China, once again, will return culture true
The ancient tongue heard in the Middle Kingdom anew
Balance will be restored to yin and yang, then no longer awry
And, returning to the capital, shall I rest some place on high

September 3, 2019

The Blessed

No amount of wealth can ward off disease
No amount of power can change one’s fate
Feelings are a fleeting thing yet sway us so
Most people are higher beings, divine at core
Who await the Creator’s summons to salvation
Modern thought and ways have a sinister side
Atheism and evolution were born of ignoble intent
The Dafa that saves is now widely taught,
   but the choice is yours whether to learn
Waver not and join the ranks of the blessed

September 3, 2019

Blessings From On High

Deep feelings swell as I sing
A song to lift the haze of existence
Merciful salvation now unfolds
The Creator has come to the earth
Modern thought is a cancer poisonous
Atheism denies our nature divine
Evolutionary theory is of foolishness born
True are these words though unadorned
May these notes energize the body and free the mind
A blessed path to salvation is tied to this stage
Your destiny lies in Dafa, which made this world
As grace overflows, a heavenly path opens

September 7, 2019

Led By the Threads of Destiny

Vast is the world, seen from heights lofty
I sing aloud a song of compassion to lift the veil
Spreading sweet dew near and far, East to West
Offering the multitudes deliverance from this world
Most lives on this earth were once divine in Heaven
And have suffered for the salvation of their people above
Awaiting the Creator and his deliverance back to Heaven,
   with a body to be forged divine anew

September 7, 2019

Thus I Shan’t Tire

I herald the truth, far and wide
Have you considered why you turn away?
Perhaps the persecution makes you afraid
Or perhaps you have succumbed to its lies
Most human lives hail from heavenly kingdoms
Having come to this world when the universe
   was imperiled, waiting for change
The Creator is fulfilling his promise of restoration
As Dafa is taught in the world,
   salvation hinges on people’s views
Evil ones abase themselves of their own volition
While a heavenward path awaits the kind
And thus I shan’t tire of proclaiming the truth

September 20, 2019

Seeing Reason

Dafa rings out across the lands,
   stirring up dust
That gathers in a noisome cloud,
   a band of ruffians, Communist
From the many firmaments above,
   a miasma from corpses incinerated
Shrouding the world in darkness,
   an evil that knows no end
Amidst the universe’s destruction
   how many are truly divine?
To interfere with the new world’s building
   is a crime unpardonable
While the universe was first established
   and still going strong
   it conformed to the Way
But with decline came deviation:
   selfishness began to hold sway
As the evil awaits elimination
   at the end of time

How many can truly be saved
   now that deliverance is offered?
While heaven and earth are all awry,
   who can still see reason?

September 20, 2019

The Challenges of Saving Self and Other

The spiritual work of a Dafa disciple is not inherently hard
’Tis merely that layer upon layer of worldly desires impede
The superior man meets adversity head-on with a smile
The average man can nary keep calm when faced with ordeal
The lesser man fails to abolish his human wants and thoughts
For Dafa to be offered in this world is no ordinary affair
One must save both self and other to be spiritually complete
Many may talk the talk, but how many can walk the walk?

September 22, 2019

Dafa Leads Back to Heaven

As tho’ in a lone canoe, we go through life
In times of serenity we float free of worries
Yet in turbulence we are at the mercy of the waves
No end in sight, no shore to be found
Most lives from Heaven hail, though the mission is forgotten
Our divinity is prisoner to atheism and evolution
Keep good and kind, resisting today’s wayward trends
Stay true to tradition as the world declines,
   and the Divine shall remain at your side
The practice of Dafa shall bring you home to Heaven

September 27, 2019

A Reflection

Mist winds around the towers and terraces
Incense wafts fragrantly towards the face
Removed from the secular realm is this serene place
So tranquil it can divest one of the mortal coil

September 27, 2019

The Sacred Path Leads Not Astray

Our lives pass by in the blink of an eye
Striving for worldly success, fiercely we vie
But at the grave we part with all to which we cling
Ashes to ashes, in our hands nothing we bring
To await the Creator to this earth we did come
Learn the Way, practice accordingly,
   and be brought to a divine kingdom
Atheism and evolution are the Devil Red’s deceit
For who else is behind modern thoughts and conceits
Hold fast to goodness and to tradition’s way
The sacred path redeems and leads not astray

September 27, 2019

Fail Ye Not

Over our lifetimes we awaited the day,
But the age of destruction imperiled all things.
So the Creator now maketh the universe anew,
Out of His love for all living creatures.
Most in this world were divine before coming here,
   shouldering their heavenly kingdom’s trust.
I now spread the truth at the Creator’s behest,
Tread not the path of modern ways or thought.
Earthly glories cannot to Heaven be brought;
Atheism and evolutionary theory harm mankind.
Stay true to tradition and the good, and sell not your soul;
Fail ye not, for your kingdom’s lives above await salvation.

October 1, 2019
At Dragon Springs

A Song of the Sacred

Sacred is the song I sing
The melody emanates energy that stirs the soul
While its words are meant to dispel all that is not right
Most human lives came to this earth from
Heaven, and are here to await the Savior
He is the Creator incarnate, who teaches Dafa
Heed not the mad cries of atheism and evolution
Modern thought and ways lure one towards Hell
The Red Dragon stirs a whirlpool meant to destroy
Stay true to tradition and kindness for sweet blessings
Dafa is a swift vehicle to salvation,
   and what your soul has long awaited

November 3, 2019

Startled by the Thought

At the arisal of His one thought:
   to save all lives that exist
Fierce winds were whipped up
   all throughout the heavens
As He descended to the world,
   danger arose at every plane
A myriad of demons fought
   the birth of the universe new
But all that they wish for
   shall never come to pass
Madness consumes the meddling
   deities in these end times
While the Old Forces have
   played the Devil’s part
All these shall collapse
   alongside the old universe

November 26, 2019

What Joy Is Really About

Wherein lies true joy?
Riches cannot buy a body hale
Renown and earthly love are as fleeting as dust
Modern thought and ways keep us from Heaven
To deny God is to deceive oneself
The ways of tradition make us honest and simple
Kind souls win the regard of heavenly ones above
Most lives were divine before
   incarnating here to await the Creator
In these final days one may gain the Way and
   leave pain and confusion behind, in body divine
You came to this earth with the sacred task
   of saving your holy kingdom and kin above
Heaven’s drums sound for the spreading
   of the holy one’s Great Way of Dafa
Oh, how many will rouse and see this
   dispassionately and clearly?
Oh, how many will gain salvation
   and return to the halls of Heaven?

December 12, 2019

Shen Yun Gives Hope

So that all may know the truth
May my song resound far and wide
Most human lives are divinities incarnate
Who await the Creator’s deliverance to Heaven new
We have come to this earth as the universe crumbled
Atheism and evolution are deceitful tricks that harm
Modern thought and ways change us for the worse
The means to salvation is not as we imagined
Who knew Shen Yun had the power to redeem?
Heaven’s gates are open, but shan’t remain for long
This is the Creator’s great blessing
This is the hope of humankind!

December 24, 2019

He Brings Forth Light

It was the Creator who breathed life
   into man, the divine, and all of creation
And it was He who laid down the cosmic cycle
   of formation, stasis, decline, and dissolution
Most human lives in this world are higher
   beings incarnate, here awaiting
His deliverance from misfortune
’Tis only that our divine nature has been lost over
   the many rounds of reincarnation
The great sins that beings have accrued
   have led to this disastrous state
Modern thought and today’s ways
   are but the Devil’s path
Atheism and evolutionary theory are
   wicked and without base
Men cannot help but sink into the mire
   of this chaotic and troubled world
The Red Beast of Communism spreads
   a disease most poisonous, near and far
The Creator has now come to this world,
   though in a manner uneventful
He uses Truth to seek out the good
   and cleanse them until wholly pure
With the spreading of Dafa on this earth,
He brings forth brilliant light


For Your Deliverance

Compassion brims in our hearts, vast
Goodness incarnate, wrought in our noble forms
Unwavering in front of the strongest of gales
Remaining humble and calm when praised
For the sake of the earth’s people, we came
Yet most have forgotten they were once divine
The Creator hath laid forth a way back to Heaven
We herald the truth in these mad last days
And for this, we are persecuted
Danger shall not change our convictions
True faith fulfilled shall deliver us from darkness


My Song

An old song from my hometown entreats:
Be not carried away by communism’s tide
The Creator shall come at time’s end,
   giving manna to the earth
And the saved shall receive protection Divine
Most lives hail from Heaven, yet now are lost
Modern values and ways lead us to the brink
Atheism and evolution are poisoned drink
Sell not your soul to the Devil Red
Hold fast to tradition and goodness,
   for the scourge of communism shall not last
Dafa’s followers offer us truth that leads heavenward


By Faith Alone

With a heart pure and good
With a wish to see Dafa widely spread
I stand by the Divine in this troubled world
For I can see the sorrow, regret, and hopelessness
   that shall fill those who believe not
The Creator shows compassion and miraculous might
The Divine made us for salvation to Heaven
Abide by faith as tradition has taught
Be not beasts at the Devil’s beck and call
Only in God’s ways are blessings to be had
For all of creation was made by His hand


Your State of Mind in Troubled Times

Many wonder why this world is so troubled
Our woes stem from the absence of goodness
The godless shall perish at the End of Days
Modern thought and ways lead only to the Devil’s side
Man was not divinely made for such a dissolute life
But to await the God-given chance of return to heaven
The Creator turns the Falun out of immense grace
You came not to this earth for worldly wants
Distance yourself from China’s wicked Party
   and its mad last throes, to be spared disaster
For surviving the judgment is all that matters


Thoughts Block the Way

Our hopes trace back to a distant past
Our calling dates to time immemorial
Most human lives came from Heaven with a wish
But our way was lost over our many
   lifetimes in this mortal realm
Our nature has rebelled with the world’s decline
Behind atheism and evolution, Satan lurks
The Creator spares us from universal disaster
   and renews all of existence
At time’s end He delivers us to Heaven,
   and turns the Wheel of Falun
People are now taking note and taking up
   the practice of Dafa, which saves
But how many shall gain deliverance;
   how many shall be tormented by regret?
Salvation is not hard won;
   it is merely our own thoughts that block us

January 21, 2020

Thousands of Years Led to This Day

Returning to Heaven is not fantasy; there is a way
Dafa offers a Great Vehicle heavenward
You have awaited this lifetime o’er thousands of years
In this moment, the Creator comes to renew the Way
Modern thought and deeds deceive the self
Behind atheism and evolution, an evil specter runs the show
Most human lives are beings divine with a mission
On pilgrimage here, awaiting the Creator’s salvation
He calleth upon us to offer the truth
He calleth upon us to share Dafa far and wide

February 19, 2020

With Our Lives We Await

Throughout our lives we await
From the heavens above did most incarnate
O’er all our past lives, little else mattered
   but for our awaiting the Creator
From collapse would the universe He spare
   and all lives the fate of failure
We harm ourselves with modern thought
Denial of God hath a stifling pestilence wrought
Extreme thinking is by the communist Devil set loose
As judgment unfolds, Dafa’s followers use
   truth to pull back lives that downward go
For this role did the Creator bestow

June 18, 2020

Further Compassion

After the disaster there shan’t be peace of mind
   for those few that remain
Though all conflicts and disarray shall abruptly end
Words of truth were shared in earnest
Yet how many repented and turned toward the good?
Spring will return to the earth; the skies shall clear
And kings will reign again, welcomed by all
As the Way mends the human world,
   in an act of further compassion
People will once again be given a chance
   to tell right from wrong

September 17, 2020

Sweet Compassion

Standing upon the street corner, worry fills my soul
Catastrophe hangs overhead in these end times
Little direction do people have, so occupied with life
Dafa, the Great Way that saves, opens Heaven’s gates
What the leaflet in my hand conveys is true
I strive to help humanity at the Creator’s behest
Most lives in this world are higher beings incarnate
The doctrines of atheism and evolution bewitch men so
Modern thought and ways do harm unto oneself
These truthful words can bring health and salvation
A glint of mercy, a whiff of compassion sweet
   in these troubled times

September 27, 2020

Judged by Our Response

I sing a song in this world that brings higher truth
It speaks not of romantic love nor tender ties
Disaster looms over humanity in these end times
And the day of judgment draws nigh
Good and evil face off, revealing how
   each person’s heart sides as each decides
which side to go is a display of good and evil
To esteem good or pursue evil is a personal choice
After the disaster has passed,
   only the good and virtuous shall remain

November 1, 2020

The General Election

The communist Devil hath made chaos
   of the once-bright universe
A vast and mighty country is plagued by fraud
With society manipulated, people grow disheartened
When will justice and conscience finally prevail?

November 8, 2020

The Way Is Here

’Tis a song sung from deep within
Most human lives from Heaven hail
Centuries of past lives each has lived
For the Way we came, though now we are lost
The Creator holy has entered this world
He quietly observes good and evil in these troubled times
Wicked are the doctrines of atheism and evolution
The Devil Red plagues this world, like a cancer
Today’s views and values reflect our corrupted state
Yet the Creator will do his utmost to dispel the evil haze
And right the world with great and boundless Mercy
Heaven ’n Earth shall again be bright like paradise

November 8, 2020

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